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Updated: 11/26/2013 18:18
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The HYIP Informational Survey #281 is at your attention today. The Top Choice today is not divided into two subsections, for there's only one program Income Always remained Sticky listed. As for the Openings section four programs added to the HYIPNews listing, which is twice more than we added last Friday. As for the list of other programs, it is not large at all.

The main news in the Problem section is Invest-Age, the HYIP, which used to be on Top till today. Unfortunately there have been several complaints, which proved to be true. The members' accounts have been blocked for no reason. There are lots of Events showing the latest news from such programs as Dublin Cryptory, Catena Finance, Windstock Energy and others.

As for the Emoney section, there is a short piece of news from SolidTrustPay concerning the Thanksgiving Day celebrated in the U.S. on Thursday. The decline continues in the HYIP Today section. And naturally the professional review of Genius Capital Limited is added to the HYIP Informational Survey #281 right here below in the HYIPNews Events section. Read through the informational survey below for more details:

Top Choice The Top Choice today is not divided into two subsections, for there's only one program remained Sticky listed. That is Income Always.

HyipNews Choice Today we include Top 9 programs listed at HYIPNews.com and one sticky-listed program Income Always.

1. Pure Income Listed: 300 daysProfit: up to 2.3% daily!Term: up to 180 calendar days!
2. RFI Group Listed: 280 daysProfit: 1-2% daily!Term: up to 156 business days!
3. Rasfund Listed: 97 daysProfit: 5-6% daily!Term: up to 28 calendar days!
4. Mutual Wealth Listed: 312 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
5. Catena Finance Listed: 154 daysProfit: 2% daily 11% weekly!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
6. Billionaires Group Listed: 117 daysProfit: 2-4% daily 150% after 30 days!Term: up to 120 business days!
7. Genius Capital Limited Listed: 69 daysProfit: 2-3% daily!Term: up to 15-60 business days!
8. Telecom Finance Listed: 79 daysProfit: 0.3-0.8% daily!Term: up to 30-180 business days!
9. InoCapital Listed: 58 daysProfit: 125-585% after 1-15 days!Term: up to 60 calendar days!
10. Income Always Listed: 107 daysProfit: 110-165% after 3-18 days!Term: up to 18 calendar days!

Today we have some changes in the Top Choice section. First of all, we don't split it into two parts due to the lack of Sticky listed programs. With a view to that we have decided to note 9 highest ranked programs and one sticky listed Income Always. The program, which has been removed from Top Choice today is Invest-Age, which has been moved to Problem. There is also a couple of newcomers:Telecom Finance and InoCapital.

OpeningsBack again there are not many new programs online and not many of them have been added to HYIPNews listing recently. At the same time there are much more of them than last Friday. Four new HYIPs are provided at your attention with the detailed description.

Windstock Energy 13.5-15% daily up to 10 calendar days!
RemiTrade 0.3-4% daily up to 240 business days!
Krona Bank 2-12.5% daily up to 10-90 business days!
12 Daily Guaranteed 12% daily up to 12 business days!

12dailypro 1nvest Airpay Cash-market Fxprofession Fyincome Gloria-money Intercapitalfund Oilstandard Pera-inc Persian-earning Preminv Safetyassets Sportdaypro Royalforexinc

So four programs added to the HYIPNews listing, which is twice more than we added last Friday. As for the list of other programs, it is not large at all. Remember, dear investors, any program may potentially bring good profit to you, just like any program may lead to money loss. HYIP industry is full of risk and that is why, one should think carefully before adding this or that HYIP opportunity to the investment portfolio.

ProblemsThe main news in the Problem section is Invest-Age, the HYIP, which used to be on Top till today. Unfortunately there have been several complaints, which proved to be true. The members' accounts have been blocked for no reason. We have sent the request to the admin of Invest-Age for explanations, and then discovered that we are also missing one payment, which is why the program has been assigned with Problem status for further investigation.

As for other programs mentioned in the Problem section, they are also experiencing payout problems. No matter what the problems are they are in Problem till things come back to normal or not. In that case the programs will be moved to Closures list.

Invest-Age - not paying
Gold Capital Co - not paying
FxArmada - not paying
In-India - not paying
Finest Profit - not paying
Safe-Traders - not paying
Trade Hour - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Latitude Pay (14 days), Ron Profits (16 days), Best Eight (36 days), Solomon Hit (122 days), SolCash (314 days), Smile Inv (15 days), Fresh-Traders (12 days), 3Paying (21 days), Pipsin Investments (19 days), Gold Capital co (19 days), Gold Profits Explorer (62 days).

Events Windstock Energy HYIP has successfully added Payza to the list of accepted payment processors. Let us remind you that apart from Payza, the project has been working with Perfect Money and SolidTrustPay. The OKPAY gateway has also been added successfully, still the verification process of the WindStockEnergy OKPAY account took longer than expected. So, after the verification of OKPAY has been completed, investors are able to choose from the four e-currencies to make deposits and process withdrawals.

The CrazyInvest HYIP has is close to celebrating one month online. To celebrate this anniversary the admin of the project has decided to launch the bonus program for some new deposits. The detailed information concerning the bonuses which are going to be applied is given in the short newsletter delivered to the members of CrazyInvest. Let us quote some part of it, explaining the bonus program details to the members:

"1. 15% deposit bonus, Any new deposit more than 10,000 usd will get 15% deposit instantly to his account, it can be withdraw anytime.
2. 10% deposit bonus, Any new deposit more than 5,000 usd will get 10% deposit instantly to his account, it can be withdraw anytime.
3. 5% deposit bonus, Any new deposit more than 2,000 usd will get 5% deposit instantly to his account, it can be withdraw anytime"

The offer will only be valid for 5 days since the time of announcement. OnceCrazyInvest reaches the one-month anniversary the bonus program will be terminated. If you truly considered investing to this project, you should test it now. As for large deposits, it is not the best time, for any changes in the investment plan may be the evidence of soon closure of the project. Let us watch the development and the future of CrazyInvest closer.

The IMBUE Capital has celebrated 40 days online last Saturday. As the admin reports this time has been enough to set the further strategy of the project promotion. The project has not been popularized actively around the web. Particularly the number of listing sites whereIMBUE Capital is being monitored, has been rather limited by now. One one side it's a negative sign, however for long-term performance the gradual promotion is the best way to run business.

So, as we have mentioned at the beginning of the newsletter it's been 40 days and the strategy has been setup. The following week some more additional advertising will be added. However there won't be much of it anyway, first of all all due to the winter holidays period. the best forIMBUE Capital will be to stay one the passive side until the Black December is over and keep the budget for later period.

TheCatena Finance HYIP, reviewed here, is a true leader of the HYIP industry. The program is currently taking the 5th place and obviously has become the part of the Top Choice section of the regualr HYIP Informational Survey published on HYIPNews.com. The project is paying on two investment plans, one paying 2% daily and another one paying 11% wTeekly. The investment period varies and maximum is 365 days.Catena Finance positions itself as a longterm project. As of now it has been listed for 154 days and so far there are no reasons to speak of any decline or problems with this HYIP.

The latest newsletter from the admin ofCatena Finance informs on completing the six months online. Since the very launch, the members have been paid stably and rapidly. Right now the project is experiencing speedy growth, which doesn't though prevent from stable development.

Since the very start of the project there has been a series of challenges for Catena Finance, which has been overcome with flying colors. The project has been hit with massive DDoS and bad PR. The hackers used all sorts including blackmailing to make the project stop its work. All in vain, fortunately to the happy members of Catena Finance. A couple of times the websiet has gone offline and then went up within not later than 10 minutes after the downtime occurred. Good stats to be sincere! Good luck to the admin and the members of Catena Finance!

TheDublin Cryptory HYIP has posted two important updates concerning the activity of the program, the Dublin Cryptorium Limited company and Bitcoin e-currency. The program itself has been listed at HYIPNews for onl;y 18 days. The main difference ofDublin Cryptory from the rest of programs is low daily interest offered by the HYIP, which is just 0.33-0.5% daily paid for lifetime. The investment terms let us assume the program is supposed to work for a long time.

As reported by the admin of Dublin Cryptory, within recent three months, the engineers of Dublin Cryptorium Limited have been working on creating a second generation of processors for mining bitcoins. The mathematicians who are graduates of MIT and The Hamilton Institute have played the main role in the development and have successfully optimized bitcoin hash functions as they relate to bitcoin mining.

Of course the new processors have undergone several tests which proved the new chips are 6 time more powerful that the chips of first greneration. Once applied, the company will be able to deal with the processing power to mine bitcoins even in terms of increasing demand. As reported, the new chips are produced by Infinion Technologies using 45 nm process technology.

There is also one more update in Bitcoin profit calculation process at the website of Dublin Cryptory. Earlier the bitcoin units after adding to customers' accounts have been automatically calculated in U.S. dollars. This scheme has now changed and when you add Bitcoins to your account now the income will also be paid in Bitcoins. the change has been applied because of constant fluctuations of Bitcoin exchange rate.

The Gener8Profit is the HYIP, which is not listed at HYIPNews. The program itself has been online for 19 days. The interests offered by Gener8Profit seem to be rather high - 8% daily for 15 calendar days. However, the principal is included in the profit hence overall pure income is not that high.

As of now, the project's admin reports on further development of the program in terms of adding more hyip monitors and other features. In the nearest future there are plans to add Facebook, Twitter and Skype Chat. Currently, the Facebook and Twitter are already integrated into the website, the buttons can be found on the main page of Gener8Profit, still they are not actively used and promoted yet. As the admin says it's not the time yet to promote the program there.

Here below you may find the part of the latest newsletter from Gener8Profit, which explains some further steps on promoting the program online: "... in the near future, will include Facebook, Twitter and Skype Chat. We have not failed to embrace any sources. If we are not utilizing them it's because we feel it is not yet time. We plan on being here for a long time and there is no rush..."

Within the month of November Thai Monetary Fund has managed to add lots of new things to the website. First of all the server has been upgraded, the protection has improved and is now protected by Koddos. Apart from that the project admin is posting reports on "trades" on a regular basis. The first results can be viewed on the Reports page on the website of the project. The latest results will be posted after the following holidays.

Multi Power Ventures has added Live Chat. moreover it's been updated with the new software and new company that runs the live chat.

Genius Capital Limited, has successfully added the Facebook page, where anyone is free to open anything related to the work of GCL. Apart from that the management ofGenius Capital Limited has opened the poll to ask customers' opinion on the website translation to other languages. The visitors are welcome to vote for the desired language they want to read the website of Genius Capital Limited. The language, which will get maximum votes will be the first localization added to the websiet after English.

Cold Hard Reserve has sent the newsletter informing the project has been running for 8 weeks (it's been listed at HYIPnews for 28 days only). Unfortunately the good news was blackened with the DDoS attack, which took the site down for the entire night. The admin apologizes for the downtime and is happy to report that now everything is back to normal.

The DDoS protection has been upgraded not to let such bad things happen again. Due to the downtime the payouts were delayed and fortunately this issue has been solved accordingly. Congratulations to the admin on good customers' support and taking care about the image!

There is also another thing to report. Starting from today,Cold Hard Reserve is happy to accept investments in Bitcoins. The minimum deposit requirements are the same to be applied. In order to start investing with Bitcoins, one should add the Bitcoin address from the account profile management.

And finally, the admin is thankful to the loyal members for the support of the project especially those, who regularly post payment proofs on Facebook and HYIP forums. As the admin says: "...There is nothing better that indicates the success of the company than those whose members are genuinely happy and sharing it with others."

The maximum withdrawal amount per day per investor has been changed at Mavlo Profit. Now it's $10 000. The change has been applied as the result of the country monetary policy. The change first of all touches upon VIP members, for maximum automatic withdrawal has been also reduced to $10 000.

HYIP Today The HYIP Today section is absolutely different this Tuesday. Mainly the positions taken by the programs are different, besides one new program has appeared on Top. The program is called Dublin Cryptory. Let's have a look at the detailed presentation of the TOP 5 most quoted HYIP programs listed at HYIPNews.com

Genius Capital Limited. The decline that started at the beginning of the previous week has unfortunately continued. The index of this HYIP is constantly going down. It is now 156 points, which is only 8 points more than the second place. If things go like that further on, next time we won't see this HYIP on TOP.

Sky Wealth. The decline of this HYIP has also continued, still it is not that significant and rapid as the one observed with Genius Capital Limited. However, we declare -24 points compared to Wednesday results on Sunday. The current quotation index is 148 points. These two leaders will more likely stop being the ones nex time if t hings don't change.

Dublin Cryptory. Unlike the first two programs, this one has been growing stably and rapidly since the very start of the month. The program growth can be clearly seen at the graph and it's really amazing. Nearly 200 points growth within a month time let this program got to the third place of the HYIP Today section with 144 points, which is only 4 points less than the the program, which is currently taking the second place. This HYIP has all chances to get higher in the rating if its growth continues.

Income Always. The same declining trend continues with Income Always as well. The quotation index has been decreased to 128 points and remained stable for two days. Let's see what will go next: rise or decline! Any bets?

RFI Group. The situation with this HYIP is very much similar to Income Always. First the decline continued which made the quotation index fall down to 120. Actually the fall was not that large, only -12 points. So on Friday the index stopped on 120 points and remained stable till Sunday. The future of this HYIP is also nto clear. Depending on where the graph will go: up or down we shall see if we are going to talk about this HYIP next time in the HYIP Today section or not.

Unfortunately all programs, which have been showing declining trends are still in decline. The crisis is taking too long to continue, still we can do nothing about it, perhaps things will go like that till the end of Christmas holidays. Black December is on its way. The only program, which seems not to take care about Black December is Dublin Cryptory. The index is rising on and on. Hope other HYIPs will follow it.

E-money The SolidTrustPay is not working at US holidays. On Thursday, November 28th the Americans are celebrating the Thanksgiving Day. Due to the holiday, all domestic U.S. transfers will require up to two additional days to process.
See the full news here: http://solidtrustnews.com/2013/11/25/us-thanksgiving/

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