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Updated: 02/03/2011 23:17
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We continue publishing our NDHT, a new dictionary of high-yield investment terms. You can already read the first and the second publications. Today we will tell you about HYIP Admins and HYIP Operators.

HYIP Operators. High Yield Investment Program's Operator . At least half of the programs that operate in the market were created by professionals in this business. They launch one pyramid after another and sometimes reach the fanatical zeal in cloning and copying projects. By saying "HYIP operators", we mean those who are engaged in systematic and consistent creation of HYIPs.

HYIP Operators differ from each other and each of them creates projects with his own distinctive feature. Some of them prefer having one type of programs, some prefer the simultaneous operation of programs of various types. Others do not have more than one project at a time. Fortunately, some HYIP Operators adhere to certain principles in their work and thus it is possible to determine the prospects of such operator's programs quite accurately.

HYIP Admin. High Yield Investment Program's Admin. This term is very common because HYIP Admin is a key person in a high-yield investment project. The term HYIP Admin implies chief executive and even the technical administrator of the site. HYIP Admin is the most important person in the project. Very often a few people hide behind a HYIP Admin. However, the opposite scenario is also true: one person often hides behind many people. Therefore, despite the fact that many programs have pretty solid legends, developed infrastructure and a lot of convincing names, most of the regular online investors do not believe in them.

Moreover, because of established attitudes to the "teams" of high-yield investment projects, the concept of "administrator" is also used as regards to the services operating in HYIP Industry (monitors, forums, blogs, etc). Therefore, very often the employees of such services are called "admins": Monitor Admin, Forum Admin, Blog Admin.

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