HYIP Monitors: to Trust or NOT to Trust

Updated: 02/28/2007 16:14
Hyip Monitor
In this article I will discuss HYIP monitors and how you should use them properly. Also the important thing to discuss is how HYIP monitors work and whether you can trust them.

We all know that High Yield Investment Programs promise the potential investors to earn a considerable daily or monthly interest on their investment. It can be something from 5% monthly to even unbelievable 50% daily. Certainly, the risk is very high and you need always to know the most up to date information to take the right decision. By investing in HYIPs you as the investors risk your money daily.

There are several sources of information about HYIP programs. Though no one of them is perfectly reliable, you should use them all and know how to find the needed information about every certain program. Any investor knows that without the right information it may be much harder to be a successful one.

HYIP monitors are one of the main sources of HYIP information because HYIP monitors list all HYIP sites and provide with some basic information about the program (for example, how does it claim to gain the needed profit and what are the interest and fees, but also the most important information, namely, if the program is paying or not).

Some programs continue operating even after they have finished paying their members and an experienced investor can always find out easily if the program still pays or not, but the HYIP beginners sometimes lose money on such programs.

Furthermore, the HYIP monitor offer a little bit of extra information such as:
1) Day of opening;
2) In what they trade;
3) Contact information;
4) Investment plans.

All HYIP monitors work in a very simple way. They just monitor all the HYIP programs and also sort them by payouts, age and their preferences. Lots of HYIP monitors also allow people to vote for the programs. While this is a great feature, some of the votes may be easily forged by the program owners themselves but still the majority of votes are usually made by real persons, which were happy after they got paid. It is also important to pay more attention too the bad votes.

Good programs are never marked with "not paid", so if any HYIP monitor claims that the program is not paying it is better to stay away from it. But even if the program is paying now, it may stop paying soon and turn to a scam. The investors should look for more information about a program before considering an investment.

HYIP monitors earn from the interest paid by HYIPs but also form referral commissions generated by their visitors who decide to invest in the program. Also every HYIP owner should usually pay around $20-$100 to get his HYIP listed. This money is invested afterwards into the program.

HYIP monitors are great to check the program and see if it pays but they mostly list programs paying high returns like over 10% daily and these HYIP usually do not last long, so a lot of investors get scammed by believing that the program is able to generate this kind of interest for a long term period.

It is possible to use HYIP monitors to find new programs but it is also advisable to use HYIP forums and read HYIP articles to educate yourself more and to be a more successful investor. For example, TalkGold is a good HYIP forum where you can find a lot of useful information.

Everything seems to be perfect but there are also some things investors should be very careful with. For example, some HYIP admins are only paying the admin and not the monitor so they get a positive rate that’s why it is much better to prefer the monitors where you can vote on the programs.

Another example is that some HYIP admins are hiring members to post positive comments on HYIP related forums. One of the things not to trust any HYIP monitor is not paying - no paying, in other words, some HYIP admins are hiring staff or paying members to post false votes for other HYIPs on different HYIP monitors. So they vote: Not paying.

As you can see there are hundreds of HYIP monitors out there. The reason why most people think they can make a ridiculous amount of money by offering such a service and for a few hundreds dollars you have already the money to start a site, to buy a script and a little bit of cash to promote the service. However, it is advisable to use the following HYIP monitors: Goldpoll, HyipExplorer and, of course, HYIPnews.

The most important question of this article is to trust or not to trust HYIP monitors. In other words, we can ask ourselves: Is this all right to spend money in HYIPs only based on the information you received from HYIP monitors?

In the conclusion, we can make a short resume of the article “HYIP Monitors: to trust or not to trust”, namely,
1) always do your investment into HYIPs due research;
2) look if the profits are realistic;
3) go to HYIP forums.

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