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Updated: 07/15/2010 16:44
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Downline - is a quite widespread term used in HYIP investment field. However it came to us from a different similar field, in which it is possible to make good profit online too. It came from MLM field (multi-level-marketing). We will tell you next time what multi-level-marketing is and how to make money online with MLM. But for now you should know that the main principle of your success in MLM is referring as many people as possible. You make other people buy some products/goods, get some services or any other actions. To make it simple, you help to sell and to promote and you get commission for this. So, downline means collection of all people signed up underneath an individual on which the individual receives payment on their sales in a Multi-Level Marketing business. Such marketing model appears to be very effective and profitable. Amway, AVON, Herbalife - these are the names which are known to everyone- that is how effective MLM is. Isn't it HYIP?! But we are talking about the meaning of "donwline" now. As you have already figured, downline is the word which is often used and has caught on HYIP investment field.

HYIP & Referral Building

High-Yield Investment Projects are initially aimed to working with people or to individual work with potential investors. And who will execute this plan better than clients of investment projects? Who will tell potential investors about the advantages of one or the other HYIP if not their friend? And almost any person can be a potential investor, because the minimum deposit is sometimes just $1! That is why every investor of one or the other HYIP has an opportunity to build his own downline now. Some people' job is actually promoting HYIP projects. And they make quite good money.

HYIP offers everyone to refer investors to their downline and get an interest from deposits made by those investors or a reward for such investors' registration. Well, simply make money in such way. The key word here is "to refer". Because click-through is very important in HYIP world. A click-through is usually done by clicking on your personal link. There is a code in it which makes it possible to identify that person entered your downline, and that means he or she became a member of your downline.

So, how to build it and to earn money online with downline? It is probably the most important question. You are going to make money online, right? Well, then you can be sure that your collection of tools will be restricted by your computer. However, those ones you have are more than enough these days. If you start promoting some particular project purposefully, then it is possible to use all opportunities of online marketing. Many online investors even act as spammers to build a huge dowline and to have a constant high profit. Of course, the problem is that it is more difficult to be responsible to those people who you referred as opposed to MLM or other common ways of moneymaking with the help of downline. If you sell one or the other product, let's say Mary Kay cosmetics, you can rely on some certain quality standards, the time of delivery or service. Only those who love the products they sell become really successful in MLM. They don't simply sell, but are sincerely and deeply convinced that buying those products is a necessity. That's what makes them good salespeople and successful participants of such marketing schemes. There are lots of risks in the field of high-yield investment and even get-paid to (GPT). Projects are closed and opened every day, making life of this field unstable. Very few projects operate for more than a year. And it is sometimes quite difficult to stand bond for most online investment projects. You should also keep in mind that if you are going to build your downline in HYIP, the product you sell will be an investment product. Which means your customers will invest their money in HYIP or GPT which you sold them. Invest money and maybe... lose it.

Who will be responsible to those people? Administrators of the projects usually disappear when they shut down their projects. Looking for them and punishing is a different and complicated topic. Anyone who invited others to the project might be face to face with angry investors at any time. Well, obviously if they earn money they will thank you and everything will be great. But what if they do not make money?

How to Build Your HYIP Downline Correct

First of all, don't get involved in it if you don't understand what you are doing. You should realize that there are risks, danger and you should also know the principles of functioning of this market.
Secondly, don't start making money by referring unless you know everything about the product you are going to offer. In other words, unless you become successful or at least experienced investor.
In the third place, try to avoid personal contacts and involving members of your family, co-workers and any kind of people who you know in reality.
The fourth, don't try to hide information, to cheat or simply embellish reality. If you are honest with people, there will be fewer offences. By being honest with the members of your downline you will avoid many unexpected things.

I think using these tips is enough to avoid misunderstandings and unexpected troubles. Unfortunately, some investors who lost their money by investing in HYIP start trying to get money back by using referral opportunities and as a result set up those people who they refer. Why do they set them up? Because some people can't make the right choice and just listen to other people' advices. They can't define the best product, or in other words, find a good project to invest in. A good and reliable monitor will help you to avoid such inappropriate advices. It is not smart to invest by clicking on the link of the first person who comes across, right? So don't do it. And don't become such person to other people.

Ways of Referral Commission Allowance
Almost any HYIP, GPT, as well as MLM has such thing as commission reward. It is called referral commission in HYIP investment field. But actually they are bonuses for investments attraction. Well, it is your motivation, and it is probably the most important feature in the process of your downline building. It is usually measured by the rate of the interest from amount on deposit which people referred by you made. Sometimes some fixed amount of money is added for signing up. Or some discounts or points are available for participants. But common way is getting some interest from deposit made by "your" people.

Complicated systems of allowance of referral commissions are mostly based on multi-level structure. The bottom line here is that you get a reward, and not only for deposits (investment) of those people who you referred. You even get a reward for those people who were referred by "your" people in multi-level structure! In some cases you even get rewarded for people referred by those last-mentioned people. Which means not only on the first and on the second level of your downline, but also on the third and sometimes even on the fourth. For example HYIP offers a five-level bonus system for investments attraction.

The first level is 4%, the second is 3%, the third is 2%, the fourth is 1% and fifth level is 0.5%. You get an interest from deposit made by people who were referred by you. For example, you personally invited John to join some particular Company. John is the first level of your downline and you will get 4% of his deposit. Then Jonh referred Bob and Chuck. They are on the second level and you will have 3% in this case. All people invited by Bob and Chuck will be on the third level which means 2% of their deposits for you.

You should keep in mind that in some projects you get rewarded for only first deposits (not for all of them). Or in some cases you can only use your reward in program's bounders, for example for making your deposit, but nothing more (meaning you can't withdraw it). Such details are usually not described even in F.A.Q. of the company, therefore if you are seriously going to promote something you should definitely discuss it with company's representatives. You will also be supplied with promo material, such as banners, texts or information which will help you to succeed. But such materials can often be found on sites as they are accessible to public.

Well, I guess these are the most important details for you to know, if you want to start making money in such way. In case you have some questions you are always welcome to ask them at This article includes the most important information. Of course it does not tell about all possible details, but I'm sure we'll get back to this topic. But for now, I hope you understood everything. So fall to your referral link and start earning money online with one more high-yield opportunity.

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