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Updated: 10/03/2013 21:11
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Today we are pleased to offer another review of a HYIP listed at HYIPNews at your attention. Billionaires Group has been listed at for more than 2 months. Within this time it managed to get close to Top of the listing, currently taking the 9th place. Reviewing this HYIP will obviously clear out any questions that may arise concerning the program's performance.

At the same time, i dare to say, in case after reading through the professional review by of Billionaires Group you have any questions, you are free to contact us, opening the support ticket or try to contact the support ofBillionaires Group directly. Let me also remind you, the review, apart from being published on the newsline of ours is also going to be included in the regular HYIP informational survey, which is going to be published tomorrow. So, here we start. Enjoy your reading, dear investors and subscribers!

1. Introduction, First Impression!

What can we see here, when entering the main page ofBillionaires Group for the first time. Actually, nothing extraordinary. Another template-like website. Bright colors and dark background. On the very Top of the page one may come across the main menu, where potential clients may navigate around the website. The sections of the menu are usual. There is a company profile page, a page for the partners, showing the details of the representative program. There is a page showing particular investment opportunity, of which i am going to tell you about below. Standard Policy page, the Reviews page, which is empty now, Contact us and FAQ page, where one can read through the answers to most typically asked questions, asked by investors. Everything is ordinary and nothing unusual.
Below the Top menu there's a huge logo and the phone numbers of the support service, followed by a bright picture of some metropolis, possibly aimed to show the life of a billionaire. The template of the website is three-column. The left column tells some basic information about the company, the column in the middle gives the outlook of the investment plans, and the right column shows some stats, latest news, which are not updated since August 9, unfortunately, and online calculator, obviously giving the option to calculate potential profit, which may be earned after joining this or that investment plan.
The bottom of the website includes copyright information, various buttons, showing technical specifications and social activity of the program and small logo to the right, showing all e-currencies accepted by Billionaires Group.
All in all the website has obvious drawbacks: some pages are not loading, some images are not showing, everything looks like it's been made in haste. I would recommend the admin to take care about this and fix all the slight bugs that DO occur when navigating the website.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

Getting closer to the investment plans, first thing you should learn about is thatBillionaires Group is considered to be a long-term HYIP. Officially they claim to be running three investment plans, still it more looks like one plan split into three subplans. The investment plans are named after the names of three most popular offline currencies: USD, EURO and POUND. All investment plans have compounding option available. The profit is only calculated on business days. Every plan duration is 120 business days. The only two things that differ in three plans are the minimum amount one may start investing and the daily profit potentially earned with Billionaires Group.

The investment range of the Billion USD Plan is $10 - $5000 paying the profit 2% daily.
The investment range of the Billion EURO Plan is $5100 with no upper limit paying the profit 3% daily.
The investment range of the Billion POUND Plan is $10001 with no upper limit paying the profit 3% daily.

The referral program is typical. Referral bonus 10% is offered for every investment made by a downline. There is a Representative program, which opens an opportunity to increase referral bonus up to 20%. Currently theBillionaires Group is having enough of representatives in many countries of the world. great result for just two months online.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Billionaires Group accepts nearly all most popular payment processors used in HYIP industry. Basically there are three of them now: SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money and EgoPay. You can use any of these payment processors for making the deposit. Naturally making a deposit is possible after logging into the member area. As the FAQ page says, upon completing a deposit, funds are available on your account within 12 hours. It also claims: "After your investment is made, it is directed to our investment traders and they will be able to start investing them by trading forex and bonds of the best Companies on the world's largest stock exchanges. From this time your investment starts working for you and brings you 2.0 to 4.0% of every day profit."
The profit withdrawal is also possible only after logging into the member area and pushing the Withdrawal request button. As it's been declared all withdrawals up to $100 are processed instantly. Any profit payout, which is more than $100 is processed manually within 12 hours.

4. Legend & Content!

TheBillionaires Group HYIP claims to be managed by the Global Investment & Finance Group company, registered in Panama and the UK, which specializes in Forex trading, Stock trading and Hotel Apartment Investment. Anything related to the content and the texts within the website should not be considered seriously anyway. They are not genuine and the idea is definitely taken from some former HYIP, which was closed a while ago. Experienced investors are aware of that. For them it is simply enough to quick-read through the website and make sure of that.

Even the company registration certificate presented on the Company Profile page is not something out of the kind. What is really interesting is the video presentation of the company, which is obviously an advertising of Lexus. I personally have no idea how isBillionaires Group related to Lexus. Let's just think of it as another drawback of the website.

5. Customer Care and Support!

If you suddenly have any questions, you are naturally free to look through the FAQ page. If the answer is not there, you may contact the support via different ways available. The most typical is the Customer Support form. Fill it in and send your request. If you need some immediate response, you should better take advantage of using the Live Chat, however there is no information on when this chat is online, meaning the working hours of Live chat staff are unknown.

The same is with the phone support. There is a number for the contact, still it is more likely a number where noone will answer your call. You are requested to talk after the beep and your message will more likely be redirected to some e-mail address. The program is widely presented socially. The links to the program profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Skype are given on the main page of the website, along with other links and buttons.

6. Technical Aspect!

The domain has been purchased this June and expires after 6 years. The company makes an image of a company that is here for long. I don't still think it will last than long. The HYIP is hosted at CloudFlare. The SSL Certificate for is signed by GlobalSign Organization Validation CA - G2 wich is signed by GlobalSign Root CA . The SSL Certificate will expire on Monday 15 January 2018 this means it is still valid for 1564 days. The script of the website is GoldCoders licensed. I can hardly anything else related to the technical aspect of Billionaires Group.

7. Conclusion!

To finish with the review i would tend not to treat theBillionaires Group other than another online HYIP, still potentially a longterm one. The current performance of the program is good, though you remember the rule: present performance cannot guarantee future results. The project is worth considering and possibly being added to investors' portfolios, however the risk is not lower than applied to investing to any other HYIP. One should always consider and never invest more than one can afford to lose.

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