HYIP Informational Survey (October 270)

Updated: 10/15/2013 15:59
Hyip Monitor
We are pleased to welcome all of you reading the HYIP Informational Survey #270 below. Back again the Top Choice is not split into two sections. One program is now for the first time included, while Rasfund rating has been decreased a bit. The openings section includes two programs and the Problems section today is nearly the same as we might have observed last Friday.

The main disappointment is Fidelis Finance, which is now Problem, and more likely will be moved to Closures by Friday. The Events section has some news from programs. Some programs celebrate Columbus Day and declared Monday, October 14 as non-paying day. All programs in HYIP Today section have been showing great performance in terms of stable growth of the quotation index.

Top Choice The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. And once again today we are posting all 10 programs in one HYIPNews Choice section, for there's only one program in the sticky listing, still Oil-Group, and we are not splitting the section into two parts:

HyipNews Choice The first 10 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:

1. Pure Income Listed: 258 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!
2. Empire Finance Group Listed: 234 daysProfit: 1.3-1.7% daily!Term: up to 100 business days!
3. RFI Group Listed: 238 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 153 business days!
4. Mutual Wealth Listed: 300 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
5. ALFA Stock Generation Listed: 118 daysProfit: 1.4-2% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
6. Catena Finance Listed: 112 daysProfit: 2% daily 11% weekly!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
7. Billionaires Group Listed: 75 daysProfit: 2-4% daily! 150% after 30 days!Term: up to 120 business days!
8. Invest-Age Listed: 92 daysProfit: 1.8-4.5% daily!Term: up to 15-54 calendar days!
9. Prudent Earnings Listed: 93 daysProfit: 115-180% after 1-5 days!Term: for lifetime!
10. Oil-Group Listed: 28 daysProfit: 120-1800% after 1-30 days!Term: up to 45 calendar days!

This Tuesday there is one change compared to Friday release of the HYIP Informational survey. The rating of one program Rasfund has been lowered down a bit, and hence it was moved down to place #12. Instead, thePrudent Earnings HYIP moved up a bit, and that was enough for taking the 9th place in our listing and hence included to the Top Choice section today. As for the rest - no changes here!Pure Income is still #1 and Oil-Group, as mentioned earlier is the only program, which is sticky-listed at HYIPNews.com

Openings Let me present you with the new HYIPs added and launched within the weekend. The list is split into two parts, as usually. The first part shows programs added to HYIPNews and the second part gives the list of programs, launched within the previous 4 days.

BRIC Invest Group 1-3% daily up to 100 business days!
Instant Division 75% daily for 2 days 130-950% after 1-20 days!

Ameria Capitaldeal Devils-profit Forexreturn Fxglonet Gldprofits Goldberg-and-lancel Grand-funds Kukurik Mertzinvestments Royalclub777 Samzooo Social-profits Stablepayments Totalizator Imbue-capital

Three programs added last Friday, and now there are only two new ones. At the same time the list of new programs launched is significantly larger than the one in the HYIP informational survey #269. Congratulations to all new programs and let you live long and be profitable for your members for as long as possible.

Problems The problem section today is nearly the same as we might have observed last Friday. The main disappointment is Fidelis Finance, which seemed to be working rather stable. This time is is marked as Problem and obviously will be moved to Closures next time. Three programs from last time have recovered and are now assigned with Paying statuses. The fresh list is unfortunately updated with new characters as well as the closures list is updated with new programs that have been closed.

Fidelis Finance - not paying
Great Invest - not paying
Oil Finance - not paying
HCO-The Investment Bank - not paying
MM General Trading - not paying
Empire Income Group - not paying
Investario - not paying
United Investment Corp - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Fx Dynamics (20 days), Invest Community (22 days), Property Investment Company (35 days), Tina Bet (17 days), Maza Trade (151 days), 366 Days Online (12 days), Invest Dynamic (22 days).

Events Three programs, which were problem last Friday, namely, Investment Capital Limited UK, Major Spend and Dorneco, are now back with Paying statuses and we congraulate the admins of these HYIPs on completing the main task to recover from problems. The first two programs are old-timers of the industry, while Dorneco is the newcomer, still one thing that unites them is the recovery factor.

Invest-Age is a medium-term HYIP listed at HYIPNews for 92 days has issued another weekly newsletter. The project is currently taking 9th place in our listing and is potentially a member of the TOP Choice section. The interests declared to be delivered by theInvest-Age HYIP vary from 1.8% to 4.5% daily for the investment period of 15-54 days.

Current newsletter fromInvest-Age contains no important information. There is just an informer of working online for 11 weeks. As it's been claimed the project is fast growing and stably developing. The admin is thankful to all investors and members for the support on forums and social networks.

Any active member or potential investor is welcome to send suggestions on any possible change that can be made to the website via the online support form. Besides. Voting for the project is possible via the Facebook button or monitoring websites.

On Monday the Columbus Day was celebrated in the US and several HYIPs have announced the interests reduced or day off was announced. So, on Monday, October 14, Pure Income, one of the top HYIPs currently working online has announced the reduce of profit earned on this day due toPure Income operates in day off regime.

As it's been claimed, shares grow and dividends accrue on bonds as stated at the weekend conditions. The reason for the day off regime to be applied is celebrating the Columbus Day in the US and Pan American Day in Belize.

Empire Finance Group has simply announced that no profit would have been added on Monday because of Columbus Day.

The same announcement has been posted by the admin of RFI Group:
"Dear investors, No interest will be credited on October 14 due to the Columbus day holiday."

Billionaires Group is one of the Top programs currently listed at HYIPNews. Obviously due to the fact the project is gaining more and more popularity online, another security update has been posted. The main reason for the update to be published is the necessity to warn all members about the spammers, who are now doing all possible to steal clients' money and personal information.

With a view to thatBillionaires Group admin, Rex has informed that more security features on members' accounts has been activated. form now on, every member willing to perform the transaction from one's account should be requested to proceed with activating the transaction code. Here is a short instruction on how to move on, quoted below exactly as informed in the security newsletter from Billionaires Group:

"Kindly apply the steps below.
1. Log into your BillionairesGroup account.
2. Click on modify account tab
3. On the form, locate New transactional Code and enter a code not less than seven (7) Characters. ( keep code safely )
4. Retype your transactional Code in the next row
5. Finally click on change account data at the buttom of the form."

Once the transaction code is activated, one should remember it and use every time to request withdrawal or change the account data.

InoCapital has reported about adding EgoPay to the list of accepted e-currencies. The members of HYIP can now make deposits and withdrawals using this new payment option.

Orion Financial Asia has reported about the first changes and adding new features within just 10 days online. First of all it's worth saying that for customers' convenience SMS Alert facility has been provided to all members free of charge. To use this new option, one should login to member area and then click the "update phone". Once the option is activated, member will receive SMS alerts when registering, make a deposit, withdraw and receive a bonus.

Another update of the website was changing the website template to HTML 5.0. The website ofOrion Financial Asia is now loading faster and better showing on all devices.

More updates are yet to come this week, as claimed in the newsletter, particularly, i am talking about the chat option. For that purpose new employees have been hired. Apart from that phone support service is also available. The support staf fcan be reached on the phone numbers: 62 21 3658 2178 or 62 21 3658 2138.

HYIPQuotes All programs in HYIP quotessection have been showing great performance in terms of stable growth of the quotation index. Obviously there have been some changes in positioning of programs. One has been removed naturally. Fidelis Finance is now problem and hence removed from the Top. As for the rest see it yourself.

Gulf Investment Club. This HYIP is still taking the first place. Since Wednesday the project quotation index has been going up stably and stopped on 194 points on Sunday, which is a good result, nearly 20 more than it used to be last Wednesday.

Empire Finance Group. This project has moved up due to rapid and solid index growth. The growth could be observed till Saturday, when the index reached its weekly maximum of 181 points. Even though the quotation index has lowered down a bit on Sunday to 172 points, the growth is obvious, 22 points within three days. Great result for the 2nd place!

Genius Capital Limited. Last Friday this one was at the bottom of the list. Today it is taking the third place! Good result, even though partly it happened because of Fidelis Finance closure. Nevertheless, we may observe stable growth of the quoation index since Wednesday till Sunday. The growth is not significant, so we may speak here about more or less stable performance of this HYIP within the second part of the previous week.

EndoINV. Finally, this HYIP is back in action here. The only difference is that today it is taking the 4th place instead of the 2nd one last Friday. Obviously that ius because other programs have shown some growth as well. No matter what, this project is a part of HYIP Today section with the overal result since Wednesday to Sunday +4 index points. The current mark is 154 points.

Mutual Wealth. This HYIP is back in action and back in HYIP Today section. After some break and thanks to significant growth of the project popularity and as the result the quotation index, we are pleased to meet this HYIP on top 5 most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews. Indeed, the growth of the quotation index of this investment opportunity is amazing. All in all the rising trend started on October 7. The index was on the 124 points mark and by Sunday, October 13 there was a stable performance observed. Current index is 148 points. Congratulations admin!

Back again we may observe common rising trend among all HYIPs listed in HYIP Today section. We are glad to welcomeMutual Wealth back on Top. As for the rest, some of them have been repositioned, still they have gained enough points for being part of TOP 5. The only more or less stable performance from the point of view of positions taken is shown by Gulf Investment Club, which is taking the 1st place for some weeks.

E-money The Russian speaking clients of BitCoin are now much easier to work with the system after Russian layout has been added. Customers may now read through the manual and learn how to navigate the member area in Russian. Apart from Russian language, other layouts added are Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, German etc.

Besides the list of accepted currencies has been enlarged as well. From now on the transactions in roubles, hrivnyas, gold ounces etc. are available. Although some countries think of BitCoin as the real currency its rate has suffered significantly after the recent arrest of the site, which has been involved in selling illegal goods.

SolidTrustPay has announced opening of the Family Tragedy Fund. The purpose of the newly created fund is to help every member who is in need: be it medical assistance, family tragedy, or any travel costs that may occur to a SolidTrustPay member. As it's been reported, the Family Tragedy Fund will be working along with initiated earlier Member Assistance Fund aimed in its turn to help members in case of natural disaster or catastrophic event.

In case you are a registered member of SolidTrustPay and you are aware of any other member, who is needing financial support, you are recommended to contact the SolidTrustPay support via e-mail: giving_sharing@solidtrustpay.com and outline the details of the issue. The SolidTrustPay representative will contact you for more information and details on the case. Once the applicants for getting the financial support are reviewed they will be getting it, for every single member is highly encouraged to donate to Family Tragedy Fund or Member Assistance Fund using the internal money transfer to username: STP_Relief_Funds.

PexPay has posted the news update on the website saying about the interview with Ralph Connor, one of the managing partners of PexPay. The interview has been published on one famous HYIP blog, Money-News-Online. Ralph answering the interview has tried to answer all possible questions concerning this payment processor, still, in case after reading through the interview one has any questions that remain unanswered,PexPay support is always pleased to give more information.

HYIP Blogs The previous week has been celebrated by Payza as the Customer Service Week. The celebration has been sponsored by Customer Service Group since 1991. The main purpose of the event has always been to outline how important the customer support is and honor everyone involved into this segment of business.

Payza claims to have the customer service in its DNA. Every department of Payza employees is aimed at providing better services to customers. Fortunately Payza authorities are aware of the importance of Highly professional and skillful customer service advisors, which is why the support of Payza is working 24 hours a day 4 days a week from Monday to Friday.

Customer Service Week is obviously the best time to know customers' feedback on the level of support provided. Which is why, Payza encourages everyone to send feedback and any suggestions on how it is possible to assist better. See more information on celebrating the Customer Service Week at Payza official blog: https://blog.payza.com/payza-updates/why-use-payza-announcements/connecting-care-payza-celebrates-customer-service-week/

HYIPNews Events We are back reminding you about the ongoing Effective Ads Campaign with HYIPNews.com.

The Effective Ads Campaign is valid till the end of Autumn, November 30. During the Autumn period you have the chance to save up to 70% on banner advertising in case of purchasing more than 1 banner slot. So, after ordering 2 banner slots of the same size, you get 30% discount for the 3rd slot and after ordering 4 slots of the same size you get 40% discount for the 5th slot. Hence your overall discount makes 70%!

Another good news is coming from the developers of HYIPNews team. The new design of the website is coming. Very soon you will enjoy the new view of our portal. You will be notified about that later on. In case you have any questions, you can always contact us opening the support ticket on the website of HYIPNews.com

We are open for business ideas or cooperation, if you have real news, updates, notices please send it to news@hyipnews.com and we will include it into our newsletters! We also invite you to visit our store, where we offer various advertising at reasonable prices!

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