Sense and Sensibility

Updated: 12/17/2006 09:09
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If we try to make up a list of elements composing a portrait of an ideal investor, what elements would we add? Of course, luck, common sense, experience, hazard and patience. But what proportions should be kept to make this mixture as effective as possible? What is more important - experience or intuition? Hazard or gain? When investor should be driven and inspired by patience and when should he act quickly?

Of course, the purpose of making investment is individual for every single investor. It may seem that there is only one aim – making money, but in fact, there are multiple reasons that make people try it again and again even when they lose.

For instance, someone may be in need of cash which cannot be found so fast and so easily in any other way. Some people just do it to satisfy their thirst for hazard and risk. Thus, depending upon investor's individual purpose, he should take into account his personal risks.

Let's try to observe and explain the most often situation that investors should try to avoid in case they want to have their money safe, or earn something. The first frequent mistake is putting all eggs in one basket. We mean keeping all money in one program – this is the thing you should never do, no matter how reliable the program may seem.

It often happens that investors withdraw their money from a few programs that seem to them less attractive to put it all into one program. That's wrong. You should take it for granted that no program is infinite here, and act accordingly.

You'd better work out your own strategy of distributing your funds before making the first deposit and promise to keep it in any circumstances. At first, because you can't be sure of anything you are said here, either by administrators, or by other investors. Everyone has his own interest, and this interest won't surely coincide with yours. The second, because a long period of program's work has two sides – positive, because it shows its stability, and negative, because the longer the program works, the more risky it becomes.

You should withdraw your interests regularly. Of course, watching how the sum grows on your account is pleasant, and your success is more evident. But you shouldn't forget that you may lose everything at a single moment, and this reason should make you remember this important detail. Of course, if you use a compounding option, you can't get everything, but you have to withdraw at least a part of your earned money from time to time.

The following case has been already mentioned here, but it deserves more careful consideration. It's following advices given by kind advisors on forums, in spam mails, in monitorings etc. Remembers that you never now who this person is and why he advises this or that program. Of course?

It doesn`t mean that you should ignore all programs mentioned by other people. But do not be lazy and make your own investigation. Checking out monitoring ratings, comments on various recourses etc will significantly increase your chances of getting profit.

It will be better if you feed your greed and gain with investing in a few programs, paying high interests daily, but you will be more safe if you also try a few those that pay less and after longer period of time, it will decrease the risk of losing all your money at once. It is not a secret that the higher interest rates are, the shorter program's life is. Take it into account, and let it determine your choice.

Don't let your gain drive you. Of course, if you see that you earn something, you feel a temptation to increase your deposit and thus increase you profit. But as soon as you feel such desire, just stop, make yourself a cup of coffee and think a little. Weigh all risks and chances of losing everything and then invest if you come to a conclusion that risk is low enough to let you try.

And the last, but not the least – you shouldn't try to earn something in this sphere if you need to earn fast. If you are in extreme need of money, it may seem that investing in HYIP is the best way out, but this is not true. You will probably invest the money you need, and you risk losing it.

If you don't earn anything, this will be the best variant, by the way. We ask you again to share your attention between your conscience and your emotions, and find a balance, and we hope, it will bring you a lot.

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