The Influence of Public Relations on HYIP Investors

Updated: 02/17/2007 07:16
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The main point of this article is the technologies of unique control of the HYIP investors' consciousness, namely Public Relations campaigns. These technologies are conducted for achieving different purposes and are completely effective. But indeed none of investors wants to be an object of manipulations; therefore it is necessary to know how to reveal the application of such technologies for making correct decisions.

Thus, what are Public Relations campaigns and why are they necessary for the HYIP?
The basic value of any HYIP project is the investors' confidence in it. And precisely this basic value is the object of the influence of the Public Relations campaigns.

Conditionally these PR campaigns can be divided into the white PR directed toward the creation of positive image and the black PR directed toward the destruction of the positive image and the creation of the negative image).

The purpose of the white PR is, as we have already spoken, the creation and the maintenance of the positive image of the HYIP project. This is mainly achieved by the arrangement of a great number of positive opinions on the HYIP forums, sometimes advertising web-sites are established.

How to distinguish real positive opinions about the investment fund or the Forex market from the PR action? First, it is necessary to discuss logically: if you were the usual client of the investment fund which has no connections with its administration, you would give positive opinions and refute negative statements about the HYIP projects without benefit for you on the HYIP and other investment forums every day, wouldn't you?

There is totally another matter if you propose to make an investment according to your referral reference. Experienced investors' referral payments are the solid source of income. Moreover income is practically foolproof because you do not risk your money.

If people praise a fund without the clearly expressed motivation (without proposing their referral reference) there are the signs of a PR action. The next step which is used for conducting the PR campaigns is writing posts under several nicks. The strategy is simple: the same person registers on the investment forum under different names and begins to conduct the same thought: this investment fund is the best and the most reliable.

For the investigation of this motion it is best to ask the moderator or the fund administrator to verify IP addresses. Moreover, it is necessary to check not only their identity but also the use of proxy servers. It is best to be turned private, since interrogation this is sufficiently confidential. It is also useful to focus attention on the date of registration of various users on the forum.

If your guess was confirmed you must make decision how you would use the obtained information. But it important to remember that if you learned any secret connection this information has the commercial value (in other words, it is possible to earn money) only until other investors get this news. The establishment of web-sites which advertise different HYIP investments is used as the tool of the white PR too.

The owner of the basic and additional web-site can be the same person; also they can be connected with the financial interrelations. But there are not negative sides in the white PR when the explicit fraud and the deception of depositors are absent; it is important to know how to distinguish the spontaneous opinions of investors from the goal-directed PR campaign.

There is also the black PR in addition to the white PR. The black PR campaigns are conducted toward the destruction of the HYIP positive image and the establishment of the negative one. As a rule, the authors of the black PR campaigns are the competitors or the persons hired by them. The rate of black PR experts is between 10 and 50 dollars daily depending on the scale of the attacked project and result of their activity.

You should recognize such actions like the white PR campaigns. If you see that a person or a group of persons spread negative information about an investment project you must ask what purpose they pursue. As they say most frequently, they attempt to fence inexperienced investors from the swindlers. But we must be realists: there are little altruists in real life and there are less them in the Internet. If someone makes something it means that this is profitable to someone. There is no other way.

Another feature of the black PR is the conclusion not confirmed by facts. The specific person voices his specific thought (for example, this investment project is a scam) but he cannot give any facts which prove his thought. The most frequent argument of the black PR experts is that the owners of the HYIP project XXX managed before the project YYY which was shut without having carried out obligations before the investors. They do not bring any proofs of this connection, as a rule.

Another black PR strategy is writing posts, which contain negative information about the project, on a HYIP forum and giving reference to this forum as the confirmation of their opinion.

If any attempts of the black PR of the HYIP are present it means that the project is a serious problem for the competitors because they are forced to use such measures. But if the management of the HYIP project does not react to attempts of the black PR by influential counter-arguments, this is an alarming symptom. If the project is intended to continue work for a long time it must show the worthy destruction of black PR campaigns.

In the conclusion I want to say that the white and black Public Relations (if, of course, everything is organized at the high level) speak about the project positively. In the case, if PR is white its organization demonstrates the serious plans of its administration, the attraction of a great number of investors and, accordingly, long work.

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