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Updated: 01/31/2014 18:03
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We are happy to offer the HYIP Informational Survey #293 at your attention. Today, the last day of January, Top Choice section is different from the one we used to face within the entire month. It is now divided into two subsections, for there are three programs which are Sticky listed. Back again there are not many new programs online and not many of them have been added to HYIPNews listing recently. There are only two of them actually and both are Premium listed. The Events section is rather numerous today.

There have been some news reports from the HYIPs online within last three days, and we are happy to share this news with you. As for the programs mentioned in the Problem section today it is worth saying there not many of them, which is good for sure. The HYIP Today section is very much different from the one this Tuesday. Mainly the positions taken by the programs are different, besides one new program has appeared on Top. Some latest news from Bitcoin market are at your attention in the Emoney section. And finally we are pleased to tell you about the ExportNews Promo and redesign of our website in details in the HYIPNews Events section. See mroe information below in the HYIP Informational Survey #293.

Top Choice The Top Choice today is divided into two subsections, for there are three programs which are Sticky listed. These are United HYIP League,FX-9 and Alternative Energy.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 5 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Mutual Wealth Listed: 378 daysProfit: 2-8% per week!Term: for lifetime!
2. In-india Listed: 200 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
3. Bank of Belize Listed: 188 daysProfit: 4% weekly!Term: up to 500 calendar days!
4. Inv Global Listed: 144 daysProfit: 1.2-2.5% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
5. Royal Earn Listed: 77 daysProfit: 8-11% daily!Term: up to 15 business days!

Sticky Listing And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 3 sticky listed programs and those taking places 6 and 7 in the HYIPNews rating:

United HYIP League Listed: 497 daysProfit: 2.5-10% daily 350-750% after 35-75 days!Term: up to 75 calendar days!
FX-9 Listed: 106 daysProfit: 2.3-2.9% daily 179-299% after up to 49 days!Term: up to 79 calendar days!
Alternative Energy Listed: 28 daysProfit: 130-1500% after 1-40 days!Term: up to 55 calendar days!
Kings of Profit Listed: 59 daysProfit: 7% hourly for 15 hours or 130-1100% after 1-16 days!Term: up to 52 calendar days!
Dublin Cryptory Listed: 85 daysProfit: 0.33-0.5% daily!Term: for lifetime!

Today we have some changes in the Top Choice section. First of all, the section is split it into two parts for we have three Sticky listed programs today and hence they need to be selected out into a separate section. With a view to that we have decided to note 5 highest ranked programs in the HYIPNews Choice, which is actually a bit different.Royal Earn has moved up in rating and today takes the fifth place. Kings of Profit is included in the Sticky listing section today. Among the rest there are three programs, which are sticky listed: United HYIP League,FX-9 and Alternative Energy.

Openings Back again there are not many new programs online and not many of them have been added to HYIPNews listing recently. There are only two of them actually and both are Premium listed. See the detailed description below.

BettCoin 1-2.6% daily up to 100 calendar days!
Gold Investment Group 1.4-1.8% daily up to 80 business days!

Bankinvestusa Betsplus First-spend Globalistic Hugegain Investment-company-institute Market-range Weeklyprofitsharing

So only two programs have been added to the HYIPNews listing, which is twice less than we added this Tuesday. As for the list of other programs, it is not large as well. Remember, dear investors, any program may potentially bring good profit to you, just like any program may lead to money loss. HYIP industry is full of risk and that is why, one should think carefully before adding this or that HYIP opportunity to the investment portfolio.

Problems The main news in the Problem section is Doxile finance, the HYIP. Unfortunately there have been lots of complaints, which proved to be true. After a bit more than a month of work online, members' accounts have been blocked for no reason and no payouts are processed. We have sent the request to the admin of Doxile finance for explanations, still no answer. So the program was moved to blacklist.

At the same time two more programs have managed to recover from troubles and DDoS attacks and get back to normal payout schedule and proper functioning. these are: Engineer Investments and QPFunds. As for the programs mentioned in the Problem section today, they are experiencing payout problems. No matter what the problems are they are in Problem till things come back to normal or not. In that case the programs will be moved to Closures list.

Profits Mania - not paying
Profits Progress - not paying
Fxweal - not paying
Safe-Traders - not paying
VoxFunds - not paying
Ponzi - not paying
Prospect Roi - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Doxile finance (33 days), Gain Capital Ltd (260 days), Industrial Investment Group (11 days), Active-Trader (13 days), Dynamic Capital Fund (11 days), Cinergy Finance (9 days), INI-Group (11 days).

Events The news update from FinMutual tells about the issues with payment options, particularly SolidTrustPay. As reported, there have been lots of support requests lately asking about SolidTrustPay and if this payment option is still accepted at FinMutual. The answer was positive. SolidTrustPay is accepted along with other e-currencies: SolidTrust Pay, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, PexPay, and EgoPay.

Another newsletter has been sent to the support ticket system of HYIPNews by the admin of Foreexta, the program added to our listing three days ago. Unfortunately the start of this HYIP was not rather optimistic and as reported by the admin, the program and website of Foreexta is down because of DDoS. As reported some hackers keep ddosing the project with a severe attack. The admin of Foreexta claims their competitors are involved into this fraudulent activity. Please have a look at the newsletter fromForeexta admin below:

"Hello, we keep being down because of some hackers, he keeps ddossing us with a really havey attack (50gbps) gard to mitigate also with a strong protection, we belive might be somebody from ix9.biz staff or some other competitors.
Payouts might have a delay because we're down everyday now.
Please contact us on this alternative emai (foreexta.team@mail.com)l because if we're under ddos attack we cant reply from our main mail".

One more newsletter delivered to HYIPNews is the recent update from BluOro admin. This HYIP was added three days ago to HYIPNews listing and now the admin is happy to report on adding the compounding option. As reported the compounding rate can be now chosen when making a deposit to BluOro.

The WealthGroups HYIP listed at HYIPNews for 16 days has published the first newsletter saying about first results of the project within two weeks online. The profit declared and actually paid by the project makes fixed 3.3% daily for up to 99 business days. So far the project is paying properly and takes 28th place in HYIPNews listing. Moreover, since the very launch of the project it managed to become a member of TOP 5 most quoted programs in HYIP Today section of the regular HYIP informational survey twice.

For a start of the newsletter the admin thanks all members and partners for the support of WealthGroups saying that within two weeks the project has nearly become one of the hottest online investment programs. Due to this great support the admin claims WealthGroups reached almost 5000 fans on Facebook page and more that 2000 readers at Twitter. Along with that it is worth saying that project's membership is constantly growing as well, still the admin is sure this is just the beginning, and there is much more to achieve in the nearest future. the result is good indeed. Let's look forward to more great results and achivements from WealthGroups.

As reported, within the first two weeks of the project's performance there have been many support requests asking to add alternative payment options. The admin has considered the opportunity to add the alternative and has decided to add Bitcoin as one of the payment processors accepted at WealthGroups. The reason for choosing Bitcoin is large popularity of the cryptocurrency online, so the admin is sure the choice made is right. Still if anyone has any suggestions or comments concerning the performance or development of WealthGroups, support service is always open for communication, which means one should not hesitate to contact the support whenever this support is needed.

Another program listed at HYIPNews has also reported on completing 37 days online. Indigo Hill is offering fixed daily interest of 2.5%. for up to 30 calendar days. Completing the first month, as claimed by the admin, has only been possible thanks to continuous support from the members of the project.

As a reward for all loyal members, the admin is happy to announce that many members' deposits have matured and 175% profit has been earned in total by every investor, whose deposit was closed. The program claims to be one of the most prominent and fast growing HYIP online as it can be seen from Alexa rating. The Global Alexa Rank ofIndigo Hill is 67,683. Most visitors come from Russia, the Alexa there is 2,037.

All members are encouraged to leave comments and suggestions concerning the performance ofIndigo Hill contacting the support. The project is currently working with the following e-currencies: Perfect Money, EgoPay, OKPay, BitCoin, LiteCoin and Payeer. Let me also remind you that Indigo HIll also accepts hard cash using Bank Wire, Western Union and Money Gram. Anyone interested, is free to support the program on forums and vote for the project on listing sites.

HYIP Today The HYIP Today section is very much different from the one this Tuesday. Mainly the positions taken by the programs are different, besides one new program has appeared on Top. FX-9 is a newcomer along with WealthGroups, which is back on Top this Friday. Another return is Dublin Cryptory. Let's have a look at the detailed presentation of the TOP 5 most quoted HYIP programs listed at HYIPNews.com:

Inside Forex Group. The quotation index of this HYIP is still high enough for taking the first place among the most quoted programs listed online. There was a short-time decline on Tuesday, when index fell down to 230 points, still the following day it returned to its previous positions, and now makes 255 points.

United HYIP League. No more decline for this HYIP at least for now. Starting from Monday the quotation index has been going up and further. Within two days it went 50 points up and today it makes 253 points, which is only two points less than the one taking the first place.

FX-9. And here comes the newcomer. Thanks to the unstoppable growth of the quotation index, which still continues from Tuesday, the program has reached the point of 203 points. There's far more to go to reach the first two HYIPs, still for a newcomer taking the third place at once is a good result after all. Congratulations!

WealthGroups. After a one-time break and absence in the TOP quoted programs listed at HYIPNews, this program has returnedon TOP showing same stable performance and gradual growth of the quotation index. Basically the current index is 203 points, which means this HYIP is sharing 3rd place with the previous program. Good result!

Dublin Cryptory. Till recently the positions of this HYIP were not that bright. The trend has been on decline and it didn't have many chances to get back on TOP 5 most quoted programs online. Fortunately for the management and investors of this HYIP, the declining trend has been changed with the rising one this Tuesday. The growth detected has been about 50 points with the current quotation mark of 181 points. This has been enough for taking the fifth place in the TOP 5. If things continue like that further on, this HYIP has all chances to move up in the rating of most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.

As we can see, there are certain changes in the HYIP Today section of the HYIP Informational Survey #293. There are two comebacks,Dublin Cryptory and WealthGroups. In case withDublin Cryptory the comeback has been possible thanks to rapid growth of the quotation index.

As for WealthGroups the performance of this HYIP has been rather stable. There haven't been any serious declines or rises, still that is the case when stability matters. While other programs have been moing up and down, this one has been showing stable performance within weeks.

The newcomer of the section is FX-9. Let's watch the development of this HYIP further on. Indeed, it will bhe interesting to monitor if it will stay on TOP for long or this is just a one-time achievement.

As for the leaders:Inside Forex Group and United HYIP League, things remain stable with slight changes in rating. Despite that the difference of the quotation index of these two programs, taking the first two positions from the rest is pretty large, which means their positions are strong enough.

E-money The central bank of Estonia, where Swedish banks dominate the lending market, urged consumers to steer clear of Bitcoin and similar virtual currencies, warning such software could prove to be little more than a "Ponzi scheme."
See the complete news report on Bloomberg following the link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-30/bitcoin-ponzi-scheme-worry-sparks-estonia-central-bank-caution.html

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