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Updated: 11/06/2014 16:05
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eastoil review
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The professional review of EastOil, the HYIP which refers once again to the Oil niche is at your attention below. The admin is another kind of people, trying to persuade every member, it is going to be a pleasure working with the project and earn passive income with EastOil. First conclusions about the project's performance can be made right away. It's been listed at HYIPNews for nearly 50 days. Within such a short time, EastOil managed to get on the 10th position, which means things go pretty well around this HYIP. Let's try to get into details about EastOil and consider every aspect possible, which may refer to the EastOil HYIP.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

After reading the website of EastOil just once, it's getting clear the admin tries to be as more user-friendly as possible. The site in this aspect offers several useful pages and informational blocks that are aimed to become useful for the customers. The design is rather typical, however it is not some sort of a template-like cheap website. Entirely the website is different from ordinary one-day projects. The design is nicely-made. The colors are attractive, all in all it makes the impression EastOil is a big company, working on the oil market. That is actually what is required for a good HYIP to look like.

On Top of the main page, there's a block showing phone number to contact the support. There are also buttons to join the project on social networks and the login/signup buttons. Facebook block stands alone, where anyone willing may Like EastOil and join conversation about it on the popular social network. Some stats updated in real-time mode show the amount of money deposited to the project and overall number of members joined. Some security and proofs icons are given also on the main page. On the bottom of the page, the description of the investment plans offered is provided for customers' convenience.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

Two blocks of investment opportunities are offered to the members. Brent Oil Plan offers daily payouts, while WTI Oil Plan provides paid-upon-expiry investment solution. Getting into details about the plans offered it needs to be mentioned that WTI Oil Plan is meant more for the gamblers, while Brent Oil Plan is more conservative providing daily payout offers. Here are the details of the plans offered:

Depositing funds to Brent Oil Plans the minimum to join is $25.
- depositing $25-$2000, one gets paid with 3.2% daily, which is 224% pure profit after 70 calendar days (the breakeven point is 32 days);
- depositing $2001-$5000, one gets paid with 3.4% daily, which is 238% pure profit after 70 calendar days (the breakeven point is 30 days);
- depositing $5001-$50000, one gets paid with 3.6% daily, which is 252% pure profit after 70 calendar days (the breakeven point is 28 days).

Speaking of the the WTI Oil Plans the minimum to join is also $25.
- deposit of $25-$2000 earns 550% (principal included) at the expiry of 55 days;
- deposit of $1001-$2000 earns 650% (principal included) at the expiry of 55 days;
- deposit of $2001-$50000 earns 800% (principal included) at the expiry of 55 days.

Speaking about the affiliate program, it needs to be taken into consideration that any registered member joins it automatically. Another important thing here is that affiliate program offered by EastOil is flexible. It is three-level, which means the following:
Level 1: You will instantly receive a 7% commission from any referral that deposits to their account.
Level 2: You will receive 2% of all deposit volumes from sub-referrals.
Level 3: You will also receive 1% of all deposit volumes from third level referrals.

To be able to get affiliate bonuses you should simply let the downlines follow and signup to the EastOil website through your affiliate link. To make it easier the promotional banners are at your attention in the "Affiliate Program" section. There also you can look in to the stats about the current number of downlines you have. The bonus is added to your account automatically every time your downline makes new deposit or adds funds to the current one. There are no limits for the earning potential with EastOil. Everything depends on your activity.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Both depositing and withdrawal of funds to/from EastOil can be completed using the following payment processors: Perfect Money, EgoPay, Bitcoin, Payeer (Visa/Mastercard). Depositing funds you should know there are no fees for handling the deposit. All deposits made to the project are approved instantly, in a minute maximum. As i have already mentioned in the previous section of the review, minimum to deposit for all the plans is $25 and maximum is $50000. Additional investments are also accepted.

Speaking about funds withdrawals they are completed manually within 12 hours after the corresponding request is made. Normally it takes much less and they are aid within an hour or two, however some delays occur, which don't exceed the 12 hours deadline. The minimum to withdraw is $0.01. To make the request it is enough to enter your account and proceed to the "Withraw Funds" section.

4. Legend and Content!

The legend that hides behind the project has been considered in a verify smart way. Oil business is something, which is supposed to look very serious. The About Us section tell in a very detailed way about the history of the company, claimed to be launched far back in 2009, and officially incorporated in summer 2014. As the legend says, the company specializes in oil trading that involves purchasing securities of companies engaged in oil mining.

The website says, the company is registered at: EASTOIL LTD. 6 Clivemond Road, MaidenheadEngland, SL6 7FW, however, it needs to be taken into consideration more likely it's the virtual office, which is a common thing for HYIP websites. The admin explains in a pretty old-school way the source for income and difference in money-earning potential of all the investment plans offered. As explained, income depends from the management strategy, the volume of assets in the investment fund, the structure of the investment portfolio and leverage.

The more resources spent on the fund management, the greater profit will be. Therefore, profitable funds require larger deposits from investors. The explanation is rather trivial, though for some investors that may be enough for a try. At least the management of EastOil took some time to think of good legend and background.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The Customer Support Service offers a wide choice of contact means for the customers both potential and current ones. The "Contact Us" page includes a simple webform for submitting questions. Along with that, the phone number to contact eh support and e-mail for the direct contact is included there as well. The footer of the website contains all required information for the contact accordingly. Still the best way to contact is Live Chat feature enabled on every page of the website. Along with that as i have mentioned earlier, there are ays to contact support or discuss things around EastOil in the social networks, where the project is presented.

Technical Aspect!

The SSL Certificate for eastoil.biz is signed by COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA which is signed by COMODO RSA Certification Authority which is signed by AddTrust External CA Root wich is signed by AddTrust External CA Root . The SSL Certificate will expire on Saturday 12 September 2015 this means it is still valid for 309 days. This SSL Certificate will display a green address bar in the visitors browser, and the identity of the website owner and the Certificate Authority. EV SSL Certificates have the highest level of trust and security.

The website of EastOil is running on the licensed Goldcoders script, which has been modified particularly for this program. The username given to members after completing signup is generated automatically, you cannot choose your own. The site is hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by DDoSGuard. The domain 'eastoil.biz' expires in 5 years on June 08 2019, though it doesn't prove the company will last that long of course.

7. Special Features!

The website offers the package of interesting features, which may be considered as special ones. First of all, the "Guide" section in the main menu. Entering the page one may find lots of useful and interesting information for the HYIP newbies first of all. The "Online Exchangers" section contains the contact information on recommended currency online exchangers, which may be helpful for depositing and withdrawal of funds. EastOil offers the Regional Representative option for those willing to earn more from promotional program, referring more downlines to the program. The corresponding page gives general information about the program as well as provides an open list of active representatives, where one may find contact information, name, last name, username in the project and the region the person is responsible for. There are lots of them by now, and vacancy is still open.

8. Conclusion!

Well then, EastOil looks like a typical HYIP, with some work done before the launch. The content has been considered wisely. The website design and a set of technical features along with the unique ones let us think, the admin of the project has planned to stay here for a while.

Apart from the rest, several times in row, EastOil has become a member of the Hyip Quotes section in the regular HYIP Informational Survey. The section published presents the readers with the TOP 5 of most quoted prorgams listed at HYIPNews. Currently it is taking the third place among all programs listed, which means, the project is being promoted in an active way and the number of backlinks to the genuine website is growing. Well of course, the duration of the investment plans is rather serious. 55 days is a long road to go, which is definitely going to become the point of interest for all the mebmers, when the paid-upon-expiry investment plans will be closing day-by-day.

The admin of EastOil hasn't invested much in the program promotion on its early stages, though now seems the advertising budget has been increased. The project is being popularized online, and in this aspect one should decide independently, whether this HYIP is worth joining or not. Anyway, it's nothing but a HYIP. The legend about oil business does not have any proofs to be valid.

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