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Updated: 11/08/2013 20:45
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It's been a week since we published the last HYIP Informational Survey. Which is why today, there are lots of events and news from the industry of payment processors. There are certain changes in the Top Choice section, of which you will learn below. The closures section is rich in new programs. Beware, dear investors of the problem programs.

Find some time to look through the updated HYIP Today section of today's HYIP Informational survey. There are some changes there compared to last Friday. Exclusively for the readers of HYIPNews, we are publishing the professional review of Cryptory within the survey.

Top Choice      No dividing into two sections for the HYIPNews Choice today. The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. There are two Sticky listed program currently available. Those are Income Always and Genius Capital Limited, and hence we have included them into the HYIPNews Choice to the 9th and 10th place accordingly:

HyipNews Choice        As the result the first 8 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. In addition, two sticky listed programs have been added accordingly:

1. Pure Income Listed: 282 days Profit: up to 2.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
2. RFI Group Listed: 262 days Profit: 1-2% daily! Term: up to 156 business days!
3. Mutual Wealth Listed: 294 days Profit: 2-8% per week! Term: for lifetime!
4. Catena Finance Listed: 136 days Profit: 2% daily 11% weekly! Term: up to 365 calendar days!
5. Solomon Hit Listed: 104 days Profit: 1.2-2.2% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
6. Billionaires Group Listed: 99 days Profit: 2-4% daily! 150% after 30 days! Term: up to 120 business days!
7. Invest-Age Listed: 116 days Profit: 1.8-4.5% daily! Term: up to 15-54 calendar days!
8. Fx-Armada Listed: 101 days Profit: 1.4-2.8% daily! Term: uup to 75 business days!
9. Income Always Listed: 89 days Profit: 110-165% after 3-18 days! Term: uup to 18 calendar days!
10. Genius Capital Limited Listed: 51 days Profit: 2-3% daily! Term: up to 15-60 business days!

     The Top Choice section in the HYIP Informational Survey #276 has some slight changes in positioning of the programs. The main change takes place due to the fact one program that used to be on Top, Empire Finance Group has been given the Awaiting status for there have been no payments since November 5. As the result the Top 5 has changed a bit, still having the Pure Income on its very top.

     As for the rest programs between 5th and 10th places there has been only one replacement compared to the previous Friday. The Fx-Armada has been included to the Top Choice on the 8th place. And as i have already mentioned one programs is sticky listed: Income Always and Genius Capital Limited.

Openings    It's been a week since the last release of the HYIP Informational Survey and hence there is a number of new program launched and some added to the HYIPNews listing. Among the rest, we must admit the Cryptory, reviewed today. The entire list of nearly all programs added within last week is presented at your attention below.

Cryptory 0.33-0.5% daily for lifetime!
Gold Capital co 21.4-24.% daily up to 5 calendar days!
Pipsin Investments 1.3-3% daily up to 120 business days!
Delta Traders 2.5% daily, 25% monthly!

120percent 3paying Autobotcapital Befirstinvest Betnetco Bigdreaminvest Capitalshares Ccapitalfund Doempire Dollar-ctr Dynamic-percents Earningplanet Every60days Fidelitytrade Forexinvest Gaininv Gener8profit Globaleasttrading Gogo-invest Gold-inc Goldinvestgroup Grace-inv Growing-fund Havenprofit Interniholding Invcontinents Jialeo Just-fast Just1day Monacofinance Money-city Moneyfxincome Myfamilyinvest Oceanafinance Oi-group Onlineinvestbank Piggyfinance Profitpathbusiness Pure-gasoline Secureforex Swissforexinvest Toptimecash Tradingpm Turemoreprofit Vehtrade Holdingsfunds

     It's been expected to have a long list of the programs that appeared online within a week time. Unfortunately there have been only 4 programs added to HYIPNews listing, which remained paying since last Friday. All of them are given above the link list. You are welcome to consider adding them to your investment portfolios, naturally after making the due diligence as a must!

Problems   The list of today's problem programs is not large at all. Moreover, compared to last Friday nearly half of the list has restored the Paying statuses. We'll talk about those HYIPs in a more detailed way in the Events section. As for the current list of problem ones, they are various, there are some working for quite a long time and those newly launched. See the list below along with the closures list, which shows the programs eventually closed and which is pretty large today, which is not a surprise, taking into account the HYIP Informational Survey has not been released this Tuesday for technical reasons and the Closures list includes all programs closed within a week.

Online-Investments - not paying
Finest Profit - not paying
Dimeworth Assurance - not paying
Perfect Percent - not paying
3 PAMM - not paying
Meridian Fund - not paying
Grace Inv - not paying

     And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

JimInv (16 days), Just-Hour (18 days), Oil-Group (52 days), Prudent Earnings (117 days), BitCoin Profit Manager (11 days), Stable Investments Ltd (67 days), Finexum (22 days), Avan Fund (22 days), Secure Trads (15 days), OilAssets (11 days), Startup Investments (15 days), Strong BS (38 days), Fargo Fund (114 days), Wisdom Inv (23 days), Orion Financial Asia (37 days).

Events     Three programs from Problem section published last Friday are today recovered from Problem and moved successfully to Paying. These are: Kash Gol Ltd, Index Budget and EXNEST. Congratulations to the admins and investors!

     Solomon Hit has successfully completed 100 days online. The project has been performing well enough within the entire period. Its rating got increased more and more and currently it is part of Top Choice of HYIPNews listing, taking the 5th place. The growth and development of the project has been gradual and steady. The project is paying up to 2.2% daily for 90 days, which means all investors who joined within the first days are now in profit.

     While the project is working good, it should be mentioned that admin of Solomon Hit has truly earned trust of investors online and thanks every member for the loyalty and support. The project is claimed to be improved far more and more within the upcoming year.

     Among the nearest features that are about to be added to the website we should pay your attention to four more language versions and some more features, which are explained yet.

     The Invest-Age HYIP has been performing well on the market within nearly 120 days. Within this time it managed to get on Top of our listing. No wonder actually, cause it if offering good investment terms paying up to 4.5% daily within up to 54 calendar days. Making some easy calculations we can state the fact, the Invest-Age HYIP has successfully completed two investment cycles on the most profitable plan offered. Congratulations to all investors who managed to join the project at its early stage.

     The latest newsletter from Invest-Age issued yesterday denotes 14 weeks online and tells the members about some achievements made. Basically there is not much of the news within. Basically there's nothing but words of thanks to all members and investors for being with the project and some general ideas on future growth and development.

     The latest news from SIXA Limited has announced the 20 days anniversary, which is marked by reaching the  3,000 members mark! All in all the SIXA Limited HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews since the very launch of the project. It is obviously a short term HYIP paying the profit in two types of plans: one paying 70% daily for 2 days and two others wioth the profit paid upon expiry: 120-300% after 1-5 days and 500-1000% after 10-20 days. Currently SIXA Limited is taking 29th place among 55 possible. Not bad result after less than 3 weeks online!

     The Income Always HYIP has sent the newsletter to the members notifying on completing the 3 months online. Indeed the project has been listed at HYIPNews for 89 days. Within the entire time there have been no problems with it. Even despite the fact Income Always is a typical short term program paying 110-130% after 3-9 days and 165% after 18 days, the investors have not been complaining about the performance so far, which is a good sign of a professional approach towards running a HYIP.

     As Sten Schmidt, the admin of Income Always claimed in the latest newsletter, close to the anniversary the project crossed the $200000 mark in total investments and 1000 total account. Great achievement, if it's true actually. I am always sceptical concerning any statements like that. Anyway, there is a report and we let you know about it.

     The Inv Global has been working online for 2 months. Since the very launch of the project it has been monitored by HYIPNews. The project has been performing well online with no obvious troubles or proven complaints from the members. The project can be considered a long-term one paying up to 2.5% daily for up to 120 business days.

     The latest newsletter sent by Fabienne Borde, the admin of Inv Global, has been rather informative and contained much information concerning the development of the project since its very launch. Claiming the Inv Global is a registered company in Seychelles, Fabienne promises to upload some evidence of that to the website soon. Strange to admit there are no any yet, anyway let's wait for the certificates, which is still not much of importance at this time.

     Fabienne is sorry about the fact that within the 2 months of work online the project hasn't gained as many investors  as the management of Inv Global expected. the obvious reason for that is the investment ratio offered. It is indeed low enough compared to competitors, still at the same time we all know the less interests are the less risk is applied to HYIP. In that aspect, Inv Global is worth considering for sure, especially taking into account the immediate withdrawal feature and wide choice of investment methods accepted: Perfectmoney, Egopay and OKpay.

     Inv Global seems to pay much attention to the support system. In addition to live chat and phone support, the representative system is ready to be opened. Anyone can apply sending the corresponding ticket to the support e-mail: admin@inv.bz. Once applied and approved for the post of the official representative, your contact info and your referral link will be placed on the website.

     BioFuture was 2 weeks old yesterday and reported on reaching the $100k in deposits! Great result, indeed. As for other improvements, it should be noticed that PexPay has been added to the list of accepted e-currencies. Let us congratulate the admin of the project on completing the two important milestones within 2 weeks online.

     As reported the first week priority for the project has been, let me quote it from here: "...to get BioFuture off the ground and that has been accomplished. There is little else that can be done in terms of "spending money to get money".  Now we must go through a fallow period..."

     The next period will go along with the new advertising campaign, which is about to get started by BioFuture. The new campaign is aimed to make the positions of the project on the HYIP market stronger by means of attracting more and more new members.

     The admin of the project feels sorry not many of successful investors post their payment proofs on forums, thus not many others get to know about BioFuture. In respect to that, it is suggested to support the program online on forums and other niche resources. The admin looks forward to completing the new milestone, which is getting $200K in deposits by Christmas! Let's see it he can make it!

HYIP Today        It's been a week since the last time we talked about the Top 5 most quoted programs listed online at HYIPNews.com. Obviously some changes have been applied and we are here to let you know how seriously the changes have been and how has the index change affected the positioning of programs within the Top 4 of most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.com.

Sky Wealth. The fall has been observed here with this HYIP as well. However it happened one day earlier than observed in the Top 1 project. On Friday, the index quotation mark has been 60 points down compared to Thursday results. However starting from Saturday, the index began growing again and gradually reached the mark of 157 points, which is 5 points more than week ago. The rising trend is in action!

Genius Capital Limited. The situation with this one is ambiguous. Within a week there was a rising time and then sudden fall, then rising again even higher than ever and then another fall. 57 points down within one day and it is only the third place today with overall index quotation mark 125 points.

Mutual Wealth. The situation with this one is similar to Genius Capital Limited. If you have a look at the graph you will see it yourself. Overall rising trend is altered with sudden falls. Even though the current index is 123 points, which is 8 points less than last Wednesday, the overall situation is not bad at all.

RFI Group. This project is a part of Top 5 of the most quoted programs for the first time. No wonder, if you take a closer look at the graph. Immense growth, which looks like a trend. Some movements up and down, still the growth is evident.

     The week has been rather interesting. The movement has been enormous. Some programs, especially the leader have had their indexes very low and Gulf Investment Club has had it below zero. To be sincere, anyway, the entire trends of the Top 4 most quoted programs online are rising and that is a positive thing to note.   

E-money       Here below, please find time to look through the latest news from two leading payment processors online: Perfect Money and SolidTrustPay. Both of these e-currencies are widely used both by the admins and HYIP investors and hence observing the news from them is highly important and obviously useful for the investment audience.

     Speaking about Perfect Money, the news will be mostly interesting for the users of Android OS, for Perfect Money developers have successfully upgraded the mobile application. See the complete news from Perfect Money below:

"We are glad to present yet another application designed to improve your customer experience while using Perfect Money. Android OS device owners will find the mobile application extremely useful when performing nearly any Perfect Money account management tasks (click here to download)."

     Another payment processor widely used by the HYIP community SolidTrustPay has informed the clients about the oncoming holiday on November 11, 2013 and schedule changes due to this holiday. See the news text below:

"Please be advised that SolidTrust Pay€™s offices will be closed on Monday, November 11, 2013 to observe Remembrance Day in Canada.
 As this is also a Canadian banking holiday, customers are reminded to add an extra day of processing time for deposits, withdrawals, and e-currency exchanges."

     U.S. Department of Justice  has disclosed a decision on culpability of Mr. Vladimir Katz, the co-founder of Liberty Reserve in money laundering assisting cyber criminals. The relevant authorities have constituted that Liberty Reserve way of work allowed cybercriminals completing illegal money transactions in an absolutely anonymous way. and the Liberty Reserve payment system itself has not been registered in the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. In consideration of the premises the identities of the facilitators have not been verified properly.

     Thus and so Katz can go to jail for 75 years on the accusations accumulated given below:
- money laundering (up to 20 years)
- managing payment system with no licence (5 years)
- conspiracy on managing the payment system with no licence (5 years)
- obtaining child porno (15-40 years)
- conclusion of sham marriage (5 years)
     OKPAY has improved the account login features. The update has become a necessity for occasionally customers are unable to receive the SMS with access PIN to their mobile phones. In order to establish smooth PIN code delivery to the customers of OKPAY some new features have been implemented by OKPAY.

     The remember device is a new feature, which is recommended for use only with password protected PCs or mobiles. Whenever one tries to access the OKPAY account from remembered devices, no PIN is required to be entered. See more news following the link: https://www.okpay.com/en/company/news/improved-account-login-features.html

HYIPNews Events          

Today we are pleased to deliver the review of the program called Cryptory. That is not a new program, still it has only been added to our listing some days ago. All in all the HYIP opportunity given looks very much interesting from the point of view of investment potential. And basically that is the main reason we believe the professional review given will be interesting for the majority of online entrepreneurs. Please see the details below.

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