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Updated: 03/19/2010 13:13
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You can find a hundred ways of making money online at You can make a lot of money and a small amount of money (enough for incidentals), quick money and slow money (you make an investment and then 2 months later, you get your profit). Of course, there is also risky money and safe money. Now, we will talk about risky money, which you can earn a lot of and quickly because it is risky. We will review how to make money online with HYIP.

You need to purchase electronic money in order to start making money online with HYIP. Electronic money such as LibertyRereserve (which is a substitute for e-gold) and of course PerfectMoney (which is much less popular) are used at HYIP. LibertyRereserve is so popular that HYIP investments are usually called LibertyReserve investments. Here are other currencies that are sometimes accepted by high-yield investments projects for payments: VMoney, AlertPay, Pecunix, ECU, StrictPay.

By the way, some high-yield companies accept investments with Wire Transfers. However, they are in the minority and generally investments in such projects must be at least $5000. There are also some projects into which you can make a deposit with Visa or MasterCard. But there are not very many of them.

None of the leading currencies in the field of high-yield investments require any kind of documents or essential personal information. You can transfer money to your new LibertyRereserve or PerfectMoney account with the help of one of the exchangers. They exchange LR or PM currencies into bank transfers, cash, or even PayPal. But you should keep in mind that there are those exchangers which we can call "counterfeiters" because, in reality, they do not exchange anything. Therefore, it is better to Google any information concerning them before making any deals. You should choose the most reliable exchange service.

Once you have gotten common currency for high-yield investments field, it is time to make money online. The most important question for online investors (and online investing) is WHERE? Really, what to invest in? Where to invest on the internet? Which investments are the most secure? Which investments are the most reliable? Maybe it is better to choose non-HYIP investments? Perhaps. It's up to you. High-yield investments are very risky but very profitable. And even though only a third of all people who invest in HYIP actually make money, it is one of the most attractive ways of making money online.

So, how is the answer to question "WHERE TO INVEST?" found? The first way is to use Google, Yahoo! or your favourite search engine. You can find many investment projects by searching for "HYIPs" on the internet and some of them are really worthy of your attention. However, 90% of the results from the search engine are quite risky. It is much better to choose an HYIP with the help of "HYIP-monitorings" or "HYIP listings". By the way, is one of these investing monitorings and is also one of the best ones.

You can find catalogues with links to high-yield programs on these monitorings. However, investing monitoring as not only about links to various listings. It is, first of all, "a tracking of the activity" of investment projects. This means that monitoring organizations are the ones that regulate how well investment companies operate. It is not a secret that many of these companies do not even operate at all. They entice you to invest your money (or borrow this money from you) but they don't pay any interest. Furthermore, they don't even return your principle (or debt). They simply steal this money from you. Therefore, monitoring is a primary filter and only those projects which make payouts remain - those which pay interest, commitment fees, and a return of the initial deposit.

But even monitoring can't be a safe guarantee. Unqualified or automatic monitoring organizations work on the principle that any "pay-out gets a positive status". This means that if an HYIP has paid the monitor, it gets a PAYING status. However, it is quite possible that this project doesn't pay its investors. Therefore, high-quality monitoring organizations are usually manual. For example, is a manual monitoring. We consider any complaints by investors, information about markets, and analyze the performance of investment companies. We even check any feedback and rate every project which ends up in our catalogue. That is why you have a much larger chance of making money and not losing money online with HYIPs listings in our catalogue.

Having chosen the best monitor and having bought currency for investment, you can start with the most important thing: choosing a project for making a deposit (your high yield investment program). Generally, investors try to invest in programs which function for no longer than 3 months. On the other hand, you should not consider dealing with projects which function for less than a month. Approximately one and a half months is the best choice. Of course, later you will develop your own strategy and principles which will help you to make money online; however, you should proceed carefully at first. You shouldn't chase the big money and high income. A monthly or weekly profit will be perfect in the beginning. If the program makes payouts every hour or every 10-15 hours, than it is most likely a scam. You should deal with such projects only if you are aware of all the risks and are ready to lose your money if it happens.

Well, this is the main rule for all fields of online moneymaking: do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Making money online is always about the risks and managing those risks. By having money for investment and knowing what to invest in, you make the first step towards your success...

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