HYIP Informational Survey (July 338)

Updated: 07/29/2014 07:30
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We are pleased to deliver the HYIP Informational Survey #338 at your attention. There is only one change in the TOP Choice section today. Trading Solutions is now assigned with Problem status and hence it can't be sticky listed any longer. As for the Openings section, there are four new programs added to HYIPNews Premium listing during the weekend. Each of new programs added offers daily-based payout investment plans.

As for the list of Problem HYIPs today it includes some new programs. It is less numerous than on Friday just as the Closures list, which is not that long. The Events section is on the contrary more numerous today, while the Emoney is absent in this survey for there have been no recent updates from the e-currencies. As for the HYIP Quotes section, this Tuesday we may say the performance of TOP 5 HYIPs has been stable enough. There were no serious changes in the quotation index. Mostly all programs have shown slight growth or slight decline.

Top ChoiceAnd here below we are pleased to let you know about the recent changes on the very TOP of HYIPNews listing. There are not many, please see the TOP 10 of programs listed below.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. In-india Listed: 379 days Profit: 3% weekly for lifetime! Term: up to 365 calendar days!
2. RemiTrade Listed: 245 days Profit: 0.3-4% daily! Term: up to 240 business days!
3. Albion Union Listed: 259 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
4. GrandFX Listed: 88 days Profit: 5.73% hourly for 18 hours 120-1400% after 1-25 days! Term: up to 40 calendar days!
5. EU5 Listed: 85 days Profit: 2.6-3% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days days!
6. Laxo Trade Listed: 101 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
7. Ogden Organization Listed: 119 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
8. Ei Bankers Listed: 65 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
9. Assured Assets Listed: 125 days Profit: 130-220% after 1-3 days! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
10. 3-Business Listed: 173 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!

There is only one change in the TOP Choice section today. Trading Solutions is now assigned with Problem status and hence it can't be sticky listed any longer. More long-term and interesting HYIP has replaced this one on the 10th place.3-Business has been listed for 173 days and can be singled out from the mass of other HYIPs with the interest rate offered. It is just 3% weekly, which is much below average on the HYIP market. Another peculiar feature of3-Business is the absence of the investment plan length. The profit is claimed to be paid for the project lifetime. Interesting add-on to the TOP 10 and worth taking attention for sure. As for the rest, no changes at all.

OpeningsLet us analyse some new programs, which have been added to HYIPNews listing since last Friday.

3.3-6.6% daily for 45 calendar days!
Leimert Investment 8-13% daily for 15 calendar days!
Profit Stable 75% daily for 2 days 120-1000% after 1-20 days!
Oil Money 3-11% daily for 35-45 days 102-255% after 1-55 days!

Binarbank-options Cleanpowerinvestors Federico-oil Fx-gains Invest-it-safe Itc-lp Memfis Multi-arbitrage Profit-fundfx Reliance-capital Rowella Sparbs Tradeofprofit

There are four new programs added to HYIPNews Premium listing during the weekend. Each of new programs added offers daily-based payout investment plans. WhileTempas Leimert Investment do not include the profit into the principal initially invested,Profit Stable along with another alternative paid upon expiry investment plans include the profit into the principal deposited.

Speaking about Oil Money, the program is offering two types of investment plans: first pays the profit daily and the principal is not included into the profit and the second type is paid upon the expiry investment plan, where naturally the principal is included. As for the potential lifetime of the programs, they are all considered to be medium term HYIPs. The list of HYIPs launched is not large this time.

ProblemsThe list of Problem programs last Friday was very numerous and unfortunately absolute majority of those HYIPs have been moved to Closures further on. Some still remain problem, though the problems last for so long, it is hard to imagine they will recover after all. The only program which has recovered from Problem within last three days is Royal Equity Investment.

As for the list of Problem HYIPs today it includes some new programs. There are also some more newcomers to the section, though it is basically a bit less numerous than the one on Friday. The closures section is on the contrary rather numerous today. It includes several HYIPs previously Premium listed at HYIPNews. Trading Solutions, which has previously ordered Sticky listing and then suddenly started to experience payout troubles and eventually moved to Closures. Three other programs, which have been included into the Problems section: Basket Trade, Social-FX,Trading Solutions and DealerOIL are now moved to Closures as well.

Oil Finance - not paying
Waza Trade - not paying
ZMR Finance - not paying
Devel Union - not paying
24 Capstones Inc - not paying
MSIPAY - not paying
Currency Invest - not paying
Profitable-Management - not paying
Earn Plus - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Basket Trade (8 days), Social-FX (9 days), Trading Solutions (12 days), DealerOIL (17 days), Forex-Invest (9 days), Loyalty Checks (16 days), Fastest Payment (52 days), TPG Invests (29 days), Earn Hour (15 days), Dealer OIL (13 days), Future Yields (28 days), Business Finance Club (21 days), StablePrime Inc (15 days), Save-Finance (20 days), West & Wellington (12 days), Gold Plaza (9 days).

EventsLet us share some latest news from the HYIPs online. For a start, please take a look at the newsletter from SuccessRoadToWealth admin, who claims the project is getting stronger and better as days go by. The project is getting ready for the launch of new upgrade. At least it's been reported that the programmers of the project are currently working hard on this upgrade to launch it smoothly ASAP. The status of the upgrade will be reported on a regular basis.

There is also a word about some suspicious HYIP monitor, which assigned the project with the AWAITING status as claimed for no reason at all. There is no reply from the admin of the hyip monitor and on that occasion the admin of SuccessRoadToWealth HYIP asks every HYIP, who feels like not cooperating with this project to remove the project button from the pages. As claimed by the admin, such sort of fake statuses affect the reputation greatly and in the aspect of constant work of the entire team to make the project better and bigger things like that are not acceptable.

Another update is delivered by the management of Laxo Trade. The project has celebrated 100 days online. Nowadays taking into account the specific character of the HYIP industry development it can be considered a long term enough. The admin thanks every member for the support and trust and on the occasion of completing 100 days online, a small promo bonus is offered to every new members, who decide to make deposits within two days. The 10% bonus is added manually to customers' accounts after the main deposit is approved. The bonus is available for withdrawal. Unfortunately today at the end of the day the promo bonus campaign will be over. The exact time of the end of promo bonus is Tuesday, 29, 00:00 am GMT.

The second weekly newsletter has been delivered by the team of Expo Investment FZE to mark the completion of the second week of the project work online. The main achievement, as claimed by the admin is complete absence of donwtimes within the entire period , when the project has been online. Another achievement reported is completion of the investment cycle of the Orange investment plan offering 3.5% Daily for 15 Calendar Days. this in its turn means all early investors into this plan are in profit now.

The total return made by early investors at the Orange plan is 152.5%. The second part of the newsletter gives answers to the two most frequently asked questions asked by the potential and current customers of Expo Investment FZE. The first one is regarding the referral commission, which is 7% on level-1 and 3% on level-2. The second question gives answers on the bank wire fees charged by the project. We are happy to announce that no fees are taken by Expo Investment FZE.

Another informative newsletter has been sent by the admin of GenialStockExchange to its members. Once again let me tell that this HYIP is not listed at HYIPNews, however it's paying much attention to informing the members about its performance and development, and HYIPNews is pleased to deliver the latest news to you, dear readers.

Speaking about the GenialStockExchange HYIP, some recent updates have been summarized. As reported the project has managed to maximize its presence in the HYIP industry lately by all possible means, including but not limited to accepting a wide choice of payment methods. This is appreciated by many members and admin of GenialStockExchange thanks every members for the trust and support. There further go some general words about future plans of the project and intentions to stay here for long, making all possible to transform the GenialStockExchange HYIP into a stable income earning opportunity.

As one of the possible sources to get updated on the latest news and development of GenialStockExchange joining the Facebook group of the project is offered. Here is the link to the Facebook group of GenialStockExchange. Speaking about the latest achievements of the project the following should be mentioned:

- The service, which allows investors of GenialStockExchange to recover 50% of their loss with other scam HYIPs has been introduced lately. It is getting far more and more popular among the project members.
- The Skrill payment option has been integrated with GenialStockExchange. The service is free. No fees are taken for sending money to GenialStockExchange account via Skrill. Here is the project Skrill account: servicegenialstock@gmail.com
- Some sort of promoting active partners program has been introduced. The services of a specialist aimed to help members generate passive income withGenialStockExchange are offered to the members.

There are also some words about the future plans of GenialStockExchange below:
- The concept of lending money to the members is now being designed and tested. The services may become rather popular among the potential investors' community, especially those, who are currently lack of money.
- Another payment option, which is now back in business, is planned to be added within a few days: Payza.
- Apart from that Payeer payment processor, which has been previously disabled will be reenabled for deposits and withdrawals within several days.

The admin asks for members support on forums and social networks, offering to create discussion groups and sharing one's investment experience with others. The admin of the project in his turn promises to add more new features and improvements soon, though the information about the new services is confidential so far

Safe Profits has been listed at HYIPNews for 69 days. the project has been paying 1.4-11.2% daily since the launch time. It managed to get to the 12th place in the listing thanks to the constant growth and development. Recently enough the admin ofSafe Profits announced addition of SolidTrustPay payment system as an alternative payment option for accepting deposits and making withdrawals. And some days ago, another newsletter was delivered to the members saying that no more SolidTrustPay is accepted.

It has been reported that all active deposits made via SolidTrustPay have been released. The members' balances have been updated accordingly. As for the funds they have been paid back to the customers STP accounts. Good news about the removal of SolidTrustPay from operation is that apart from the initial deposit the profits earned for the period the investment was active have been added to customers' STP accounts as well.

Earlier, there has been another report saying while new deposits are not accepted via SolidTrustPay the withdrawals have been processed instantly. Unfortunately now the story with SolidTrustPay is over for Safe Profits. It could be expected, for it's hard enough to get involved into HYIP sphere and get your STP account verified properly.

HYIP quotes Please have a look at the update on TOP 5 most quoted programs this Tuesday. There are not many changes actually compared to Friday. See more information about the performance of TOP quoted HYIP in the HYIP Quotes section below:

In-India. There's no more sudden jumps or declines. The program got stable and the quotation index hasn't moved up or down a lot. There was just a slight growth, three points up and currently this HYIP is taking the first place with 225 points.

RemiTrade. The performance of this HYIP within last three days is hard to characterize as stable. Last Tuesday the quotation index stopped on 212 points, the following day it moved up a bit to 216 points and stopped there for two days and then on Saturday it suddenly moved back down to 213 points.

Ogden Organization. After losing 50 points last Tuesday, the program has slowly began to regain its quotation index. The growth has been detected the next day after the collapse. The quotation index has been moving up and up slowly until on Saturday it reached the mark of 174 points. So as you can see there's only 12-points growth, though it's a stable one with no jumps or downslides.

EU5. This HYIP has shown absolutely identical performance as the program, taking the third place. After a sudden decline the gradual growth started on Wednesday and continued like that till Saturday. 14-points growth was detected. Congratulations! By the way thanks to this gradual growth the program managed to move up from the fifth to the fourth place in TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.com

HyipCO. As we all know this HYIP was first included into the TOP 5 section of the HYIP Quotes section last Friday. The performance of this program has been very successful until the quotation index moved down last Thursday. Starting from Friday no serious changes have been detected. By Monday the quotation index remained stable 160 points and then on Monday it moved down a bit to 155 points, which is still enough for taking the fifth place.

This Tuesday we may say the performance of TOP 5 HYIPs has been stable enough. There were no serious changes in the quotation index. Mostly all programs have shown slight growth or slight decline. HyipCO has moved down to the fifth place, while EU5 has taken the fourth place in the TOP 5 of the most quoted HYIPs in the HYIP Quotes section of the HYIP Informational Survey #338.

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