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If one takes a look at current HYIP sphere, it may seem at first sight that the story goes without any unusual surprises or any unexpected mess. New programs come, then go, some of them stay here for a definite period of time, some of them even do not manage to find a few dozens of members.

It may seem that this is the same fast stream, which never changes its general direction. But who knows what undertows direct it from the inside? Such invisible flows may have very interesting background and color, and we have tried to investigate one of them.

If we try to think a little bit and make up a list of the most important tasks of an average HYIP administrator, what will we include in it? Of course, earning and sharing profit with members will be number one. This is a pledge of a successful activity. But there is another element which is also really important for program's success. This element is trouble which occurs with competitors from time to time. It is evident that possible problems make a chance for program's rivals.

At the same time, HYIP experience shows that problems cannot be called by someone's desire only, and much more significant reasons are needed to cause them. And administrators, as decisive and inventive people, often decide to push things up and create such problems themselves. Armory is quite usual and non-surprising – DDoS attacks, false negative posts and voting, and various rumors.

Here we want to add from ourselves that there are positive tools of competitive struggle, and these tools will surely appear to be much more effective, than all above-mentioned tactics. We mean attracting new investors, demonstrating a stable and reliable work, offering interesting investment opportunities, providing members with timely support etc. But these tools require much more work, and those programs that come here for a while usually do not want to waste time on such things, that demand patience and time.

So, disturbing the work of other programs is easy and less labour-intensive activity, so a lot of administrators choose this way. And here admins are marvels of inventiveness, finding out new and new ways of spoiling rival's reputation. Using media and news resources has recently become one of such tools, but it is gaining more and more popularity each day, primarily due to its evident effectiveness.

To illustrate this experience we'd like to take up a few publications of one popular HYIP-related media. We are sure that this media is known to many of you, especially after a recent accident, when we have found out that their doughty writers just steal our articles to publish them under the name of this resource.

A small amusing detail: when we accused them of doing it, having published a message where we called them scammers, they replied with a post, entitles HYIPNEWS are scammers too, which evidently shows that they are not going to deny their malicious intentions, they do not object that they are scammers, just looking for someone to accuse of it too.

Well, more or less attentive readers should have noticed a careful attention paid by this resource to some popular program, which now occupies one of the leading positions in the market. And this attention is not of a positive nature, we'd rather say that this is a demonstration of an open enmity, expressed by means of insults or humiliations.

Of course, such attention can't escape calling a lot of questions among those who notice it. Why in the hell an "independent" media tries to throw a stable and reliable program over the bridge? Of course, if we take for granted that each program in this sphere comes to an end sooner or later, we may well understand such position, but it is still unclear – why they? Why not dozens of other programs demonstrating evident red flags now, while this one hasn't shown any proved red flag yet?

An interesting puzzle. And, as any interesting puzzle, it is quite challenging and it promises an interesting result, because, as you know, nothing happens for no particular reason. So, this case didn't turn out to be a difficult one.

This puzzle has a simple solution which is evident for anyone who has been here for more than a half of a year. This notorious media belongs to the person known as a former administrator of two previously famous programs (Ralf Finance and Investability), that are now known to investors as scams, that deprived many investors of their money.

Unfortunately, this is not just a rumor, and this information is proved by multiple evidences, including hosting service data, IP addresses etc. Archives of this media also allow watching the general tendency of their publications within the period of work of these two above-mentioned programs, and if some reader is patient enough to take a look at these archives, he will see that these programs were supported and promoted up to the moment when evident signs of scam appeared.

It is interesting that after multiple accusations addressed to ET stated that it had attacked these two poor programs, that it had tried to harm them etc. As soon as both programs had been blacklisted, this media started to insist that ET had a direct relation to these two projects, therefore it's scam. Quite an interesting position, we should note.

Of course, if the most captious expert tries to investigate this situation, he will assume that successful activity of some program which has just appeared in the market may to some extent affect the functioning of other programs, like any other rival does. But it is senseless to regard it as the main reason of failure, which has evidently happen in such situation.

Thus, the most probable explanation is as follows: RF and IS programs had smelled bad by the moment when ET appeared, and this event probably drew a significant amount of investors from them. But admin of these two projects was so willing to find someone to be blamed, that he has invented a special fault for ET administrators. And then his media resource, the only one creature that survived, has undertaken a noble role of a venger, fouling reputation of a working and paying program.

The only question that seems to be unanswered is as following: how can readers trust and use information provided by a media that belongs to a proved scammer? What truth can be found here? Only the one that is profitable and desired for this person. So be warned.

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Eric Marriam is a young writer. Even though he is not experienced he is able to make really high quality work. Eric is able to identify a problem people have and break it down, able to appeal to emotion through emotive writing, can change style of writing to cater to different audience. Eric Marriam is able to work creatively and effectively with staff and managers and despite his young age, he proved to be a clear and effective writer and speaker, committed to maintaining quality and efficiency, seeking for professional growth and development.
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