HYIP Informational Survey (May 323)

Updated: 05/27/2014 19:23
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The HYIPNews team is pleased to deliver the HYIP Informational Survey #323. First of all i should mention there are certain changes in the Top Choice section of this HYIP Informational Survey, especially in its upper part. Speaking about Openings, there are five programs added to Premium listing of HYIPNews. There's a larger Problem section today, in this HYIP Informational Survey than last Friday. The Events section is not that numerous, while Emoney gives updates about OKPAY new service introduced. Overall, the situation with the HYIP Quotes section can be considered as more or less stable. There is one newcomer and two programs have changed their positions after the trend change.

Top ChoiceThere are two sticky listed programs, one of which is a part of TOP 10 anyway, so, let us leave the list with no splitting it into two subsections.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Dublin Cryptory Listed: 201 daysProfit: 0.33-0.5% daily!Term: for lifetime!
2. Inv Global Listed: 259 daysProfit: 1.2-2.5% daily!Term: up to 120 business days!
3. In-india Listed: 316 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
4. RemiTrade Listed: 182 daysProfit: 0.3-4% daily!Term: up to 240 business days!
5. GBgroup Listed: 67 daysProfit: 1.2-2% daily!Term: up to 60 calendar days!
6. Global Business Technology Listed: 161 daysProfit: 0.85-1.6% daily 5-9% weekly!Term: up to 200 business days!
7. FinMutual Listed: 137 daysProfit: 1.8-2.6% daily!Term: up to 160 business days!
8. Profitlender Listed: 70 daysProfit: 130-1080% after 1-15 days!Term: up to 55 calendar days!
9. ForexGHQ Listed: 76 daysProfit: 2.6-3% daily, 250-500% after 15-50 days!Term: up to 50 calendar days!
10. Profitable Markets Listed: 3 daysProfit: 115-2000% after 1-32 days!Term: up to 32 calendar days!

As we see, there are basically not many changes in the Top Choice section of this HYIP Informational Survey. On the Top of the section, there are no significant changes. StillDublin Cryptory is on Top and the second place is taken by Inv Global. Further on there are no changes as well. Two programs are sticky listed today. ForexGHQ is a part of TOP Choice anyway, whileProfitable Markets is the new HYIP added to HYIPNews just three adys ago and included to the sticky listing.

Openings Let us offer the Openings section this Tuesday. Fortunately there are plenty of programs added within last four days to premium listing. See the details of it below:

Profitable Markets 115-2000% after 1-32 days!
Hyip World Cup 75% daily for 2 days 130-800% after 1-20 days!
Ei Bankers 130-220% after 1-3 days!
FX Lay 6-7% daily for 22 business days!
SYMTLTD 23-26% daily for 5 calendar days!

Capper-center Davidfx Earnplus Gravitymoney Hourlytime Ivo-company Lightning-pay Moneycircuits Oceaninv Pawnstar Smilesfortune Socialexchangemarket Vip-return Netotradeclub

So, as we can see there are five programs added to HYIPNews Premium listing lately. Profitable Markets is also a sticky listed program. The rest are more like short-term HYIPs, with the investment period of not more than 30 days. Some new HYIPs likeProfitable Markets andEi Bankers offer the paid-upon-expiry investment plans, while others: Hyip World Cup,FX Lay andSYMTLTD are concentrated on daily payouts.

Problems There's a larger Problem section today, in this HYIP Informational Survey than last Friday. Still there have been two programs, which recovered from problem and got back to paying status: Profits Progress and Index Budget. The rest of programs, are moved to closures section. Some new programs have also appeared in Problems section this time as well. Be careful, don't try to invest into the programs, given below:

Global Invest Group - not paying
APG Invest - not paying
Telli Investment - not paying
Exor Capital - not paying
Jollyness - not paying
Cropty - not paying
InstantCashout - not paying
NanoInvestFund - not paying
Magiconlineroi - not paying
Box Income - not paying
Air Forex - not paying
VaBank - not paying
Metalic Invest - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Finance Wallet (55 days), Surplus Pay (75 days), Stock Finance (37 days), Hot Fx Earnings (58 days), BitcoFinancial (43 days).

Events Profit CashWheel is another HYIP listed at HYIPNews. The program admin has issued a short update announcing the new investment plan offered to the members. Basically the innovations like that is not a good sign for the program's performance. Hope it's not the case with Profit CashWheel.

The admin has reported that the new plan introduced is short term, mostly for large investors, for the minimum deposit here is $1000. Daily profit is 15% for 20 days. Obviously the program is lack of money and tries to use all means possible to attract more large investors. I would not think of the new plan as something serious and a reliable income source. The risks are too high. Anyway, it's your decision, we just raise a warning here.

The admin of Laxo Trade has decided to open a small promotional bonus: all deposits today and tomorrow will receive a 15% bonus. The bonus will be added manually. It will not take more then 12 hours to apply the bonus. After that, it shall be normally available on your balance and ready for withdrawal.

Earlier today the newsletter fromLaxo Trade has been delivered to the members of the project informing about the troubles with restoring accounts, which occurred within last three days as reported by two users. They have contacted the admin of Laxo Trade and requested for the help in restoring access to their accounts.

After some investigation it turned out that both of the customers have been infected with a trojan keylogger and someone stole their passwords for all online accounts, including e-mail and ecurrencies. Fortunately, thanks to the assistance from Laxo Trade, access to the accounts has been restored.

Due to the issue that happened to those two customers the admin ofLaxo Trade reminds of using antivirus programs (Kaspersky, Norton, etc.) and updating them regularly as well as the system. It is always a must to doublecheck every program you attempt to run on the computer.

Final reminder is to verify the target e-currency account when making a withdrawal request. Many people do not notice that you can withdraw your money using e-currency different than the one you made your investments with. To check the account validity, all you need to do before requesting withdrawal is to click on the "Currency Exchange" link that is located within your account.

Another HYIP, which is not listed at HYIPNews, has published the news update and has delivered it to the members of its own. This time we are glad to outline the latest news from 5DailyPro. The admin of the HYIP has been kind enough to inform all members about including the new investment plan to the website. The new plan is a short-term one, giving theoretical opportunity to make up to 8.6% daily for 15 days. The interest calculation depends on the amount deposited. The more deposit is the more the daily profit is.

We are aware about the risks increasing when new investment plans are introduced to the public. From personal experience, most programs, informing about the modification or implementing new investment plans, offering high interest rates within a short period of time, are more like about to get closed and hence become extremely risky for depositing. 5DailyPro is not an exception. The new plan sounds to good to be true and hence i guess it's time to raise some warning about the project.

Another weekly bonus schedule has been announced by FinMutual. As usually, the program, which is taking TOP positions at the HYIPNews listing, keeps on updating the members with the deposit bonus offered for a while and changing on a weekly basis.

As reported this time, for deposits from Sunday, May 25th, 11:59PM Eastern Daylight time, a 9% deposit bonus will be applied. For deposits from Monday, May 26th 12 Midnight Eastern Daylight Time to Friday, May 30th 5PM Eastern Daylight Time, a 6% deposit bonus will be applied. As we might have got used to, during the weekend the variable bonus offered is higher than during the business week , which is expected and wise decision from the strategical point of view to attract more investors at weekends.

As reported, due to dynamic expansion of geography of partners of GBgroup, and for convenience of using the service of payments, the management of the project took the decision to expand a time interval for payments. Charges of profit will be made at 9 р.m. of the London time. Also the payments regulations have been changed as well. From now on they will be made from 8 а.m. to 8 p.m. of the London time.

The admin of VNDUX assumes investors will feel like to sign an agreement with the company. If anyone is interested, welcome to skype of the project. There is one notice here: the agreement can only be signed when opening a deposit, so don't get late.

Some time ago, the management of Inv Global has stopped taking clients from the United States. Without further notice, the HYIP, which is taking the second place in our listing has renewed registering US residents as customers of the project. From now on, investors from USA can join and invest with Inv Global. The US residents should be aware that making deposits is possible via Payeer or Pexpay. Withdrawal of funds is also completed via these two payment systems.

The admin of Waza Trade encourages all members and investors of the project to make votes on monitoring sites. For each vote made, the program gives free $0.1. Here is the example of possible earnings one can make from voting for Waza Trade: "Example we have 14 monitoring service. If you make total vote 10 in monitoring service you will get $0.1—10= $1"

There are certain rules for voting applied. Here they are:

1. This offer only for our active investor.
2. This offer not valid for our monitoring service.
3. Every 24 hours 1 vote only in 1 monitoring service.
4. Vote counting 1 vote 1 monitoring service. Example you make vote 1 in goldpoll vote counting 1. Vote 1 in hothyips vote counting 1. If you make 2 vote in goldpoll it will counting 1 vote.
5. We give this gift only on our rating page list.
6. Report to us about your vote and gift will credited to your available balance and you can withdraw it.
7. Maximum 10 vote counting every 24 hours.

Plutus Project has enlisted the services of two reputable monitors as well as added some other rating websites to the ratings section located on the website. One is invited to view them and make a vote if you have been receiving regular payouts from Plutus Project.

There is a piece of good news from ForexGHQ. To mark 150 days online, the program introduces the referral contest for the members. From 23th of May 2014 year, if you bring referrals with deposit more than $2001 per one time you will get additional bonus 3% from every such deposit. Also if you bring more than 5 active investors with deposit more than $501, you will get Extra bonus $100.

HYIP quotes The situation with TOP 5 most quoted programs hasn't changed within last three days. Still the same programs are on Top. Let's see how their indexes have changed.

RemiTrade. The program is still taking the first place. Some declien has been observed on Friday, which then was followed by rise at weekends. Still on Monday another small decline has been detected. The current quotation index of the project is 170 points, which is 3 points less than on Thursday, even despite the declines.

ForexGHQ. At first some decline has been observed with this HYIP. On Friday the quotation index dropped down from 144 to 138 points. After that, starting from Saturday the rising trend has been increasing. Overall by Monday the quotation index has grown from 138 to 157 points. Good result and good trend observed, indeed!

EU5. The program goes on its smooth development and is showing smooth rise of the quotation index. Within last four days, since Friday to Monday, the index has moved 20 points up, which is a good result. There have no been declines, just a smooth rise, which is a sign of stability for the project.

Dublin Cryptory. The program has moved one position down, possibly due to a small decline, which has been observed lately. It was not that large though due to this decline, EU5 has moved one position up and replaced this HYIP.

Finarri. This is a newcomer of the HYIP Quotes section. The program, just like EU5, is showing smooth growth of the quotation index. Starting from Friday to Monday the quotation index has risen from 101 to 114 points.

Overall, the situation can be considered as stable with the TOP 5 programs quoted. First two programs are taking the same positions. At the same time, some programs have performed better, some - worse. Due to the changes of the quotation indexes and changing trends theDublin Cryptory has moved to the fourth place, while EU5 is now taking place number 3. As for the last one, Finarri, is the newcomer of the HYIP Quotes section, thanks to the smooth and stable growth of the quotation index detected.

E-moneyOKPAY launches subscription payments service. The list of available financial services has been extended with the feature-rich subscription payments solution.

"Subscription service enables merchant to arrange the acceptance of payments based on a predetermined schedule. This feature is essential in cases when automation of repetitive payments is required: payments for products and services such as web content subscriptions, customer service charges, newsletter fees, membership dues, installment plans, recurring donations, etc."

The official news page on the OKPAY website explains how to setup merchants, as well as how to use the subscription payment service by the clients. The new subscription payments service includes certain features, the details about which are described following the link below: https://www.okpay.com/en/company/news/okpay-introduces-subscription-payments-service.html

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