HYIP Lifetime: Reason to Work Longer Than Others

Updated: 10/17/2014 11:12
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When a person enters the HYIP industry, lots of questions rise in his head immediately. One of the main questions, which is the result of the first acquaintance with HYIP opportunities online comes as follows: Why some HYIPs work longer than others?

When a person enters the HYIP industry, lots of questions rise in his head immediately. One of the main questions, which is the result of the first acquaintance with HYIP opportunities online comes as follows: Why some HYIPs work longer than others? Or why some shut down so soon and others keep on running? I tried to figure out the main factors, due to which things like that happen, the key points responsible for the lifetime of HYIPs. Here they are as follows:

Admin of the HYIP

Obviously the admin is the main person for every HYIP. The owner of a program knows everything about it, he is aware of the current financial condition, initially even before the program launch admin normally has his goals and makes all efforts possible to follow and complete them. It is the admin who decides later on when the HYIP should be closed and when the payments should be stopped. The image of the admin matters as well. Public appearance is important. The more professional admin behaves the more successful he will probably be in public and on the contrary, if the project launched by the admin is amateur like, and the admin seems to be a newbie, he would probably not succeed and as the result will have to close the program soon.

HYIP Script

Another important factor, which influences upon the program lifetime is the script a HYIP works on. Nowadays, the number of experienced investors grows exponentially. Serious members are always interested in some sort of the unique approach towards running a HYIP project. It is much easier for the program admin to buy the ready-made script (there are lots of offers for the ready-made products online) and run the program on it. Although, if it's a custom-made one, then it obviously requires much more efforts and finances to take to launch the HYIP. And naturally, the admin of a HYIP running a unique custom-made script needs much more time for the project to compensate the spendings. Another thing is that serious HYIP admins more likely will keep on running HYIPs for a longer period of time than those, who prefer to purchase templates and hence able to launch new project once a week or so.

Unique Features

The idea of a project always matters. The HYIP will always be more successful if the legend used is unique and attractive for the potential investors. The same is about some exceptional features, which is a "know-how" for the industry. The uniqueness can be the entire concept of the moneymaking opportunity, such as Profitclicking, Bannersboker, Crypto mining etc. or some unique features, which attract investors attention. Ordinary investors love something new and of course the program, able to offer the unique features has potentially much more chances to succeed and enjoy wider popularity online, which naturally affects the lifetime of the HYIP.


Investors mostly prefer professionally made programs. That's understandable. Of course the HYIP industry knows the examples when "cheap" programs were successful. Saying "cheap" i mean simple design, trivial content, ordinary approach towards running a HYIP. However in most of the cases, the approach of the HYIP management towards running projects matters greatly. The programs with unique design, well thought navigation, the wise choice of the investment plans and unique content have more chances to get more investors day by day, which in its turn creates solid background for long project lifetime. Customers prefer everything to be within reach. All tips, instructions and important navigation needs to be accessed from the main page. Professional approach always takes that into account and considers the importance of these factors.

Advertising Strategy

Choosing the right advertising strategy for a HYIP means a lot for its lifetime. It is the matter of balance. Good admin needs to find out the best way to make the project grow gradually for to keep the HYIP running for long. Everything is simple, if too much money is spent on advertising, the program's visibility online increases greatly at first days of its existence. As the result it may lead to a very rapid collapse due to the lack of finances, for the number of new people ready to deposit funds will not exceed the number of previously joined members asking for huge profits and the principals back. On the contrary if a HYIP is growing smoothly, with no large spendings and wise advertising budget implemented the membership of a HYIP grows gradually and there is no lack of funds. New investors join, made deposits and this amount is enough to pay profits to early investors. That is close to the ideal pyramid. If things go well, if the advertising strategy is wise enough, HYIP is able to work for months or even years to come.


The combination of all factors given above influences the program popularity. In that aspect the golden mean should chosen. Experienced investors always try to make due diligence of the HYIP market and choose programs, which are worth to join and make deposits to their mind. The programs which are not popular enough is a hard choice just like the programs, which are too popular. In that case investors more likely think it's too late to join. Somehow the program always needs to have potential to grow further on. The image of a HYIP, which is in the middle of its run is important. The HYIPs, which create such an image will more likely enjoy wide popularity among all kinds of investors, both the newbie and experienced ones.

As we can see lots of factors influence the HYIPs lifetime. I assume not all of them are mentioned here. At the end every investor should work out his own strategy, following which the right programs are chosen. Through trial and error investors choose the programs and factors, which are most important for them, though it needs to be taken into consideration, there is no sole factor, which gives a vote for this or that HYIP. There's always a combination and variation of different factors, which affect the HYIP lifetime and popularity among investors online. Hope the article was helpful and could answer the question risen to some extent at least.

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