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Updated: 09/12/2014 18:10
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You are welcome to the regular HYIP Informational Survey #345. One major change can be seen in the Top Choice section this Friday. The leader has changed today. GBgroup has been moved to blacklist The EU5 HYIP is now taking the first place in the listing. Four new programs have been included to the Openings section today. AS for Problems the section is very numerous, while the Closures lists only a few new programs. The Events section is shorter than the one on Tuesday. As for the HYIP Quotes section, there are many changes, the program taking the first place and some newcomers included. AS for Emoney, there is an update on the new feature added by Payza.

Top ChoiceYou are welcome to see the latest update on the TOP 10 programs listed at HYIPNews.

HyipNews Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. EU5 Listed: 130 days Profit: 2.6-3% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days days!
2. RemiTrade Listed: 290 days Profit: 0.3-4% daily! Term: up to 240 business days!
3. Ogden Organization Listed: 164 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
4. Albion Union Listed: 304 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
5. Laxo Trade Listed: 146 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
6. Ei Bankers Listed: 110 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
7. Panamatic Listed: 86 days Profit: 120-3500% after 1-40 days! Term: up to 40 calendar days!
8. Assured Assets Listed: 170 days Profit: 130-220% after 1-3 days! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
9. HyipCO Listed: 66 days Profit: 2.6-3.4% daily! Term: up to 88 calendar days!
10. Trading Alliance Limited Listed: 29 days Profit: 120-1650% after 1-30 days! Term: up to 60 calendar days!

Basically we can see one main change in the Top Choice section this Friday. First of all, it needs to be mentioned that leader has changed today. GBgroup has been moved to blacklist and as the result its positions have been lowered. The EU5 HYIP is now taking the first place in the listing. The newcomer to the HYIPNews listing is HyipCO taking the ninth place now. Trading Alliance Limited is still Sticky listed and stands above the rest programs listed. No other changes have been detected in the TOP Choice section today.

OpeningsToday i must declare there are four new programs added to HYIPNews listing within last three days. Pretty good result to be sincere. As for the new ones launched, there are pretty many of them as well. See more details in the list below:

Global Reserve Fund
70% daily for 2 days 125-800% after 1-20 days!
Quadro Business Group4.86-5.86% daily for up to 24 calendar days!
GunInvest 120-800% after 1-14 days!
Double Capital 5-10% daily up to 40 business days!

Adminings Arriels Avsinvestments Broker-fund Cappacapital Cleverinv Commoditykash Cosmohyip Dollarspopular Equity-inv Everydayprofit Gesgroup Guninvest Investforall Linstarfund Media-reserve Oculustf Oil-union Pearlglade Pm-invest Shopfund Social-money Touchincome Turbotir

As we can see the previous three days have been rather productive. Four new programs have been added. Global Reserve Fund offers a variety of investment plans, Quadro Business Group is more aimed at daily payouts. Speaking about another two Guninvest is only offering paid upon expiry investment plans. And finallyDouble Capital pays on a daily basis though the interest is high enough to consider this offer a risky one. Speaking about the list of HYIPs launched there can be several programs, worth investors' attention.

ProblemsToday in the Problems section we may observe a very limited number of newly closed programs. The list of those, which are Problem is on the contrary extremely large. Quite possible next Tuesday the majority of Problem programs will be eventually moved to Closures.

The biggest disappointment today is the scam of GBgroup, the HYIP, which used to be on top of the HYIPNews listing for a pretty long time. As for the programs, which used to be Problems last Tuesday, none of them managed to recover from the troubles and have either been moved to Closures or remain Problem. See more information about the Closures and problematic HYIPs below.

Relazia - not paying
Arabian Oil Inc - not paying
Austrian HYIP - not paying
HexaProfit - not paying
Forex Ambition Ltd - not paying
GRIFFIN PLAN - not paying
MH Profit - not paying
PROFIT ASSURED INC. - not paying
Alive Gold - not paying
Trader Ways - not paying
Safety Depositary - not paying
FX Daily Profit - not paying
Income Strategy - not paying
Gaxter Invest - not paying
Dok Investment Co - not paying
20 Day Gold - not paying
Almi Trade - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

GBgroup (175 days), WeTradeWePay (25 days), Endow Income (6 days), Trades In Car (8 days), BITC1 (71 days), Centre Invest Group (46 days).

EventsThe website of Compass-Business has changed to the utmost. Both the investment plans and the referral system have been updated. The referral bonus has been increased to 11%. As for the investment plans, all investors from now on are supposed to get lower interests, which is 24% after 30 business days. At the same time for anyone willing to deposit $1000 and more there is an offer to get total ROI of 117% within 30 business days.

The admin of ArbitrageTOP is trying to make as many efforts as possible to attract the investors' attention towards the project. As reported, phone support service has been implemented recently. The admin truly believes, the new option is supposed to improve the relationships between the programs' investors and set the trust level to the new level. In any case, if one is willing to learn any information about the project, one may call the following number: 8 800 555-41-08. The phone support is available during business hours every business day.

Cryptco Miner is a new program, which appeared online just two weeks ago. It seems to become rather popular online among the potential investors who enjoy fast and smooth payouts and large choice of the payment options offered by the program management. Another advantage of this investment opportunity is the lifetime plans, which allow to make up to 4.5% daily without any investment period limits. As for promoting the project on social networks some very short piece of news has been posted recently and delivered to the members saying that Cryptco Miner has joined the Twitter social network. Anyone willing is welcome to follow it and use this popular social network for referring new members.

The 2FX Ltd has posted some news and delivered it to the members concerning the anniversary of the project. As claimed 2FX Ltd celebrates 35 days online. The project is speeding up and currently there are more than 1300 members as reported by the admin of 2FX Ltd. About 30% of the entire membership have deposited real money into the project. The admin thanks every member for the trust and cooperation and promises to keep supporting the project.

The Trading Alliance Limited is the Sticky listed HYIP at HYIPNews. The program has been online for less than a month. Within such a short time it managed to get onto high positions in the listing as well as in the HYIP Quotes section. The program admin is very careful about posting the news. Moreover the news content from the admin of Trading Alliance Limited is delivered to the members on the regular basis, which is definitely a good sign for the image of the company.

In the latest news fromTrading Alliance Limited the admin reminds his members about active phone support, which is active now. In addition, new phone number has been added to make the service better and more qualitative. The new phone number, where anyone can reach the phone support every business day from 8am to 5pm GMT +1 is +44 203 7691 845.

Anothernew feature and service added by the team of Trading Alliance for the customers' convenience is the representative system. The new feature lets everyone join the team of Trading Alliance Limited and help it grow. AS a revenue more bonuses are paid to the regional representatives. The bonuses amounts are discussed individually.

In order to become the regional representative one should apply in a proper way. The following information should be provided for the application to be considered: Your Country: Your Name: Your Username in the Program: Your E-mail: Your Language Spoken: Your Skype: Your Facebook: Your Tel. Number if available: All this info should be sent directly to the dedicated e-mail address: partners@tradingalliancelimited.com.

The admin of Laxo Trade informs about updating the "ecurrencies" page. The new article observing the market of e-currencies giving advantages and disadvantages of using this or that payment system are given in the new article posted on the "ecurrencies" page.

EmoneyAnother improvement has been added at Payza e-currency payment system. Payza has always been thinking about simplifying the payment process to serve well the customers online. One of the most useful features that is aimed to make payment process easier is the Mass Pay feature integrated by Payza. There is only one restriction for using the feature: only the verified Payza members are eligible to use the Mass Pays feature by Payza. The detailed instructions on using ythe Mass Pay feature by Payza are given following the link above. Enjoy the convenient payment process with Payza.

HYIP quotesAnd here let us proceed with analysing the changes that happened in the HYIP Quotes section with the TOP 5 most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews. There is a leader change and some new programs added. See more details below.

Poker Automatics. The program is a new one, listed for only 22 days. However it managed to get on TOP of the HYIP Quotes section due to unstoppable rising trend, observed since the program launch. Particularly since Tuesday September 9 to Thursday September 11 the quotation index grew up from 168 to 210 points, which let this program get onto the first place in the list.

RemiTrade. The decline has continued the next day after the index reached 209 points. The following day it decreased more to 191 points. Fortunately for the members of the program the following day declining trend was changed with the rising one and the quotation index rose up to 216 points, which means this HYIP is currently taking the second place in the TOP 5 list of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.

FX Autoprofit. The situation with the quotation index of this HYIUP has been more or less stable at the beginning of the month until on Sunday September 7 it started to go down. Till Tuesday it was moving down and then eventually the trend changed and from 166 points the quotation index grew rapidly to 208 points and remains like that till now.

Trading Alliance Limited. After a bit of a rise another wave of decline started. The quotation index fell down from 225 to 2087 points and falling. Nevertheless it is currently sticky listed and seems the admin will take the measures required to improve the positions of this HYIP.

HyipCO. On Monday the decline of the quotation index for this HYIP stopped. Within four days till today it was rising more and more until ultimately it reached the point of 216 points on Wednesday compared to 186 on Monday. Even though on Thursday another decline started, 207 points is currently enough for the HYIP to take the fifth place in the list of most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews.

Mostly all programs are observing declining trends. Some of them have been removed from the TOP. EU5 for instance is out of TOP 5. GBgroup is blacklisted and hence removed from the list as well. SOme new programs have appeared instead. Poker Automatics has been showing amazing results entering the TOP 5 for the first time and immediately on the first place. FX Autoprofit is another newcomer of the HYIP Quoutes, which managed to get onto the third place. And one more HyipCO takes the fifth place thanks to good performance during the first half of the current week.

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