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Updated: 10/07/2008 09:51
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The fact that current condition of autosurfing sphere doesn't look successful is evident both for investors and administrators. Very few people try to analyse it as a general tendency, paying attention rather to each particular case of decay or fall. But if you ascend a level higher and observe a general condition, you will see that it is possible to speak about general worsening conditions in comparison to the situation of the last year, for instance.

This decay started in summer and it allowed to assume that the situation will improve with the beginning of autumn as more active season, together with HYIP sphere, but, unfortunately, no significant changes occurred.

To define the reasons why the story goes the way it goes now, we should observe it from a few angles of vision and define why it became possible in comparison to previous years. One would think that the situation should successively change to better in all segments of online investment sphere with growing amount of people interested in online investing, and with the growth of the level of their experience and education.

But, on the contrary, increased level of experience makes investors choose a strategy allowing them to operate their funds with minimum losses, which, at the same time, is harmful for administrators of autosurfing programs. Investors try to get into the program for a short period and get out quickly to have their money safe, thus producing problems of cash flow, when administrator is forced to pay out a lot of members after each cycle.

Administrators, at the same time, try to find all possible methods to survive. Some of them accept 5050 rule, which still call a lot of discussions about it. It is not really clear if this is an excellent measure to provide a program with a long-lasting perspective. It looks like this measure just helps a program work a little too longer than it would work if this rule hadn't been accepted.

Some admins try to survive, opening a few similar projects. But as experience shows, this measure is not really successful, and all of us can recall a few examples when failure of one of the projects wrecked other programs belonging to the same admin.

Another significant problem which also affects functioning of autosurfing programs is a general investors' attitude. At first, the program should constantly develop to work successfully and live. Any kind of program, let it seem more legitimate or not, demands constant cash and member inflow, otherwise the program dies. But as investors see how many programs disappear everyday, they are not likely to trust and try to get in and get out of the program, as we have already mentioned above.

The lack of members' support is also harmful in case problems appear. The most sad about it is that investors often do not try to find out what's going on before blaming and accusing. The least rumour is usually enough for them to start spreading panics about. And, of course, it cannot help program, it just pushes it to the gap, although all investors are well aware of it.

In comparison to last year, general amount of investors of each particular program decreased. Finding new members and keeping them in is more difficult and now administrators need much more time to collect the same amount of members compared to previous years. And most of them don't even reach the average level of members' amount of previous years. Thus, a general scale of programs decreased as well.

If an average investor had been asked to recall the most stable and reliable paying autosurfing programs a couple of years ago, he would have probably given more than a dozen names. What if we ask this question now? There is no exactly defined list of successful programs, recognised by all investors. Let's remember those that are recommended and mentioned in positive comments most often.

Desertskymarketing and CommandSurf are mentioned as top programs that look most promising at the moment. Such attitude is determined by a few aspects of their activity the first one offers ROI low enough to work without difficulties, of course, if they don't meet some unexpected problems. The latter has been showing a stable development and growth within half of a year, which is important for the program to move on successfully, and to keep investors trusting and assured.

12by12daily still remains one of the most popular programs, although there was a time when almost everybody was sure it wouldn't survive. Failure of the previous project run by Dave Cannard didn't allow people trust him. Unfortunately, the work of this program doesn't show the same high level of stability, and it is not really known if this is the sign of future problems or just a temporary issue.

XLO autosurfing can be referred to the rank of programs mentioned above, I mean those cases when administrator runs a few projects at once. Administrator of this program also runs a HYIP program, and it seems all is ok, unless all members compliment admin for timely payouts.

13hitsdaily, WickedHits, and DenaliSurf are not so frequently mentioned, and they are less noticeable, but at least there are no any complaints posted by their members. Their work seems to be calm but stable, and it's a good sign for their perspective and for general attitude to these programs.

Of course, we don't insist that those programs mentioned above are recommended by us as only sources of a stable profit in a rotting world of autosurfing programs. This is just a list of those programs that seem to be more successful in comparison to other programs and on a general decay background, I repeat it. Of course, while planning your investment activity, you should carefully observe all programs' details and their background, as well as changing sphere conditions.

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