HYIP Informational Survey (May 320)

Updated: 05/16/2014 14:27
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Welcome to the HYIP Informational Survey #320. This time, within only three days after the previous survey has been released we must admit there haven't been any significant changes in the Top Choice section. Besides, as we can see there are only two new programs added to Openings section. The same situation is about Problems section. On the background of Goldpoll issue, there are not many Problem programs today as well, just as the list of Closures is not that numerous as well.

The Events section is rather numerous today, despite there have been only three days after the previous informational survey release. At the same time there is no Emoney section, for there have been no updates from e-currencies used in HYIP investing. As for the HYIP Quotes section, the overall trend of the TOP 5 is rising. Nearly all programs, included in the TOP 5 of most quoted programs listed on HYIPNews have shown significant growth of the quotation index. See the HYIP Informational #320 below for more information about the performance of HYIP industry lately:

Top ChoiceWe are pleased to offer the list of TOP 10 programs currently listed at HYIPNews.com. See the top ranked HYIPs and their details below:

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Dublin Cryptory Listed: 190 daysProfit: 0.33-0.5% daily!Term: for lifetime!
2. Inv Global Listed: 248 daysProfit: 1.2-2.5% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
3. In-india Listed: 305 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
4. RemiTrade Listed: 171 daysProfit: 0.3-4% daily!Term: up to 240 business days!
5. GBgroup Listed: 56 daysProfit: 1.2-2% daily!Term: up to 60 calendar days!
6. Global Business Technology Listed: 150 daysProfit: 0.85-1.6% daily 5-9% weekly!Term: up to 200 business days!
7. Thai Monetary Fund Listed: 199 daysProfit: 1.1-1.7% daily!Term: up to 80 business days!
8. FinMutual Listed: 126 daysProfit: 1.8-2.6% daily!Term: up to 160 business days!
9. Profitlender Listed: 59 daysProfit: 130-1080% after 1-15 days!Term: up to 55 calendar days!
10. ForexGHQ Listed: 65 daysProfit: 2.6-3% daily, 250-500% after 15-50 days!Term: up to 50 calendar days!

This Friday there are no changes in the Top Choice section apart from one.GBgroup andGlobal Business Technology have exchanged their positions. As for the rest, all programs remained on the same places. ForexGHQ is still Sticky listed andDublin Cryptory is taking the first place.

Openings There are only two programs added to HYIPNews listing lately. Please see the details about them below along with the programs selected out by HYIPNews automatic system in the Openings section for your choice.

Waza Trade 1.9%-2.1% daily for 60 days!
VipRoulette 50% - 150% for 20 days!

Acaciafx Bio-lab Exorcapital Fx-point Goldenway I9invest Indobritishfunds Investwish Jollyness Largeprofitsonline Magiconlineroi My-profit Newbrokers Oilpremium Rooble Securegain Wayrecovery Earnmoneyplan

As we can see there are only two new programs added. Actually no wonder - it's only been three days and hence not many new programs have been launched recently. As for those added to HYIPNews listing, they are absolutely different from each other.Waza Trade is offering daily returns of up to 2.1% daily for up to 60 days, while VipRoulette is paying upon expiry up to 150 % for 20 days. The list of newly launched programs can be located above as well, giving a small choice of newly launched HYIP programs, potentially possible to be added to members' investment portfolios.

Problems The Goldpoll website is still offline and hence we must admit the downtime has taken too long to expect it will be up soon. As for the Problem section today first thing we must admit is that we have recently received several complaints from the investors of OilRig Contractors concerning the payout delays issues.

We have checked the situation and have come to decision the complaints are reasonable and hence move this program to Problem section for further investigation. There are also some more new programs, marked as Problem. See the complete list of Problems and Closures below:

OilRig Contractors - not paying
AdShareCycler - not paying
C M Forex - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Zollo Pays (15 days), Period ROI (49 days), Lobona (80 days), Capital Rai (72 days), BTC Income (28 days), Xtreme Funds (8 days), Yes To Paid (27 days), My-Million (46 days), Grand Forex (77 days).

Events The Ebuild Wealth HYIP is not listed at HYIPNews, still we are pleased to deliver the news about the development of any HYIP program currently working online. As for Ebuild Wealth, the HYIP has been working 130 days in a rather successful way. To mark the completion of 130 days online, the admin ofEbuild Wealth has issued the newsletter informing about current results achieved.

Within the entire period of the program's work online, it has been paying smoothly with no serious delays or any issues with missing payouts. Still right now there are some warning signs raised related to the change of the investment plans currently working. Judging from personal experience of working in the HYIP industry we are aware that any changes made to investment plans may become sooner or later lead to soon closure of a HYIP program. It's not a rule, but we need to consider all the risks when dealing with HYIPs.

Speaking about Ebuild Wealth, as claimed some amendments have been made to the investment plans. The changes are basically about changing the minimum and maximum deposits for 30 days and 15 days plans. So, the minimum deposit for the 30 day plan has been raised from $20 to $50. The maximum deposit for the 15 day plan has been lowered from $5,000 to $3,000.

At the same time it should be noticed that changes will not apply to any deposit made earlier, before the amendment has been introduced to public. Every client, who has invested earlier less than $50 will continue to get daily revenues in accordance with the investment plans terms valid before the changes take effect.

Another introduction for the members is the ability to accept private PayPal deposits from the clients willing to use this payment option for depositing into Ebuild Wealth. In this aspect one should consider the minimum amount to invest via PayPal is $500. And there is another restriction as well: PayPal deposits are only available for the 60 day plan and the 100 day plan. Profit will be sent every 15 days. Those are all the updates fromEbuild Wealth for now.

GBgroup HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews for 56 days. Within such a short time, the program managed to get close to TOP positions in the listing thanks to constantly increasing rating of the program and good feedback from the customers. GBgroup is positioning itself as a long-term HYIP with decent interest rates of maximum 2% daily and average length of investment period of up to 60 calendar days, which means it is close to reaching the end of maximum investment cycle within 5 days.

As it goes in the latest newsletter from GBgroup the company is constantly working on improving the quality of the services provided to customers online and in that aspect GBgroup is getting ready for the massive rebranding, which is about to include all aspects of the program functioning: design, tariff plans, multilingualism of the site, new payment systems and other things. As the first stage of rebranding, the customers are offered to experience the updated affiliate program, which now offers 5% affiliate commission for every deposit made by your downline. The investment plans have been changed either.

BitcoFinancial has always been taking care of timely update and newsletters delivered to the members of the project. The project admin is always trying to deliver useful information along with the updates on the program's development. The latest newsletter is not an exception. Here the admin tries to give some useful tips for the members on how to prevent your account being hacked or compromised.

The BitcoFinancial HYIP has been running for nearly 1 month. Within the entire period of time, the team of the project has been working hard to make every aspect and area of the program work smoothly to make the website fully functional. The security does matters for the admin and hence the admin is now addressing the members paying attention to the security measures needed to be taken to secure their funds.

The reason for sending such a newsletter is recent trouble with some members who have faced some security issues with their BitcoFinancial accounts. Some accounts were actually accessed from other IPs and the real member appealed to the support of BitcoFinancial asking for help. In that aspect BitcoFinancial technical specialists have prepared some security tips, following which it will be easier to secure one's account and personal information. Here is the quotation from the official BitcoFinancial newsletter, giving the detailed information on the tips provided and reasons for the accounts to get compromised:

"...How can someone access your account without your knowledge? Well, upon discussing with the members concerned, we noticed that they were into the habit of using the same user login information (username and password) for more than one program.

This makes it easy for someone to try and use the same login to access the member's account in multiple programs without their consent. So, always use a unique password for every program you invest in.

Having trouble remembering them all? Well, add a codeword relating to each program in your password. For example your password along with the programs' names which will be easy to remember.
We have also added a feature which makes sure that members will not be able to change their e-currency account numbers. To do so, the members will have to contact us from your registered email ID and we will assist you with the process..."

We do hope the information provided will not secure the members of BitcoFinancial but it will also become a guideline to follow for the majority of HYIPNews customers and online investors.

The Sparta-Inv HYIP has been running for two days. As reported since the very launch of the project, the total investment of $ 1,337.72 has been made to the project and $ 547.76 has been added for withdrawal. The program has started in a good manner with no payment delays and the attempts to provide better services to its customers.

The goal ofSparta-Inv is long-term run. The admin reminds of the referral program both for active investors and those, who have not deposited yet. The referral bonus for partnership activity is 5%. In its turn the admin promises to secure every investment made and deliver profit in a regular way.

The Bidders Gain has successfully completed two weeks online and as claimed by the admin the great role in the successful development of the project lies in customers' help and support. The admin is thankful to every partner and promoter of the project for excellent work. Within two weeks time the project has managed to reach the overall deposit amount of $ 100 000 USD from more than 2K members.

Currently theBidders Gain HYIP project keeps on expanding its activity adding the listing on more and more monitoring sites. Apart from that the phone support and live chat have been added to make it possible for the majority of customers to reach the support as fast as possible. Right now the project is popular with so-called VIPs, who are joining the project.

The project is presented on Facebook officially and the Group of Partners. Some reviews for the project have been made on popular listing sites. So all in all, we might say, the project is going good. As for the numbers, they are more likely not actual, for it's hard to imagine currently any HYIP gaining $ 100 000 USD from only 2K members, still, what is important is that the project is currently paying and seem to be expanding, which is definitely a good sign.

The CoffeeInvest HYIP has been 10 days online and more than 800 members seem to be enjoying the investment experience with this HYIP. The overall deposit amount got from the members joined is $27500, about $8000 have been withdrawn successfully and with no delays. The special attention is paid to the fact many big investors have registered and invested with CoffeeInvest within last two days.

The project is being promoted on several major listing sites, including HYIPNews.com, All-HYIPs.info, where banners are active. There is also Sticky listing activated on major Chinese listing site: hyiper.net, some more banners and other promotional tools have bene activated on other listing sites.

Some listing sites, where CoffeeInvest is presented, help the project to promote the company on social networks, forums and monitors. The entire stats about the expansion of CoffeeInvest on monitoring sites can be located on the Partners page of the project. One of the HYIP listing sites, allhyips.info has also prepared the video review of the project in Russian language.

The admin of OneAdClick gladly announces the 5% bonus on all deposits made during the next two weeks. The bonus will expire on May 29, 2014exactly on Ascension Day, so it is actually called the Ascension Day Bonus. On this occasion the team wishes every member and their families healthy and prosperous life. The procedure for adding the Ascension Bonus is simple.

Right after making a regular deposit, one should contact the support and request for the bonus. In that case the bonus is added to member's account manually. Another update is concerning the SolidTrustPay and Bitcoin withdrawals, which are reported to be processed without any difficulties from now on, when users are requested to submit correct STP Usernames and Bitcoin addresses. And finally at the end of the newsletter, the admin reminds of two ongoing contests held at OneAdClick. More details about the contest are given in the news on the page of OneAdClick.

The latest news update has been delivered to the members of Profitlender HYIP. It is a member of TOP Choice section at HYIPNews and hence we are pleased to let everyone know, the program has successfully completed 60 days online. The admin has been glad to report the latest milestones achieved by the project since the very launch of the program. We can either trust the figures or not, it doesn't matter after all. The main thing here is that this HYIP is currently growing and paying.

Speaking about the results achieved, as claimed more than 4,055 million dollars have been invested 1,880 million dollars were paid out to more than 4 thousands members. There have been some results reached in the market of short-term loans. Of course there is much to achieve yet and the team of Profitlender doesn't want to stop here. There is also an update saying the new office of the company has been opened in Hong Kong. The address of the new office can be located on the support page of the project.

HYIP Quotes There have been three days after we reported about the development of the HYIP Quotes section last time. Let's see what changes have occurred to HYIP programs in TOP 5 and whether any new programs are included or not.

RemiTrade. The HYIP is showing stable growth of the quotation index lately. Starting from Monday to Thursday the index has grown from 142 to 174 points and maximum growth has been detected from Wednesday to Thursday, which is nearly 20 points for one day.

Self Storage. The HYIP, which has been included to the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs last Friday for the first time continues its run and stable growth. The rise has continued this week from 119 to 152 points within 4 days. Amazing performance and great result!

ForexGHQ. This program remains on the third place of the TOP 5 listing showing solid growth of the quotation index. The decline, which stopped on Monday has been followed with the stable and continuous growth of the quotation index. Within 4 days the index has shown nearly 30 points growth, which is enough for taking the third place.

Dublin Cryptory. Thanks to the rising trend detected here, this HYIP has managed to overcome the one currently listed on the 5th place. The growth detected was about 30 points from 97 to 126 points. Congratulations!

Albion Union. The HYIP has strengthened its positions in TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed within last week. It moved from the fifth to the fourth place after a rising trend detected lately. At first on Monday things did not look that bright. There was a 20 points decline, which fortunately for the members of the project ended up the following day and index kept on rising from 94 to 112 then it moved down a bit to 105 and then eventually it moved up again to 112 points, which is 3 points more than last Sunday.

The overall trend of the TOP 5 is rising. Nearly all programs, included in the TOP 5 of most quoted programs listed on HYIPNews have shown significant growth of the quotation index. So, the quotation index of RemiTrade is 32 points more, ForexGHQ is a bit less than 30 points,Dublin Cryptory is also a bit less than 30 points. The absolute winner here is Self Storage, the quotation index of which has been 34 points. The only HYIP, which is showing stable performance with no signs of great development is Albion Union, which is now taking the fifth place in TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed on HYIPNews.com

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