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Updated: 07/11/2014 17:51
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You are welcome to have a look at the HYIP Informational Survey #334 this Friday. The TOP Choice section today is a bit different from the one you could see this Tuesday. One program has been removed, another one has replaced it. Albion Union has increased its rating and moved up to the third position. There is only one new program added within last three days. Its short presentation can be found in the Openings section.

The Problems section is only updated with four new Problem HYIPs and a decent amount of newly closed programs. The Events section is more numerous today than on Tuesday. As for Emoney there is only one update about the wallet changes in OKPAY. As for HYIP Quotes section, the main piece of news here is the change of the trend from declining to rising.

Top ChoiceWe are pleased to offer the list of TOP 10 programs listed at HYIPNews today. There are certain changes here today. See the details below.

HyipNews ChoiceThe HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Dublin Cryptory Listed: 246 daysProfit: 0.33-0.5% daily!Term: for lifetime!
2. In-india Listed: 361 daysProfit: 3% weekly for lifetime!Term: up to 365 calendar days!
3. Albion Union Listed: 241 daysProfit: 0.6-2.4% daily!Term: up to 120 businessc days!
4. RemiTrade Listed: 227 daysProfit: 0.3-4% daily!Term: up to 240 business days!
5. Uniroyal Chemical Listed: 64 daysProfit: up to 5% daily for lifetime!Term: for lifetime!
6. GrandFX Listed: 70 daysProfit: 5.73% hourly for 18 hours 120-1400% after 1-25 days!Term: up to 40 calendar days!
7. Profitlender Listed: 115 daysProfit: 130-1080% after 1-15 days!Term: up to 55 calendar days!
8. EU5 Listed: 67 daysProfit: 2.6-3% daily!Term: up to 90 calendar days days!
9. Laxo Trade Listed: 83 daysProfit: 2% daily! 11% weekly!Term: up to 90 calendar days!
10. Assured Assets Listed: 107 daysProfit: 0.8-1.4% daily!Term: up to 190 business days!

The TOP Choice section today is a bit different from the one you could see this Tuesday. First of all, Global Business Technology is now experiencing certain troubles with payouts and hence by now has been assigned with the AWAITING status, naturally being removed from the TOP Choice section. Instead another HYIPUniroyal Chemical has been added to the 5th position.Albion Union has increased its rating and moved up to the third position. As for other programs, they seem to be as stable as before.

OpeningsAs for the new programs, there is one recently added and hence it is presented in details below. See also the list of other programs launched.

110-400% after 1-20 days!

24capstones Autotraderclub Dualcapital Exchin Masaco-inv Payeerhyip Retinafund Save-finance Turboinvest Unionprofit

Please take your time to look at the presentation of the program added to HYIPNews listing shortly.Grand-inv is a short-term HYIP with high interests and principal included into the profit. The list of other HYIPs launched is very short. There has been not much of activity within last three days

ProblemsThe Global Business Technology is now assigned with Awaiting status at HYIPNews listing, which can be followed with moving to Problem. Among all four programs included into the Problem list this Tuesday, none has managed to restore its Paying status. All of them were moved to Closures. As for the current list back again there are only four programs in the Problems section and a number of new closed ones in the Closures section accordingly.

Fxweal - not paying
Global Business Technology - not paying
Harvey Profit - not paying
SuccessRoadToWealth - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Fi Assets Ltd (29 days), Ira Funds (37 days), Hourly Trade (11 days), Profitable Investment (32 days), Global Invest Group (245 days), Talk Paying (4 days), PCSClub (19 days), Golden Stair (16 days), ResortFinance (13 days), Forex Empire (67 days), Golden Fx Inv (24 days).

EventsBinApex is a brand new program added to HYIPNews listing 6 days ago. The project is offering two types of investment plans. The first one is based on daily profit payouts offering 60% daily for 3 days and another type is based on paid upon expiry plans with the potential return of 125-1300% after 1-20 days. The start of the project has been rather successful, it managed to get higher in the HYIPNews listing. Currently it takes the 25th place on the hyip monitor. The management of the project has posted its first newsletter, announcing first week online. The news has been delivered to the members informing about latest achievements and promotion of the project.

As reported by the admin, within the first week online more than 700 members have signed up for the program, taking a chance to get income with BinApex. The project seems to be paying much attention towards promoting the project. Among the rest, the management has reported about ordering the review on one of famous hyip blogs. Making the review the admin hopes to bring more confidence to the project showing professionalism and serious intenetions of BinApex.

As claimed, within the first week: "...The stability of the program has been rock solid since the very begining and we are looking forward to prove our marketing and management abilities on the road to becoming one of the giants of this industry, together with our members." More newsletters are yet to be delivered, and so far that is all for today.

Uniroyal Chemical has performed extremely well last days. First of all, let me remind you the program has been included to the Top Choice section of HYIPNews listing for the very first time. Moreover after being online for a bit more than 60 days, it managed to take the 5th place in the listing for such a short period of time. The program is positioned as a longterm HYIP with daily profit of up to 5% for the lifetime of the project.

As another bonus for the members the short newsletter has been delivered to the members reporting SolidTrustPay has been enabled for deposits and withdrawal requests at Uniroyal Chemical. Unfortunately there are some problems, for the STP button doesn't link anywhere. So far looks like the admin has not yet completed the process of integrating SolidTrustPay and has reported about it a bit too early. Here is the news from Uniroyal Chemical:

"Good news! We added new payment system Solidtrustpay, now we are working manually but the next week we turn to instant. Minimum deposit $300, minimum withdrawal $50."

At the same time on our side we tried to contact the admin asking for the reasons the button leads to nowhere. The explanation followed saying that SolidTrustPay deposits are currently handled manually. The minimum deposit via STP is $300. As for the payment button, it hasn't been verified by SolidTrustPay yet. Basically i don't think it makes sense to report integrating the new payment system once the process is not resolved yet. At the same time, probably, the admin has been tired of waiting to get the account verified due to many requests from the members on adding SolidTrustPay. No matter what the wayUniroyal Chemical does is not the way to make it right and hopefully the appropriate measures will be taken in the nearest time to make the process of investing funds via SolidTrustPay automatic and get verified by SolidTrustPay hence.

Let me remind you in case you don't want to make deposits in manual mode, other e-currencies are still working fine. Uniroyal Chemical also accepts PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Bitcoin and Payeer. The deposits and withdrawals via these payment processors are processed really fast, more often instantly. One more time, it needs to be mentioned, the growth rate of this HYIP is enormous, and TOP 5 listing at HYIPNews is a clear evidence to that.

The management of StPay Bitcoin is happy to let every client know about integrating the valid and automatic Bitcoin investment tool added to the website of the project, which allows direct investment via Bitcoin. Meanwhile the project is expecting to get their SolidTrustPay business account verified. This process has already been taking more than two weeks. At the same time, until the business account is verified, every member is welcome to send direct transfers via SolidTrustPay to the project's personal account, which has already been verified. Once the transaction is completed the money is calculated to your account automatically and instantly. Anyone interested in making investment via SolidTrustPay or Western Union now is welcome to contact the support and request for the STP account data to make a deposit.

Further in the newsletter the admin ofStPay Bitcoin shares some information about the terms of the investment plans currently active for ther members. For the plans 1 - 3 your principal is not included in the profit and can be withdrawn anytime, while for the plans 4 - 6 the principal IS included and one needs to understand, once the Profit is accumulated your need to understand that you trading capital is exhausted.

The minimum amount one is able to withdraw is $0.2 and maximum one investor may withdraw per day is $500000. The limits are set to prevent money laundering and for protecting the monetary policy of certain countries. Speaking about the terms of investing via the various e-currencies: egopay, payeer or Bitcoin you should keep in mind the service fee taken by these payment processors, so in order to have $1 minimum on your account you should invest $1.2, otherwise the funds will become locked.

Those are the main news from StPay Bitcoin. There are not many of the updates, mostly there are talks about the terms of investing and withdrawal policy. Let us hope in the future we shall face more news from this HYIP and await for its good performance.

Some short news has been sent from PanamAtic. The program admin reports on completing some milestones, which look rather impressive. The project has been online for 39 days and as claimed has gained $1 mln. of deposits and referred more than 1200 members. The Lexa rating of the program website has reached the mark of 39,442 in the USA. Among the future plans, adding the new payment systems is the priority for the PanamAtic HYIP project.

The admin of GenialStockExchange is working on making the program attractive for the members using some effective methods and stimulates active promoters of the program. The recent example of loyalty towards active members of the project is the $5 cash reward paid to member's account of every active investor who has at least $50 active deposit and completes a short survey in the Information section of the website.

Emoney OKPAY has issued the news reporting about the update of the corporate Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets. The previously active bitcoin and litecoin addresses will become unavailable in the nearest time. In order to make payments in bitcoin and litecoin, one needs to create the new wallets for bitcoin and litecoin in members' wallets. See the full news following the link below: https://www.okpay.com/en/company/news/okpay-updates-crypcurrency-wallets.html

HYIP quotes Let us find out if there are any changes in the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs today compared to this Tuesday. See the performance and development of most quoted programs in the HYIP Quotes section below:

In-India. Seems the declining trend of this HYIP has finally changed back to rising. After two weeks of decline, the quotation index of this HYIP has began rising again and now it got back to 30o+ points. The current quotation index as of Tuesday isd 308 points, which is only 12 points less than all-time maximum.

EU5. Another program, which has changed its trend to rising. After the quotation index has moved down to 97 points it started to grow again and within four days moved up to 244 points. Immense growth, which is worth attention. This program is currently taking the second place, which is 3 positions higher than on Tuesday. Congratulations!

GrandFX. After its reappearance in the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs this Tuesday the positions of this HYIP are getting stronger. The index is going on rising. Within four days the quotation index has grown from 91 to 228 points. GReat result, indeed!

RemiTrade. Although the declining trend of this HYIP has changed to rising, the rise was not that intense. The quotation index rose from 157 to 216 points, which is enough for taking the fourth place in the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs.

Dublin Cryptory. The TOP 1listed program has suddenly been excluded out of the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs. Fortunately for the fans of this popular HYIP, it got back to TOP 5 and now taking the fifth place after a significant growth of the quotation index within last three days. More than 100 points growth has been detected from Saturday till Tuesday and the current index is 212 points.

All programs included in the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs in the HYIP Quotes section today are observing the rising trend. The situation on the market has changed rapidly and it's been reflected on the positions and quotation index of all programs listed. The #1 most quoted HYIP is still In-India, which again moved up and renewed its status of the only one program with the quotation index of more than 300.

Other programs, as i have mentioned, have grown as well. The biggest rise of more than 150 points is observed at EU5, which let it get back to the second place. Another small victory has been made by the team of Dublin Cryptory, the program, which managed to return to the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs after being excluded last time.

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