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Updated: 02/12/2014 16:13
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The major disaster of many HYIP programs is that they are built with the only purpose – to get closed as soon as their owners make "enough" money. Our team has been looking for a long time for something that can stay for long on the market. And we finally found it, but not on the HYIP market. That is why you might be surprised to see this kind of program promoted on a HYIP monitoring site, because it is not a HYIP. But when you check up the profit power of this program, you will cry over other HYIPs – simply because they don't have any chances :)

So, welcome to the new GAME, perfectly blended with the affiliate marketing, that is already making HUGE money for its members. And we are sure that this program will stay for long – WENYARD.

A Few Words About What is Wenyard

In the nutshell Wenyard is a stock trading game. As the number of the companies participating in this game is small and the rules are very simple - it is very easy to participate in it.

But, the beauty of Wenyard is that you are making very good money even if you DON'T participate in the stock trading game. HYIPNews team is actually not trading right now: we are making money purely on affiliating. And this is exactly what every HYIPer knows how to do best of all :)

The Best Affiliate Program Ever Built

Wenyard's affiliate program is packed with smart bonuses. Unlike traditional HYIPs that are built by the examples of other HYIPs,Wenyard's team worked a lot to make their affiliate program look different. Just a few examples about some of the bonuses.

Oneliner is a bonus that you get for ALL people who join Wenyard after you, even if you didn't refer them into the program! Right now what we can see from our experience the Wenyard is growing with thousands of new members PER DAY.

Look at the Alexa chart below and try to remember any HYIP that had had a chart like this after a few months after the launch. Yes, Wenyard is not a HYIP, that is why it's not correct to compare it to other HYIPs - but who cares?! This thing pays money!!

Signup bonus is paid for personal invites into the program. You can sign up 3 people personally, and get paid 50 EUR every week, this is EUR200/month. Add to this 10% from the profits of these people inside the program – and this becomes even more interesting.

And if you referred 18 people into Wenyard (and upgraded your status to Executive broker) – you are getting paid EUR3,000/week or EUR12,000 every month!

Will Wenyard Stay for Long?

This is the question that every HYIPer asks before joining the program.

With Wenyardwe are 100% sure it is for long, for the following reasons.

1. Production costs

If you check the dashboard inside Wenyard, you will understand that building a "machine" like this costs lots of money. One could build 30-50 HYIPs for the sum that was required to build Wenyard.

People who can invest this kind of money into business do not leave the market until they've made a lot. Which gives Wenyarda good amount of time to stay on the market longer.

2. MasterCard

You can withdraw profits fromWenyard with the help of the Towah debit card. And this card is actually a MasterCard card.

Everybody who ever had business with MasterCard knows how they do their due diligence, before giving its license to anyone. This means that people behind this have been double and triple checked for validity, before they got their license to release own debit card with the MasterCard brand.

This means - people behindWenyard are REAL. They cannot run away with the money under the premise of "we've been hacked" or "program is closed." They will quickly get found by the official authorities.

3. Real product

Unlike HYIPs,Wenyard has a real technological product as a core of their money making strategy. Not a lousy promise "we invest your money into real estate, eco-fuel, and other blah-blah", they have a real product that one can see and test when joining the program.

HYIPNews is Already In. The Choice is Yours!

If you are our loyal subscriber, then you noticed that we have NEVER addressed any program with such attention.

We already made our choice and joined, our friends, our relatives, our colleagues.

We know that for a traditional HYIPerWenyard looks unusual. But the money power that this program has made it a must for us to share the news about it.

Check the Internet and you will see that there are already tons of blogs about Wenyard, lots of YouTube videos and posts in social networks.

We would be glad and happy if HYIPNews could invite you to the new giant project that helps you to make good money in our turbulent and crazy times.

And we will add more information about our own tips and secrets of making money inside Wenyard.

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