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Updated: 06/20/2014 16:04
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The HYIP Informational Survey #329 is presented at your attention. We are pleased to deliver the updated Top Choice section with some changes within. The updated list of Openings section brings your attention to four programs added to Premium listing and one to Free listing. Problems section today is a bit more numerous this Friday than on Tuesday, as well as the closures list. The update of Events section includes several news updates from the HYIPs currently working online. HYIP Quotes section has also been updated. The programs are the same, though some position changes have occurred.

Top ChoiceThe end of the week brings another survey and another TOP Choice section, which actually brings some changes to the list today.

HyipNews ChoiceThe HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Dublin Cryptory Listed: 225 daysProfit: 0.33-0.5% daily!Term: for lifetime!
2. In-india Listed: 340 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
3. RemiTrade Listed: 206 daysProfit: 0.3-4% daily!Term: up to 240 business days!
4. ForexGHQ Listed: 100 daysProfit: 2.6-3% daily, 250-500% after 15-50 days!Term: up to 50 calendar days!
5. Global Business Technology Listed: 185 daysProfit: 1.2-2% daily!Term: up to 60 calendar days!
6. Profitlender Listed: 94 daysProfit: 130-1080% after 1-15 days!Term: up to 55 calendar days!
7. Thai Monetary Fund Listed: 234 daysProfit: 1-1.7% daily!Term: up to 80 business days!
8. FinMutual Listed: 161 daysProfit: 1.8-2.6% daily!Term: up to 160 business days!
9. Albion Union Listed: 220 daysProfit: 0.6-2.4% daily!Term: up to 120 businessc days!
10. GrandFX Listed: 49 daysProfit: 5.73% hourly for 18 hours 120-1400% after 1-25 days!Term: up to 40 calendar days!

The general situation around the TOP Choice section in today's HYIP Informational Survey is more or less stable. GBgroup is the only program, which has been removed from Top Choice and moved to Free listing. InsteadAlbion Union has moved up in the rating and hence has been included to the TOP Choice section. ForexGHQ has also moved one place up and is now taking the fourth place. As for the leaders they are the same:Dublin Cryptory and In-india, which is also a sticky listed one along with GrandFX.

OpeningsLet's meet the newcomers of the last three days. There are three new HYIP opportunities listed at Premium listing today and one HYIP added to Free listing. See short description of the new programs below:

Avanta Union
1.2-3.6% daily up to 70 calendar days!
Panamatic 120-3500% after 1-40 days!
1SIF up to 7% daily for lifetime!
Blue Sky Asset up to 15% daily up to 365 calendar days!

Bank7 Bitcrypto Cromaunion Globalunitedfinance Hvisit Imprazia Nature-profit Oil-and-gas-llc Plat8 Solidsharepro Tradersbetfair Wealthholds Zidham

There are four programs added to HYIPNews listing lately. Three of them are Premium listed with various investment offers, from daily profit payouts to paid-upon-expiry investment plans. One more program has also been added to FREE listing with up to 15% daily interest up to 365 calendar days. The list of other HYIPs, launched online is very short.

ProblemsToday we can see several HYIPs newly added to HYIPNews listing, which are today in Problem. Along with that the section is a bit larger than this Tuesday. The Closures section is also not that long today. See the details about programs dangerous for investing due to these or those reasons right here below.

DaviesDonald - not paying
Napier Ltd - not paying
Major Alliance Invest - not paying
UE Centre - not paying
Asset Management Company - not paying
White Group - not paying
Bitex Investment - not paying
AdrenalineInvest - not paying
Lucrativa Ltd - not paying
Rockwell Partners - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Best Inv Funds (31 days), Perfect Investment (92 days), Begin Invest (30 days), Geneve Group (423 days), Finarri (53 days), KLM Trade (266 days), Index Budget (336 days), Bond Fund (73 days), OilGen (8 days), Holiday Gain (13 days), OnlineInstantInv (10 days), Red Lines (7 days).

EventsPanamatic is 18 days online today. WIthin 18 days investors of the project have been earning stable profits. As reported by now there have been more than 800 investors registered. $200K have been invested as goes from the words of the admin of Panamatic, moreover $135K have been withdrawn. The results are good enough, though hard to believe, especially taking into account the notice from the admin, saying this is not enough for the project. As prompted, the team of the project has been working hard to make the service better for the clients and some positive changes have already been made. More about the changes you can learn from the website of Panamatic.

LaxoTrade has delivered the newsletter for the members concerning completing two months online. As said the period is rather short, still it's enough to say the project has initially been aimed at long-term performance. Within two months, the LaxoTrade HYIP has managed to become one of the leading HYIPs online. As claimed by the admin of the project that is mostly because of continuous support of the project from the members and the team is grateful for that! In its turn the admin of LaxoTrade waits waits for any possible suggestions concerning the improvement of the website or services provided by LaxoTrade project. Anyone, who has any offer or suggestion is welcome to contact the support and the support in its turn will do its best to please the needs of the customers.

FinMutual is one of the leading HYIPs currently listed at HYIPNews.com. The program is a member of TOP Choice section, with a long lifetime of more than 150 days online. The HYIP has been paying smoothly up to 2.6% daily and constantly offers deposit bonuses for more than 2 months time. Unfortunately the popularity nearly always leads to the rise of negative attitude to the project from the competitors. By any possible means they are trying to balcken the reputation of a worth project and somehow take advantage of this popularity for their own purposes.

Recently the admin of FinMutual has informed about a phishing website, which has the same name FinMutual, though the domain is different. It is FINMUTUAL.NET. The admin of FinMutual has previously posted a notice concerning this fraudulent website and a warning against using this website, which is trying to appear as the original one. Unfortunately not every person listened to the warning and some got scammed with the phishing service. Today FinMutual has posted another reminder giving strict instructions on how to determine whether the FinMutual website is original or not. Particularly, the main difference is the absence of the GREEN address bar when entering the phishing website. The GREEN address bar testifies the secured connection and SSL certificate installed. FINMUTUAL.NET does not have any.

GenialStockExchange has issued two recent newsletters concerning the performance of the program lately. Obviously it looks like the admin has a clear idea on how the program should be growing within the nearest weeks. The latest newsletter tells the members about the plans and among the rest speaks of adding two payment options into operation: SolidTrustPay and Bitcoin. There are also plans to translate the website into French and Spanish, even though the previously introduced Russian version of the website was not successful. There are also plans add more budget into advertising in order to attract more new members and secure higher income opportunity by means of increasing the partnership tools enabled.

Another newsletter, sent by the admin ofGenialStockExchange provides the information about the survey enabled for the customers. The survey may become a source of bonus cash, for anyone completing it earns $2 immediately moved to customer's account. The bonus can be withdrawn immediately, it's been tested. To complete the survey, please see the newsletter below for the link and more information:

"Members GenialStockExchange
Complete this survey and get 2$ in your account (Instant withdraw)
Thank you for participating in our survey.
Your feedback is important. We want to know you better to serve you better.
Complete this survey and Get 2$ in your account
Instant withdraw
Survey link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VC95F92"

The latest newsletter from Profitable Markets reports on completing two months online by the Profitable Markets HYIP. Out from 58 days online, the project has been listed at HYIPNews for 27 days. The program is Premium listed, currently taking the 22nd place, and within the entire time being listed the program has managed to gain good reputation from the online investors, even despite the fact payouts are not instant. The minimum to joinProfitable Markets is $5. Deposits can be made via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, and BitCoin into the following plans – 102.5%-115% after 1 day, 106%-150% after 2 days, 114%-250% after 4 days, 130%-400% after 8 days, 180%-850% after 16 days, 330%-2,000% after 32 days.

Even though the project seems to be positioning itself as a "fast" HYIP, it has been paying smoothly within the entire period of time. It's been declared the payouts are processed within 48 hours maximum. The admin seems to be working hard on any standards. See the latest news update fromProfitable Markets right here below:

"58 Days of Continuous Payouts
Our company is on its way to reach 60 days of being online. Continuous payouts have been the norms here at Profitable Markets. We are working each day to ensure a profitable experience to all of our investors."

HYIP quotes There have been certain changes in the HYIP Quotes section today compared to this Tuesday. Basically, the programs remain the same though the positions have changed. See details below please.

In-India. The growth of the quotation index of this HYIP has been tremendous last week. This weke the growth stopped a bit. The index has grown a bit during the period from Monday to Tuesday and then went down a bit on Wednesday. The current quotation index is 300 points, which is an absolute maximum for all HYIPs listed.

ForexGHQ. The HYIP has moved two positions up in the list of TOP 5 most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews thanks to slight growth during this week. As the result of this growth the quotation index of this HYIP has first time exceeded 200 points and on Wednesday stopped on 205 points.

Dublin Cryptory. This time this HYIP opportunity has shown solid and stable performance, during which the quotation index has not changed greatly and finally stopped on the same mark as it was this Tuesday, 197 points.

EU5. The HYIP has moved two positions down in the TOP 5 list of most quoted programs after the decline was detected. At first on Monday and Tuesday it remained stable on 208 points and on Wednesday it moved down to 196 points.

RemiTrade. Since the beginning of the month, the program has performed smoothly with no significant signs of a change. Maximum fluctuation of the quotation index is 3 points up or down. This week is not an exception. Just three points fluctuation and the current quotation index is 173 index points.

EU5 is the only program that moved down and lost two positions. ForexGHQ andDublin Cryptory vice versa moved up. ForexGHQ moved two positions up accordingly. In-India remains the leader and RemiTrade is taking the fifth place. All in all the situation this week with the top quoted programs is more or less stable. Some programs go up other go down, still the same HYIPs are there in TOP 5.

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