How to Create Disputes and Return Money at AlertPay

Updated: 10/21/2010 17:38
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As you all know, AlertPay is a payment system similar to PayPal. The only difference is that there is no such cash flow as in PayPal and, accordingly, provided service is on a different level. However, in exchange AlertPay offers low fees and such function as a chargeback. Function chargeback means a return of your money paid for a product or service. Or, simply put, "the abolition of payment."

Since high-yield investment field is a field of dangerous (even though profitable) investments, service buyers often remain dissatisfied with provided services. Services in our field mean managing your finances, meaning multiplying them. HYIPs provide you those services. And if you are not satisfied or worried about your deposit, you can use the Resolution Process and demand your money by filing a dispute.

Today, above all, we'll tell you how to file a dispute. We will use images provided by HyipCritic blog, the admin of which has recently wrote an article about AlertPay dispute. Then we will publish an official comment of AlertPay from which you will find out their opinion on this option, how they recommend using it and how it works.

As many investors say, a chargeback function really works at AlertPay. Not always fast and not always positive but stable and really effectively. Therefore, we believe that this topic will be very helpful for you. You need to know about all possibilities and tricks that will help you succeed in HYIP industry. Moreover, creating the dispute is a very simple procedure. Welcome to our short lesson!

1. Go to (always check that the url is written correctly and do not use links of unknown origin). On the top of the site you will see a menu where you need to select 'Contact Us' button.

2. On the next page you'll see all means of communication with the administration. You need to select the 'Email' button and then click 'Send us a support ticket'.

3. Dispute is a kind of Support Ticket, so the third step is to select 'Submit a Ticket'. Here's how it looks:

4. Here you get to the penultimate stage where you need to specifically choose the type of the Ticket. Because you are creating a dispute ticket, you must choose 'Transaction Dispute'. In the picture you can see where this button is. Press it.

5. In the end you'll have to fill out the form. Enter all information that describes your accident. From that moment your application is processed and you have to wait for at least a few days until something happens. Sometimes you have to wait up until 30 days. You should not worry all this time and not create additional tickets.

That's what AlertPay told us about the process of such option as a chargeback, which means creating a dispute: "AlertPay's aim is to provide excellent support to our clients. If one of our clients feels that other party has not completed their end of the bargain and they have not received what they have paid for they have an opportunity to file a dispute.

AlertPay will provide assistance in order to reach a resolution, preferably satisfactory to both parties. Our Resolution Process is not limited to a specific industry therefore a dispute can be filled regarding goods or service related industries. Clients are required to notify us of any issues within 30 days of their completed payment. Any disputes filled after 30 days has elapsed may be denied as disputed funds become significantly difficult to recover."

AlertPay draws your attention to the fact that it is not necessary to create additional tickets and repeated requests for a refund. It seems that such cases happen very often. This complicates the work of support service and makes the return of your funds more difficult. Please note, that by violating these rules you harm yourself: "Clients are also encouraged once contacting us to do so by submitting one ticket only and including all transactions details within that one ticket. Within each dispute ticket there are specific instructions provided that should be read and followed in order for a dispute to be concluded in positive manner."

Recently, we had had to contact AlertPay for support several times. The first time we tried to clarify information about the blocking of the account at GOB <>. The second time we asked questions about the dispute options. Both times we got an answer on about a third day after submitting ticket. As you can see, the support team of AlertPay showed itself as a reliable service on which you can rely and which you can use if you have any questions. So, if there is something you do not know even after reading our material - feel free to write them.

Most recently, one of our readers asked us to tell him about those programs that accept payments via AlertPay. We found out that 30% of programs accept it. This number includes almost all major high-yield online investments market participants (for example: CherryShares, OrbisTrends, FinanceAdvisor, PawnShop Fund, LionsSociety, ForexCompanyOnline). Of course, AlertPay simply provides a tool and it is not guarantee that you can always get a refund after a program shuts down. But in any case, it makes your investment process a bit safer.

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