HYIP Informational Survey (September 262)

Updated: 09/17/2013 16:01
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Welcome back to the regular HYIP informational survey published by HYIPNews.com on a regular basis twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. HYIPNews is happy to provide our readers with updated information on the current state of HYIP market, including the situation with Problem HYIPs and closed ones. The HYIP events and news from e-currencies provide you today with the latest information from the HYIPs online and some news from SolidTrustPay regarding the new look of the website.

The HYIPTODAY section today contains the same programs as those last Friday with the only difference: quotation index of the programs is in declining trend. We start the survey with the Top Choice section, which is not much different from the one we had last Friday. One program has moved to Problems and one has appeared in the Top Choice section instead. See the details in the HYIP Informational Survey #262 below:

Top Choice The TOP 9 investment of this week are presented at your attention. Today the section is not split into two sub-sections, all 9 programs are given in the listing below:

HyipNews Choice The first 9 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:

1. After90Days Listed: 448 daysProfit: 2.6-3% daily 300-900% after 90 days!Term: up to 30 calendar days!
2. Pure Income Listed: 230 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!
3.Empire Finance Group Listed: 206 daysProfit: 1.3-1.7% daily!Term: up to 100 business days!
4. RFI Group Listed: 210 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 153 business days!
5. Mutual Wealth Listed: 242 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
6. Asia for Invest Listed: 87 daysProfit: 1.30-2.96% daily!Term: up to 120 calendar days!
7. ALFA Stock Generation Listed: 90 daysProfit: 1.4-2% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
8. Catena Finance Listed: 84 daysProfit: 2% daily 11% weekly!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
9. Billionaires Group Listed: 47 daysProfit: 2-4% daily! 150% after 30 days!Term: up to 120 business days!

So as you may see, there are not so many changes in the Top Choice section this Tuesday. Basically there is only one change in the HYIPNews Top Choice. Two program hat used be on Top, Grand Capital and Bourgeois Assetshas scammed down. Too bad for the investors. Still the fall of this scam hyip let other two programsCatena Finance andALFA Stock Generation move one position up in the rating.

The 9th place is now taken accordingly by the newcomer of the Top Choice section,Billionaires Group HYIP. Good luck and congratulations to the admin of this HYIP, which made its way to top within only 47 days of being listed. Anyway, dear investors, think twice before adding this or that HYIP to the investment portfolio of your own. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us anytime you want to.

Openings Let us continue the HYIP informational survey presenting you with the list of the new programs, appeared online and some added to HYIPNews recently. Not many HYIPs have been added recently as well as not many of them were launched at all. Still those we have are presented at your attention below.

Dollars Pocket 140-200% after 1-3 days 4% daily for lifetime!
Smarts Profit 1-3% daily, from 1% up to 3% for lifetime!
Genius Capital Limited 2-3% daily for 15-60 business days!
Oil-Group 120-230% after 1-5 days 750-1800% after 15-30 days

Bali-invest Business-best Colors-of-life Common-capital Dollarbusiness Earn-it-easy Gaintown Gibemoney Gift-money Goodreturn Hodfund Incrediblegolds Inprofitpay Instantgetcash Inter-uta Invest-banking Invhourly Kitana Long-profit Makemillionshourly Myopteck Onlineprofitfund Pocketproblemsolved Raptorinv Renogoldcorp Roylfinancial Secureround Soldfunds Swissglobalgroup Timetoinv Twimboe Vipinvest Wallstreetgains Zerofundround

The list of today's new opportunities is not very large, actually it's rather short to be exact. Anyway, let us wish you luck with the new opportunities, dear investors! Please remember, not every new program is going to make you a fortune. Make your due diligence before investing. Wait for a while, not to be scammed during the first days of the program activity.

And remember, those two with the detailed section have been added to the HYIPNews listing, though that doesn't mean it will last for years... still the most risky are the programs from the second section of the Openings section. These are mostly ultra short term and quite often template-like HYIPs. Beware and try not to get scammed!

Problems We are back with the section of Problem programs. This Tuesday it is a bit more numerous than the previous Friday. The weekend seems to be not good at all for lots of programs that are now experiencing problems with payouts. All programs mentioned below are currently having troubles, which means just one thing: until things become clearer, until the status is changed (if changed eventually) to positive, these programs are not recommended for investing. If you have any questions or may have a warning or a report regarding any of programs, you are free to get in touch with us anytime.

WIPFunds - not paying
Grand Capital - not paying
Sapio Fund - not paying
Maza Trade - not paying
Eurka Forex - not paying
Financial-Inv - not paying
New-GI - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Oil Trade (19 days), Capital Gain Profit (8 days), Only Earn (54 days), Planet Of Profits (8 days), Inv World (13 days), Wish Profits (44 days), Gold Rich Fund (10 days), Paid Wallet (13 days), Stable Assets Limited (8 days), NovaFastix (12 days).

Events Let us start the Events section with some good news. Two programs that were included in the Problems section last Friday have recovered from their problems and restored the paying statuses on listing sites. These are Prs Investment Ltd and Fargo Fund. Congratulations to the admins and investors of these HYIPs!

After90Days is the TOP program currently listed at HYIPNews. It has been listed for nearly 500 days. Within this period of time it has been paying successfully up to 3% daily. Early investors to After90Days have definitely managed to get high revenues from joining the program. It has been definitely a very good decision after all. Deposits to After90Days are accepted in EgoPay, SolidTrustPay and Perfect Money.

Some days ago the admin of After90Days has published the official news saying about opening the Twitter account, which is claimed to be supported and updated on a regular basis from now on. Another addition, informed of in the latest newsletter is a reminder of the possibility to watch various videos on the official program's video Youtube channel. Among other videos, one may see presentation of the project and customers' reviews and video testimonials.

On September 9, 2013 the video contest for the best video testimonial was supposed to be completed and winners should have been announced. For some reasons no winners have been chosen yet, which means, more likely the contest is still going on for no official announcement has been made anyway. More details concerning the latest news from After90Days you may find in the official newsletter sent out to the members' database.

The admin of RoyalTradeUnion has presented some important news to the membership. First of all, there's a notification saying that Perfect Money account of the project is now verified, which means the commission fee remains unchanged (0.5%). The second piece of news is more technical. Thanks to BlockDos tech team, the DDoS protection of the project has been strengthened.

Profit-Case have added one more plan to the list of existing ones. the new plan is hourly based offering 4.75-4.9% per hour within 24 hours.

Empire Finance Group has issued another newsletter informing the readers and investors about publishing some latest trading reports, which are available on the pages of theEmpire Finance Group website. The special Trading page introduced by the management of the program is a part of stable development if the project, which has been listed for 206 days at HYIPNews and is taking the 3nd place in the Top Choice section of ours.

The project has managed to survive the LR shutdown, and managed to pay all the debts to LR investors in PM or EgoPay. That's what i call a professional approach. Even though the minimal investment amount was raised from $10 to $100(!), it hasn't stopped investors from joining this currently one of the most prominent HYIPs online.

So speaking about the Trading page, it is about to show the results of the company's activity on the markets. To be short, i should say that Trading report gives Real-Time Monitoring of the trading account. Apart from that there is an overview of the stock market and the market of commodities, whereEmpire Finance Group claims to be involved in.
The new trading strategies are also being tested. The Crypto currency exchange report for the month of August 2013 is at your attention accordingly. More information on theEmpire Finance Group trading results can be found on the official Trading page on the project's website.

Mutual Wealth has enabled the month survey, and on September 16, the month's survey winner has been drawn. The winner has been given the cash prize of $1000 added to the Growth and Income portfolio of her own. See the newsletter fromMutual Wealth below:

"16th September 2013
We are delighted to announce this month's survey prize draw winner. Ms. Donna P from the USA is to receive $1000 into her Growth and Income portfolio. We would like to congratulate Ms. Donna P and thank all survey participants for providing important feedback on our products and services."

Fidelis Finance has celebrated one month online. The newsletter reporting the anniversary has been published and sent out to the membership database. Among the main achievements of the project, the admin ofFidelis Finance has reported some deposit growth and tried to assure investors of the successful second month online. Hopefully he is right and this one will last at least one month more.

There has also been some unverified information concerning giving loans to some startups online. This can be a part of the legend, which actually more likely is. There also go some links to monitor sites, which can hardly be called great achievement after all.

HYIP Today This section is devoted to the new section on the HYIPNews informational portal, called HYIP QUOTES. The section is showing index of the programs quotation, which is changing day by day depending on the popularity of programs online. Compared to last Friday when all programs have been observing sudden growth of index points, today nearly all of 5 most quoted are in a declining trend. See more details below:

After90Days. After a sudden growth there has been a changing situation and after all, the index of this HYIP has fallen down to 233 points, which at the same time let the project remain on Top of the HYIP Today section.

Gulf Investment Club. Another growth followed by another decline down to 217 points has guaranteed the 2nd place to this new HYIP, which is paying much attention to link building, judging from the results shown on the graph.

Empire Finance Group. The growth let it went up to the 3rd place. Within two days its index has overcome 100 points and was increased from 125 to 229 points, which made project one of the most quoted programs currently listed online at HYIPNews.com

Mutual Wealth. The decline of this HYIP is more evident than other HYIPs. Within one day the quotation index has fallen down from 183 to 156 points, which is not a good sign for the program development. Still it let the project stay on the 4th place of the HYIP Today section anyway.

Fidelis Finance. After the rise to more than 50 points, the trend has shown slight decline. Current quotation index of the project is 140 index points, which puts it to the 5th place of HYIP Today section.

As you can see all programs have not been showing good performance lately. After a growth most of HYIPs have been trapped in a declining trends. The programs on top remained the same with the only difference. Quotation index points are than last Friday.

E-money Earlier on September 13 SolidTrustPay has announced on the official blog of the payment system about launching the new version of the website, particularly the member area. The launch of the new version has been planned to take place on September 16. As the result of the member area update, customers have been supposed to get a more streamlined look when they login.

Apart from that, due to launching the new look of the website, SolidTrustPay could have experienced some slight downtimes during the update process. Actually the expected downtime took place on Sunday, September 15, the day before the new look of SolidTrustPay website was launched. The authorities of SolidTrustPay have been requested to stay calm during the downtime. Indeed the downtime was rather short and the same day, as promised earlier on September 16, the new version of the site has been launched.

As reported: "...We are happy to announce that our updates are now complete and customers are welcome to sign into their accounts. We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience while we have transitioned to our new, more highly secured site!
Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you!"

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