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Updated: 06/06/2007 12:23
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Investment autosurfing is the form of high yield investment online funds. Thus, because this is autosurfing you earn via viewing web sites in autoregime, in other words you start surfing and further the passage from a web site to a web site occurs without your participation. But if it is investment autosurfing, you can earn only due to investing into this project.

How much can you earn on autosurfing? This depends on the level of your account or, in other words on the sum which you invest in the project. You get interests every day after your viewing a determined number of web sites. This costs several minutes per day. In such a way you can earn till the deadline of your investment (upgrade) will come.

The benefit is that you can earn 150-200% of your investment within the time of upgrade, for example the profit composes about 50-100%. If autosurfing projects promise more, it means they are scam.

Upon registering some autosurfers give free 1 unit of upgrade (its size by different autosurfers varies usually between 0.2$ and 20$). If you want to earn more, you should purchase additional units of upgrade. However, at recent time majority of autosurfers do not give the entrance upgrade: if you want to earn on such sponsors, you should pay upgrade with "living" money.

Furthermore, you obtain 1 credit for viewing each web site. You can use credits only for the promotion of your site, because autosurfers will not buy back them from users. But there is also another opportunity, namely you can try to sell credits on online forums. Web users pay usually 0.1-0.25$ for 1000 demonstrations.

When the time of upgrade runs out, your level becomes equal to zero and you do not obtain payment for surfing anymore. If you want to work for money further, you should pay a new upgrade.

For example, one sponsor gives you 1 unit of upgrade to your account by the registration, in other words the surfer gives 10$ and pays 10% of this sum per day for viewing 10 web sites during 15 days. So the sum you get per day is $1. The total profit is 150% of the account level and clear profit is 50%. If you increase the account level to 500$ (you will purchase 49 units), you will get $50 per day.

There are also some limitations and additional conditions in autosurfing business. During the days you do not visit your account and do not view a necessary number of web sites, you do not get any return on your upgrade. If you want to earn on maximum, you must work every day. This is a great difference between autosurfers and HYIPs where you visit your HYIP account only to order money for withdrawal.

If you view more web sites than required for payment, you will obtain additional credits for the promotion of your site. However, you will not get additional money because the day limit of your earnings is the fixed percentage of your upgrade's sum. According to the rules of such sponsors, money which you paid for your upgrade is not returned to you under any circumstances because this money is the payment for membership and club payment. You get only your earnings.

All such sponsors make the payments due the same payment system which you used for the payment of the last upgrade. Moreover, some autosurfers do not allow changing the chosen payment system in your account, so you may use only the system which was indicated by the registration. Credits which you obtain for viewing web sites you can spend only for web promotion. The sponsors do not exchange credits for money.

Sponsors have very different rules of time and conditions of obtaining payments. Each autosurfer has a minimum sum of payment and some have additional conditions for obtaining payments. Autosurfers with 1-5% day earnings pay out the earnings of the previous month usually in the present month already.

High interest autosurfers (10-15% per day within a short time of upgrade) pay after the end of the upgrade time or on the special day of a week as well as daily. The condition of many sponsors is the specific level of an account and investments in the program.

Some sponsors permit making reinvestment from the compound. Compound is the purchase of additional units of upgrade. This is very convenient for the participant because there is no need to transfer additional money from the payment system and vice versa. The referral system of such sponsors has its special features: you get interests not from the earnings of your referrals, but from the sum of upgrades (once for each upgrade) purchased by them.

Thus, all these projects are the hybrids of sites' autopromotion and pyramid. In other words, participants are paid when new participants make investments in the project later. But in comparison with financial pyramids, autosurfing gives the possibility to participants to promote their sites.

Another factor which distinguishes this project from the pyramid is the limited time of upgrade. Thus, the sponsor stimulates the additional investments due to all new investments of old participants. However, it must be noted that the basic idea of autosurfing projects is the principle of a financial pyramid and, of course the investment in such programs is very high risk.

Now you can see that it is possible to earn good money on autosurfing. You can say that this all is a great smart scam. In principle, the life time of all autosurfing sponsors is limited and, certainly, the investment in them is high risk, so you are right in this case, but the fact is that no one knows how long the project will exist.

If you want to make a serious business from this form of earnings but you do not want to risk investing large money or do not have any money, you begin to increase the level of your account without taking out the earned money but buying additional upgrades. You can decide when you stop. You can risk like those participants who invest serious money (several thousands of dollars) and earn a lot of money actually picking a sponsor in a right way.

Nowadays, there are very many autosurfing sponsors. Their differences are the size of 1 unit of upgrade, the time of upgrade, percentage which is paid out from daily surfing, the size of minimum unit. Certainly, there are a lot of fraudsters among them, in other words scam sponsors do not pay any interests to their participants. Undoubtedly, it is not advisable to work for a sponsor without any research!

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