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Updated: 09/09/2014 15:07
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Let's have a look at the HYIP Informational Survey #344 published on a regular basis twice a week. The TOP Choice section today differs from the previous one with one HYIP included in the Sticky listing, Trading Alliance Limited. The leaders are though the same. One program has been added to the Openings section and there is a very limited number of new HYIP programs included in the Problems section, while the Closures part is vice versa rather numerous.

The Emoney section today gives the final outline of the member s appreciation week initiated at SolidTrustPay. As for the HYIP Quotes section, there are some changes there, though mostly the performance of HYips included in the TOP 5 most quoted programs is declining.

Top ChoiceSee the update on the TOP Choice section showing TOP 10 programs listed at HYIPNews and one Sticky listed HYIP. Se more details below:

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. GBgroup Listed: 172 days Profit: 1.2-5% daily! Term: up to 71 calendar days!
2. EU5 Listed: 127 days Profit: 2.6-3% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days days!
3. RemiTrade Listed: 287 days Profit: 0.3-4% daily! Term: up to 240 business days!
4. Ogden Organization Listed: 161 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
5. Albion Union Listed: 301 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
6. Laxo Trade Listed: 143 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
7. Ei Bankers Listed: 107 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
8. Panamatic Listed: 83 days Profit: 120-3500% after 1-40 days! Term: up to 40 calendar days!
9. Assured Assets Listed: 167 days Profit: 130-220% after 1-3 days! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
10. Trading Alliance Limited Listed: 26 days Profit: 120-1650% after 1-30 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!

Today the Top Choice section is not very different from the one presented in the HYIP Informational Survey #343. Two programs have exchanged their positions:Laxo Trade and Albion Union. No other programs changed their positions showing stable performance. One program, Trading Alliance Limited, has become Sticky listed program, and hence it is now positioned on Top of the main listing.

OpeningsBack again there is again only one HYIP added to HYIPNews listing. Apart from that as usually there is a list of other income opportunities, which appeared online within last three days.

Gozuto invest
- 1-4% daily 150-250% after 7-15 days!

Capital-invest City-income Cryptuminvest Dailyforexpro E-payinstant Elisee-bank Empireofmoney Euroforexteam Fifinances Forex-ventures Fxgoodtrade Geoterminvest Globalreservefund Liveprofit Munfish Oil-bitcoin Oilcash Onlinemarketfund Profit-plans Relazia Vortex-invest Cycle-alliance Dubaigoldltd

Gozuto investis the only HYIP recently added to HYIPNews listing. There are two types of investment plans offered at Gozuto invest. The first one gives daily payouts offering up to 4% daily. Another type is paid-upon-expiry offering the income up to 200% income within 3 days with the principal included into the profit. As for the rest of programs launched online recently, the list is pretty long. A number of new HYIP opportunities appear daily and quite possibly some of them will prove to become potentially good passive income source.

ProblemsAmong all the HYIPs which used to be Problem this Tuesday the majority have been moved to Closures section, given below. At the same time two programs have restored their paying capacity and are now back assigned with the Paying status. These are: Premium Season and Genius Trend.

The updated list of Problem programs include several new HYIPs, which have started to experience troubles with payouts recently. The list is rather small though. WeTradeWePay is one of them. 14 days ago it was added to HYIPNews listing though it hasn't managed to stay here for long. As for the Closures list, there are also several new additions from those recently listed at HYIPNews as well as other HYIPs, listed on alternative hyip monitors. See the details below.

WeTradeWePay - not paying
Endow Income - not paying
Accelerate Fund - not paying
Oil Castle - not paying
Private-Union - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Day Light Cash (4 days), Swiss Forex Trade (21 days), Privata Holdings (77 days), Triprofit (15 days), Gold Finance (30 days), Asten Ronza (971 days), SafeBet income (36 days), Oil Money (42 days), Earnings Club (9 days), Continent Investment (22 days), Asa West (152 days), Cash Index (7 days), Almitrade (8 days), Integrity FX Group (36 days), Bull Trader (8 days).

EventsTrading Alliance Limited has been listed at HYIPNews for 25 days. Within that time the project has been showing much of the growing trend and as the result is rating on HYIPNews has been growing accordingly. Since recently the project has become Sticky listed at HYIPNews, which speaks of serious intentions of the admin towards popularizing the HYIP online.

TheTrading Alliance Limited is offering decent interest rates. Even though it only has the paid-upon-expiry investment plans, the investment period offered for investors gives chance to make profit fast enough or join more long-term investment period.

Speaking of the latest newsletter fromTrading Alliance Limited the admin has presented the members with some new updates. First of all it needs to be mentioned that the admin ofTrading Alliance Limited has kept the promises given earlier and implemented new support options. This week phone support and live chat support were added for the members' convenience. The new methods are meant to be useful for urgent cases or some complex issues. Still as reported in the newsletter the e-mail based support still remains the most preferable option for the sake of e-mail history. In any case in case there's an urgent need to talk to someone you can always try the live chat or phone service calling theTrading Alliance Limited via the phone number: +44 20 3695 4202, which is available from 8 AM to 7 PM (GMT+1 Hour).

To finish with the news, it needs to be said that despite the factTrading Alliance Limited is only listed at HYIPNews for 25 days the project is five months online and actually it has all chances to become one of the biggest HYIP opportunities this Autumn. we shall watch the development and performance of this program in the nearest future.

The Panamatic HYIP celebrates 100 days online. Within the entire period online the project has managed to become one of the leading HYIPs. The project has reached good results. Alexa global rank: 33,673 , U.S. alexa rank 6,717. Since the launch time over 2800 investors have joined the HYIP. The total amount of the funds deposited is more than $19 mln. as reported by the admin of Panamatic. At the same time $18 mln. has been withdrawn.

The Infx Bank has posted the newsletter reminding the members that all withdrawal requests and payments are approved immediately. There is also a request to inform about the successful payout other investors and members on forums and monitoring websites whereInfx Bank is listed. The support of members in public is highly appreciated as informed by the admin of the HYIP. Apart from that as claimed there is a chance to earn extra money by posting the payment proof on forums or monitoring websites.

Maver Bet is another interesting HYIP, working online for nearly 90 days. The HYIP is rather slow moving though being not very popular among the investors online. At the same time it can have a good potential. The latest news delivered by the admin ofMaver Bet informs the members about adding the new payment option. SolidTrustPay has been added as the alternative payment processor for deposits and withdrawals. The payments should though be processed manually. Obviously the STP account is not verified. Automatic payments are mostly available for the verified merchants. The fact SolidTrustPay blocks HYIP accounts since recently stops the HYIP admins including the admin ofMaver Bet to verify the account and start working with SolidTrustPay automatically.

Trader Ways seems to a very professional project from the technical point of view. Unfortunately it is though not very popular among the investors online. The reason for that is more likely the bad history of the program admin, which used to run some scam sites in the past. At the same time it needs to be said previous negative performance does not always mean bad performance with the program and vice versa. In the latest newsletter the admin announced one month online and about $90K paid to the members as withdrawals. The admin claims it is just a beginning. It is a good thing to know the exact amount paid in case it is really like that. We never know the exact amount of funds deposited to Trader Ways, so it is hard to check whether this information is true or not.

Income Strategy is another program, which posted the newsletter giving the statistic information about recent performance is Incoem Strategy. The newsletter informs that the project has been 35 days online. As claimed the project has already referred 5681 members, who deposited more than $1.7 mln. At the same time since the program launch about $500K have been withdrawn. Vague stats to be sincere and actually it is hard to believe to be genuine, especially taking into account mentioning the RCB, which is definitely the example of fake marketing. Looks like an attempt to refer some more members to the project. Along with the increase of the referral bonus per 1% this is far more like a trick from the program's admin.

The PSBETS HYIP has posted some useful information every potential or current member needs to know. First of all there is a report about the possibility to deposit and withdraw funds automatically using EgoPay payment system. Apart from that there is a reminder for those willing to see reports on AB. It is just enough to make a deposit to Bet Tennis or higher investment plan and then apply via e-mail for getting the report. The advantage of this kind of an offer is that customers get access to AB some days in advance.

AsixTrust HYIP is 37 days online. Within this short period of time the project has managed to get onto high positions in many listing sites, showing good performance and active growth. The admin thanks every member and active investor for the support. To mark completing one month online the admin of AsixTrust issued the newsletter informing about stable performance running the same investment plans, which give opportunity for the members to earn solid income five days a week. These are the plans: BASIC INVESTMENT PLAN: Paying 1.8% Daily For 250Days PREMIUM INVESTMENT PLAN: Paying 2.5% Daily For 250Days PROFESSIONAL INVESTMENT PLAN: Paying 3.5% Daily For 250Days ASIXTRUST MIDI PLAN: Paying 6.5% Daily For 30Days.

EmoneyThe last draw of the member appreciation week at SolidTrustPay has been completed. The names of the winners have been posted officially in the SolidTrustNews following the link: http://solidtrustnews.com/2014/09/08/member-appreciation-week-round-5-winners/#more-664 All in all 125 customers of SolidTrustPay enjoyed the prizes won. As for others, we are sure SolidTrustPay is going to think of more new and interesting contests for their loyal customers. As for now the Member Appreciation Week is over at SolidTrustPay unti9l further notice.

HYIP quotesStarting from the third place there are major changes in the HYIP Quotes section today of the TOP 5 most quoted HYIP programs this Friday. See more information about the TOP 5 programs below.

Trading Alliance Limited. The program is sticky listed at HYIPNews, however this couldn't stop it from falling in terms of the quotation index. The decline, which started on Tuesday continued until Friday, September 5, when the quotation index reached the lowest mark of 208 points. On Saturday though the quotation index increased a bit to 225 points. despite the decline this HYIP is still taking the first place in the list of TOP 5 most quoted programs.

EU5. The same is the situation with this HYIP. When the declining trend started on September 2, the quotation index kept on falling until Saturday, September 6. Fortunately then on Sunday the trend has changed a bit showing the rise of the quotation index a bit from 200 to 217 points. Still taking the second place.

RemiTrade. The decline is in action for this HYIP. Only because other HYIPs are in decline as well, it managed to get up to the third place in TOP 5 of the most quoted programs after the quotation index fell down from 231 to 209 points.

Ogden Organization. The program returned to the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs even despite the unstoppable decline, observed since the start of the month. All in all since September 1 the quotation index fell 32 points down and so far there is no way for the rise unfortunately.

GBgroup. This program is possibly showing the most stable performance lately. Indeed the HYIP is taking the first place in the TOP Choice section and it is natural for this one to get included into the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs. Starting from Wednesday, when the quotation index rose up to 192 points, it hasn't changed greatly. Moreover within three days from September 3 to September 5 it hasn't been changing at all and then a bit of decline was detected down to 188 points. This is enough for the HYIP to take the fifth place in the TOP 5 list of the most quoted programs today.

Nearly all programs included today into the TOP 5 list of the most quoted programs are observing the declining trend. The fact that some programs managed to stay on Top and even go up in the list being in decline speaks for itself. The most stable performance is observed with the HYIP taking the fifth place in the TOP 5 list of most quoted programs and TOP 1 place in the TOP Choice section. That is GBgroup of course. One more programRemiTrade could move two positions up in the list even despite the decline. One more program returned to the TOP 5. That is Ogden Organization. The first two HYIPs remain the same:Trading Alliance Limited and EU5.

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