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Updated: 05/20/2007 09:56
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Certainly, the problem of financial return from the web site was always important to the owners of web sites. Earlier when the Internet only developed and Internet users were too little and much web site advertisement was too expensive for hosting the Internet projects. At that time banner networks were the basis of advertising business in the Internet.

But several years ago the situation in the network strongly changed, namely, a quantity of Internet users grew and the number of different commercial projects (for example, high yield investment projects, autosurfing or trading on Forex) increased.

These days so many peoples joining internet market business because they are so tired of everyday work and not enough income, also so easy to start online business. Starting an online business has become very popular among many people of all backgrounds throughout the world. All this contributed to the appearance of new proposal on the Internet advertisement market, in other words, the appearance of advertising brokers.

In this article we will talk about the types of advertising brokers and their role in HYIP and the place and meaning of advertising in HYIP niche. We start with the definition of the advertising broker and development of Internet advertising at present time.

The advertising broker combined many advertising areas and many partner programs and this made simple and convenient purchase of advertising places and their sale on web sites. Ensuring honesty and reliability of the relations between advertisers and site owners, the advertising broker also was responsible for the total technical side:

for the site owners he granted statistics and simplicity of the arrangement of advertisement, and for the advertiser he was responsible for technical organization of a partner program and protection from winding, detailed statistics and a rich selection of the versions of collaboration.

First of all, there are three main projects which appeared one of the first and continue successfully to be developed. In detail let us pause at each of them.

The first one is CLX. The project began practically from zero and now it is an absolute leader. The advantages of this broker are convenient and intelligible interface, the rich selection of advertisers (today there are hundreds of active advertising companies).

For the advertisers this is also one of most effective tools because there is low commission (10%), the low cost of the creation of a partner program and the enormous selection of the advertising areas (nowadays, thousands of web sites take part in the system).

One of the important advantages of CLX is the rich selection of the types of programs. The advertisement on web portals of partners can be placed with the payment for demonstrations, clique, registration, sale or the time of arrangement.

There are three categories of partners of this project. Minimum prices, which the advertiser can propose for the arrangement of advertisement, depend on a category. The first category is best and only the corresponding sites can start with it. Nowadays, any web site can participate in the project practically. It is also possible to participate for web portals that are on the free hosting but in this case these web sites should have high attendance and/or high citation index.

Another broker is Globo Clicks. It immediately began as a serious project but later it had some problems so he lost a leading position for bad reputation. It is not widely used nowadays.

The third broker, which is one of the leaders today, is Google Affiliate Network. It appeared a little later than two previous ones but it developed sufficiently rapidly due to being owned by Google and using its algorithm for promoting products online.

We see that the advertising cannot exist without a good and talented broker. But how HYIP monitors are making money? What role has advertisement in HYIP business?

There are some ways to earn money for HYIP monitors:
1) Trough referral commissions.
2) Through advertising (banner advertising, Google adsense, Obeus).
3) Premium listing: Some HYIP admins are choosing these options to give a better rate to their HYIP.
4) They spend the money they received from the admin in the HYIP. If the HYIP pays, they get profit. If it does not pay or turns into a scam, there is no problem because they have not lost money.

Nowadays, advertising plays a very important role in HYIP business development. One of the advertising methods in HYIP is paid advertising on High Traffic Sites. Usually almost all HYIP sites and monitors find a website that allows advertising on their site. For a reasonable price, they will display your link and sometimes a description for a weekly or monthly fee.

Article submission is one of the oldest forms of advertising on the internet. HYIP uses this method very actively: a great number of HYIP sites write about HYIP and summit! Articles will lead visitors to HYIP sites.

The main thing to remember is that the advertising has to keep HYIP potential visitors in mind. The admins should build a website that caters to their needs and wants. There is no doubt that advertising is a great step to success of HYIP site, forum or monitor.

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