OKPAY Plastic Debit Card Solution

Updated: 06/04/2014 17:10
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okpay plastic card solution
The review of the OKPAY product, plastic debit card issued with the asistance of MasterCard.
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Even though, OKPAY acts fervently frequently enough about the places, where clients spend their money to, it always thinks about the qualities of services provided. To tell more, OKPAY takes care about the posisbility for the customer among the rest to cash out e-currency anywhere in the world, where Mastercard is accepted. 24/7 payments virtually and via the plastic are absolutely possible with OKPAY.

OKPAY Card is a prepaid one, issued with the assistance of MasterCard®. The name and the brand of MasterCard® is officially registered and owned by MasterCard International Incorporated.
Speaking about the new solution by OKPAY, as any other debit card it gives opportunity to the customer to proceed with lots of various transactions, but it has one serious advantage to the rest. If you think about the tariffs, we'll talk about them later on. So far all in good time.

So what is good about the OKPAY Card. First of all it is not bound to the bank account, which means the money is taken directly from your OKPAY account. Secondly, the currency of the plastic is USD, it is prepaid, which means you can't spend more that you have on your account. Apart from that, the card is ordered online, you don't have to go to the bank, instead it is delivered to you by post, or the courier delivers it directly to you. The card should be charged with the funds from your account balance. The new payment tool is operated online, any manipulation with that is handled manually and any time you are free to order to statement delivered to your e-mail. All notifications are also delivered to your e-mail address. It is easy to make purchases with the bank plastic no matter if it's the online shop or a market close to your place. The cash can be taken from the debit card in any ATM, which accepts MasterCard.

There are certain things you should think about before ordering plastic, anyway. First of all, any person younger than 18 is not eligible to order the OKPAY card. Another thing, worth paying attention is regular charges that are taken, when using the payment solution regularly. You also should decide upon the type of the card you are ordering: if it's a virtual one, only for online purchases or plastic, which can be used both for online and offline purchases. So before making your choice, you need to think if you really need another plastic in your wallet.

The OKPAY Card has a number of interesting features, of which i am going to tell you about below. First of all, if needed you can pay the OKPAY product delivery to the family/colleague from your account, the person, supposed to own it, should just fill in the order form. The new payment tool from OKPAY is personalized. The name of the emittent or the company name can be mentioned on the plastic. There is an option to enabled autodeposit feature from your OKPAY account balance (not more than $3000 per day). The charges are taken nearly for any possible operations with the card. In case you don't use it the charges start from $10, if you use it actively, the charges are also significant. The only advantage is that POS terminals charge 0% commission when making a payment. Another fee is taken when closing your account. This procedure will cost you $15.

That was just the beginning and now let's get closer to the tariffs:

Here are the basic tariffs:

- for the plastic debit card delivery ($15 by post/$70 by the courier);
- getting the virtual card ($15);
- funding the plastic card ($3);
- funding the virtual card ($3 +1%);
- cashing out in ATM - 2% ($3 minimum, $15 maximum);
- POS purchase (0% no charges);
- non-financial transaction/decline ($0.40);
- PIN conde change ($15);
- card closure ($15).

By default the OKPAY card has certain limits setup. Here are the limits below:

- min card balance ($10, it is deducted when first deposit is made and when the card expires);
- Daily ATM cashout ($2000 and 3 transactions for Standard customers / $3000 and 6 transactions for Premium customers);
- Monthly ATM cashout ($10000 both for Standard and Premium customers);
- Daily Purchases in Stores ($3000 and 8 purchases for Standard and $5000 for Premium customers);
- Monthy Purchases in Stores ($15000 and 60 purchases both for Standard and Premium customers).

One more time, let me notice, the limits given are set by default and they can be altered after contacting the support. As they claim the limits might be increased set to those preferred. In that case, still you should be ready to provide some verification information, such as passport copy and domicile registration notarized.

And now let's proceed with a short manual concerning the procedure of ordering the plastic. Let's show you the step-by-step manual on how to do it:

1. Login to your e-currency account. Enter your OKPAY account (or register for the new one). The process is simple and it can be shown on the OKPAY website. After you login, you need to check if your account is verified, if not, you have verify it (see the "Verification" section). Once the admin confirms you are good with verification and your order can be processed, the button to make order for this payment solution will appear on your account.
2. Funding account. As you know from the limits section above, ordering the plastic is not a free service. Depending on how you select to receive it, you should fund your account with $15 or $70 minimum. If there is enough money on your account, you may skip this paragraph.
3. Filling out the order form. Here you should indicate the type of the card you want to get: virtual (valid for 12 months) or debit (valid for 24 months). The credentials for the virtual payment solution are delivered to your e-mail. The plastic debit card should be activated. The activation instructions are also delivered to your e-mail.
4. Activating the card. After you receive the plastic (normally within a week or two after completing your order), it needs to be activated in your member area, which is to enter last 4 digits of your OKPAY plastic card number and the activation code sent to your e-mail.
5. Completing the process. In case you did everything right, you will see the message that your card will be activated within 2 hours.
6. Funding the card account. In order to start using your long-expected OKPAY product, you need to tense up once again and fund your card ( "Funding OKPAY card" option). The funds are transferred to the card 9am-6pm GMT+2 on business days. $10 will be immediately deducted after the funding is completed.

Feel free to use the OKPAY plastic debit card at your convenience! It is a really nice solution, which allows spending your e-currency money in the real world, for offline purchases and paying for online services at the same time. If you happen to have any questions concerning the OKPAY product, feel free to contact the OKPAY support for any information regarding the plastic debit card by OKPAY!

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