HYIP Informational Survey (November 280)

Updated: 11/22/2013 15:13
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The HYIP Informational Survey #280 is at your attention today. The Top Choice section is the same as this Tuesday. All programs kept their positions. There have been no repositionings, nor new programs got included to the Top Choice. As for the Openings, today there are two programs added to HYIPNews listing, as well as the number of those appeared is very small.

The Problems section is on the contrary rather numerous. No returns, moreover one very long-term program Top Capitalist has been moved to black list for good. Some events from the HYIPs online are at your attention along with the latest news concerning Bitcoin, its exchange rate, which is rising and possible future.

After the rising trend in the HYIP Today we may observe the decline of the entire industry. The decline can be seen anywhere. Not many programs added to the hyip monitor along with decreasing the quotation index of all the programs currently located on Top of the HYIP Today section is an evidence of some instability on the market. See more in the HYIP Informational Survey #280 below:

Top Choice The Top Choice section today is divided into two sections, the HYIPNews Choice and the Sticky Listing. All in all, the situation on the market now is complex. Closer to Black December it is getting far more dangerous to get involved into HYIP. Not many new programs appear and those currently working will start to experience certain troubles soon. As for now the list looks like this:

HyipNews Choice The first 5 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:

1. Pure Income Listed: 296 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!
2. RFI Group Listed: 276 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 156 business days!
3. Rasfund Listed: 93 daysProfit: 5-6% daily!Term: up to 28 calendar days!
4. Mutual Wealth Listed: 308 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
5. Catena Finance Listed: 150 daysProfit: 2% daily 11% weekly!Term: up to 365 calendar days!

Sticky Listing And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 3 sticky listed programs and those taking places 6 and 7 in the HYIPNews rating:

Billionaires Group Listed: 113 daysProfit: 2-4% daily 150% after 30 days!Term: up to 120 business days!
Invest-Age Listed: 130 daysProfit: 1.8-4.5% daily!Term: up to 15-54 calendar days!
Gold Profits Explorer Listed: 58 daysProfit: 110-300% after 1-3 days 1.1-10% daily for 30 days!Term: up to 30 calendar days!
Income Always Listed: 103 daysProfit: 110-165% after 3-18 days!Term: up to 18 calendar days!
Genius Capital Limited Listed: 65 dayProfit: 2-3% daily!Term: up to 15-60 business days!

There are no changes at all with the Top Choice section today. All programs kept their positions. There have been no repositionings, nor new programs got included to the Top Choice. So far everything is stable and we may declare it's not bad at all, especially taking into account the season, which is starting soon.

OpeningsToday there are two programs added to HYIPNews listing, as well as the number of those appeared is very small. The industry is entering the declining trend as the Black December starts. Which is why, we all expect hard month to come.

Archicon Invest 120-1500% after 1-20 days!
Inside Forex Group 1-3% daily up to 150 business days!

Building-industry Desitrade Excelcapital Geniusinv Hyipdeal Internetpays Libertyreserveatm Optimal-invest Stableprofitable Topvtrust

Just two programs have been added today to the HYIPNews listing. Unfortunately, the industry is slowing down before the Christmas holidays. The admins are getting more careful, knowing the Black December is coming. All in all even the number of those newly launched is minimum. Let's see what happens next, the month is expected to be hard enough.

ProblemsBack again, the Problems section is rather numerous. Today we must acknowledge that the number of problematic programs is increasing. Some programs manage to get closed within three days and moved to the closures section omitting the problems list, you can see the list below.

Among the most notorious closed programs is the Top Capitalist, the program which has been online for more than 1000 days. Obviously the admin decided not to wait till Christmas comes and closed the program for good taking the vacation to have some rest for Christmas.

Ron Profits - not paying
Best Eight - not paying
Solomon Hit - not paying
SolCash - not paying
Smile Inv - not paying
Fresh-Traders - not paying
3Paying - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Top Capitalist (1089 days), Earning Planet (21 days), Crest Funds (66 days), Prime Energy (44 days), Kings Dollars (12 days), Aurora (11 days), Keystone Loans Division (51 days), Brows Group (51 days).

Events Income Always is a short-term HYIP working for over 100 days. The program is sticky listed at HYIPNews hyip monitor, and included in the Top Choice of the regular HYIP informational survey issued by HYIPNews.com. The interests paid are 110-165% after 3-18 days and to tell the truth the project has been paying well enough with no delays or visible troubles. Within the entire period there haven't been any complaint about the performance of the project.

As i have mentioned at the beginning of the news theIncome Always project has celebrated the 100 days online. As the admin says, currentlyIncome Always is the best program online, i tend not to think of this statement seriously, still what is important is the continuous growth and development of the project. The admin has allocated rather significant budget for advertising of the project, particularlyIncome Always has purchased Sticky Listing on HYIPNews hyip monitor and some other alternative resources.

Another advantage of joining this HYIP is the loyal attitude towards the customers. Particularly on the special day celebrating 100 days online, the project has awarded all customers with 5% bonus added to the total deposit amount. The bonuses have been added to customers' accounts manually and took some hours to be processed. The competition has been active till the end of the anniversary day at 00:00 GMT.

Daily Financial is a comparatively new program listed at our hyip monitor for only 23 days. We have earlier announced about introducing some new payment methods including Moneybookers to the list of accepted e-currencies. Today the admin ofDaily Financial has published another newsletter saying about another add-on to the list payment methods accepted.

Sounds weird, however Daily Financial has reported on adding PayPay to the list of accepted e-currencies. The weirdness is that none of HYIPs before could ever have any chance to work with PayPal for obvious reasons. PayPal does not work anonymously and HYIP admins don't prefer disclosing their personal data to any third parties. Nevertheless, the newsletter says that PayPal can be accepted manually.

Pipsin Investment is the new HYIP listed at HYIPnews for 15 days. The project is considered to be a longterm one taking into account the investment rates offered and the maximum investment period provided.Pipsin Investment is paying 1.3-3% daily for the investment period of up to 120 business days. While being only 15 days online, the project has published two newsletters, which are not very much informative though. They look more like attempts to let the customers know that this one is working and working well enough.

Among the results achieved by Pipsin Investment, as it's been claimed by the admin the most important ones are the reviews and hyip monitor websites with links to them added to the website of the project.Pipsin Investment is grateful for the trust and loyalty of the customers who decide to join this HYIP. As it's been reported, the project is growing day by day with investments growing and the membership increasing.

There have also been some words about the performance of Pipsin Investment on the trade markets last week. As prompted, the previous week has been rather profitable. The EUR moved down comparing to GBP and the team ofPipsin Investment managed to benefit from it making some good profit on trading the EUR/GBP, EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs. At the same time some disappointment was with USD/CAD and USD/AUD pairs.

TheBillionaires Group HYIP is truly considered the Top program currently listed online at HYIPNews. Within 113 days online, this project has proven to be rather successful and interesting for any types of investors, forBillionaires Group is paying both on a daily-based plan and paid-upon-expiry plans accordingly. There haven't been any serious proven complaints to this HYIP since the very first day it was added to HYIPNews hyip monitor. It is obviously a good sign of a good program, which is growing and developing in a stable manner.

The admin ofBillionaires Group in the latest newsletter reminds the customers about the challenges the project used to face and survived, while others did not. The project team is working hard to deliver perfect services to the entire membership permanently. All in all the admin is happy to acknowledge that things go smoothly in respect of development of Billionaires Group.

The Christmas holidays are coming and on this occasion, the team ofBillionaires Group has decided to introduce the XMAS Promo campaign for the customers. At the end of the XMAS Promo the winners will be awarded with various prizes such as: a free sponsored trip to Dubai for two this Christmas, five free iPads give aways and Cash presentations. There are naturally certain restrictions and requirements for those willing to join the promo and apply for getting the prize.

The requirements for qualifying for the main prize, which is a free sponsored trip to Dubai for two on Christmas is the ability to make total referral commission of $5000 at the period from Friday November 22 to Sunday, December 15, 2013. The requirements for qualifying for an iPad is the ability to make total referral commission of $2000 for the same period. As for the rest prizes, the terms are the same will smaller requirements. The winners of the XMAS promo will be announced on theBillionaires Group website on December 17, 2013.

The last piece of news announced by the admin of Billionaires Group in the latest newsletter is the launch of the Debit Card Verification for Members from December 1, 2013. As the newsletter says: "...All members with a minimum Deposit deposit of $1000 will have the card free of charge and some usage fees waived. For more information kindly contact your representative or admin for more information..." That is all news fromBillionaires Group for today.

HYIP Today Unlike this Tuesday when everything changed in the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.com this time, this Friday, we have things very stable. There are nearly no changes apart from one,Sixa Limited has been replaced byRFI Group on the fifth place. As for the rest, all programs mentioned on Top this Tuesday are still there in the same positions, with some changes in the quotation index naturally.

Genius Capital Limited. As we have mentioned in the previous release on Sunday there was a rising trend observed. Unfortunately starting from Monday and till Wednesday the trend has changed to declining. The decline was not that large though, which let it remain on Top of the list with 195 points.

Sky Wealth. The situation with this HYIP is absolutely the same. After reaching the all-time high index of 219 points on Sunday, everything changed vice versa and the index began falling down entering the declining trend. By Wednesday the quotation index reached the mark of 172 index points. Nevertheless it's been enough to remain on the 2nd place of the HYIP Today section.

Income Always. This is the third HYIP showing the same trend. Within three days the quotation index has fallen down from 195 to 148 points on Wednesday. Hope the decline will stop and the programs' quotation index will start rising again.

Catena Finance. The graph of this HYIP is similar to the one we may observe with Income Always and the first two programs. After the maximum of 163 points on Sunday the decline has begun and by Wednesday its quotation index has been decreased to 132 points.

RFI Group. This is the only change in the TOP 5 most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.com. Even though the trend and the graph are very similar to the programs located on first 4 places. There is just one difference, the decline of the quotation index of this HYIP has started on Tuesday one day later. By Wednesday the index fell down to 132 points, which is actually the same as Catena Finance.

After the rising trend we may observe the decline of the entire industry. The decline can be seen anywhere. Not many programs added to the hyip monitor along with decreasing the quotation index of all the programs currently located on Top of the HYIP Today section is an evidence of some instability on the market. The Black December is coming. We can feel it in the air!

E-money As the hearings on Bitcoin in the Senate started the price forBitcoin units increased greatly. Two days ago 1 Bitcoin cost $900. The exchange rate ofBitcoin today is about $600. What is really amazing is the fact that instead of expected concerns many participants of the hearings have shown their positive attitude concerning the fact of joining the e-currency to the national U.S. payment industry.

The head of Federal Reserve System, Mr. Ben S. Bernanke was one of those supporting the process of Bitcoin legalization. On his opinion we should not be afraid of theBitcoin e-currency being involved in any money-laundering processes, we should fight it instead. Some officials from the U.S. Treasury have also supported the legalization process of Bitcoin. To tell the truth they have been active supporters of Bitcoin regulative work for quite a long time.

Obviously, taking into account the results of the hearings in the Senate, we can expect active support of the Bitcoin on the governmental level in the U.S. Quite possible that U.S. will certify the Bitcoin as one of the national e-currencies. As Mr. Bernanke says the cheap alternative for the current system of international transfers in the USA can be very perspective. The official authorities are planning to keep an eye on the system development. Pehaps some more news about Bitcoin and its legalization will be published.

Let us remind you that after the statements Bernanke made the price of Bitcoin got $200 higher, reaching the mark of $785. Quite recently, at the same time, one Bitcoin cost $13(!) and in the year 2010 - $1. The total amount of all Bitcoin units in operation is about 8 billion USD.

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