HYIP Informational Survey (November 366)

Updated: 11/28/2014 18:11
Hyip Monitor
The HYIP Informational Survey #366 this Friday is noted with the large number of Events from the HYIPs online. The section is rather numerous. There are also some notifications about the Black Friday celebrated among all at HYIPNews as well. This day we are offering 50% discount for all ad services offered at HYIPNews in case of ordering and buying the discount coupon, more information of which is given on the HYIPNews Events section.

As for the HYIPs listed on top of HYIPNews hyip monitor, things are stable. The Top Choice section is not changed at all within last three days. The Hyip Quotes section is on the contrary absolutely different. Programs exchanged places, more information about that is given below. Three HYIPs have been added to HYIPNews listing, the details about the new programs are provide in the Openings section of the survey. As for the Problems, the number of those HYIPs is not that large at all. Bityes and Payza have arranged the promotion on Black Friday.

Top Choice HYIPsThe Top Choice section is presented below at your attention. If any changes occurred, they are all shown in the list of top 10 programs listed.

HYIPNews.com Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. EU5 Listed: 207 days Profit: 2.6-3% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days days!
2. Ogden Organization Listed: 241 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
3. Grand Agro Finance Listed: 108 days Profit: 135-2000% after 1-35 days! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
4. Laxo Trade Listed: 223 days Profit: 2% daily! 11% weekly! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
5. Albion Union Listed: 381 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
6. Assured Assets Listed: 247 days Profit: 0.8-1.4% daily! Term: up to 190 business days!
7. 3-Business Listed: 295 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
8. Nano Industry Investments Listed: 101 days Profit: up to 40% weekly! Term: up to 240 calendar days!
9. Poker Automatics Listed: 99 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
10. C-7 Listed: 394 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!

There are absolutely no changes in the Top Choice section. All programs are located on the same positions. No recent scams on top of the listing are detected fortunately. The last three days have been rather stable, which is a good sign after all.

HYIPs OpeningsThe stable performance on top of the listing could reflect in the Openings section. Let's see if there are any new programs added lately to HYIPNews listing.

Storm Betting 5-8% daily up to 28 calendar days!
Top Financial Strategy 50% daily for 3 days, 115-700% after 1-20 days!
COMEX Brokerage 1.8-2.2% daily up to 160 business days!

Dmibildinginvest Empira Inv-compass Mmtradefx Payinggroup Pm2you Roxinvest Vivafly Yourlevelprofit

There are three new programs added to HYIPNews listing within last three days. Good result, especially taking into consideration the number of new programs actually launched lately. There is a minimum of them. As for those newly added to HYIPNews, two of them are short-term HYIPs: Storm Betting and Top Financial Strategy. As for COMEX Brokerage this one is offering long-term investment opportunity.

HYIP ProblemsSpeaking of the Problems section, it needs to be mentioned this one is constantly updated with new HYIPs, currently experiencing troubles with payouts or website access. This Tuesday the Problems section was not that numerous, however one program managed to recover from troubles.

Cheetah Shares has resumed its paying status unlike others, which were moved to Closures. The current problems list is not large as well, along with the the closures section. One program listed at HYIPNews, Club Forex, is now assigned with Problem status. More likely it will be eventually moved to Closures. We'll watch for the development.

Club Forex - not paying
Aura Finance - not paying
EIB-Club - not paying
B10 - not paying
Real150 - not paying
BioEarning - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Popular Invest (19 days), Best Stock (243 days), Profit Oil (16 days), Magnetic8 (6 days), Stable Finance (9 days), Hour After Hour (10 days), VIC Money (939 days), One Day Profit (88 days), Prof - Invest (18 days).

HYIP EventsThe update has been posted at Poker Automatics concerning the Bitcoin deposits. The good news about all those interested in making deposits via this alternative e-currency is the ability to use bitcoins with 6 digits after the decimal point.

Hash Profit is offering discounts again. The admin is happy about the new members and the currency of its own. As it's been reported till November 28 one can obtain up to 200 000 Kh/s paying 45% less than usual. Apart from that for every 100 Kh/s members accounts are funded with one coin of ProfitCoin (PFC). Very soon the Kh/s obtained could be exchanged automatically to PFC, which later on can be exchanged to real money of bitcoins. Another option is to get more Kh/s taking into account the rate of the currency will be increased by 1.5-5% per week.

Another promo is run at Nano Industry Investments. It's the bonus offer, a bit later some new investment plans will be opened. All in all 500 bonuses of 365 are ready. Anyone can get them making a deposit to any of the investment plans available. The scheme is simple - you make a deposit - proceed to the order page - order the reward - get it instantly and enjoy.

Fixed Income Finances can be accessed without https protocol in case of troubles with SSL. The project is 79 days online. Certain results have been achieved during this time: Alexa rank 53316, more than 12K of members, more than $10 mln. deposits and around $8 mln. withdrawn. Those are the first steps, as claimed by the admin.

Silveks has reduced the daily interests to 0.7%. The reason is the end of the year and financial fluctuations on the market. As reported after the new year holidays at the beginning of the year 2015 the daily interest will be resumed.

Laxo Trade reminds that short-term special plan paying 41% profit after 15 days will be open for three more days. On December 1 it expires, though anyone who manages to make deposits before the expiry date will keep on running with it. As for initially available daily and weekly investment plans they are working on the constant basis.

The Raisean HYIP has successfully celebrated 35 days online. So far the stats provided by the admin are rather positive. As claimed more than 6500 members joined, 12 language localizations have been introduced. As for payouts the amount paid as withdrawals is rather significant as well: more than $135K. The secret to the successful performance of the HYIP within the first month is wise marketing strategy based on introducing innovations without breaking the entire scheme.

The fifth official newsletter has been delivered by the admin of OneStability with the words of appraisal for the customers thanking each and every one for the trust and confidence when cooperating with the project. To somehow show the appreciation towards loyal customers bonus program has been introduced by OneStability team. Here are the terms of the bonus program for the active members who post proofs on forums and blogs:

1. Posts only on the main forums: TalkGold, MMG, DTM, MMGP are accepted
2. For each payment proof post, $0.25 is paid
3. You are only allowed to post real payment proofs which you receive from OneStability
4. You have to abide by all the rules of the forums
5. Each member is allowed to earn up to $50 in total from this bonus program
6. The minimum request for a bonus is $1, which equals 4 posts.

The bonus program remains open till the limit of bonus payouts is reached. Still it's been reported this program will be re-opened from time to time.

There are several highlights showing latest results achieved within nearly 60 days OneStability has been running online. The project is working on the new design right now, which is going to remind of Christmas. As for the results, the minimum for the Retail plan has been reduced from $50 to $10. The minimum length of the video to join the best video contest has been increased accordingly from 15 to 30 seconds.

Assured Assets is open for bankwire deposits. The project is a part of Top Choice section with the serious lifetime of 247 days. It is definitely one of the Top programs currently running online and it's about time to launch the bankwire deposit option to the members. Speaking about results of Assured Assets, they are stunning. More than 35K investors joined the project since its launch in 2013.

The number grows day by day and the services provided by the popular income opportunity are being optimised constantly. So, speaking of the wire transfers, the option has finally been introduced to the audience. All transfers are now processed smoothly with lower fees and faster processing time. All wire transfers are handled automatically. Within an hour after making a wire, the account is credited.

Bitship is 20 days online and growing. As the admin reports, more than 7950 members joined the project since the launch. The amount reported to be deposited is enormous: $2mln. and $768K withdrawn. Hardly this information is valid for such a new program. In any case if you have any question concerning the program's performance, you can use the Live Chat.

EmoneyPayza members now have access to BitYes.com, an online trading platform operated by the professional and experienced team at Huobi that lets you buy and sell both Bitcoin and Litecoin using USD. Along with adding Payza as a funding method on their site, BitYes.com is also announcing a promotion "Bitcoin Black Friday"!

When adding funds to their BitYes.com accounts on Friday, November 28, Payza members will not pay any deposit fees. There will also be no transaction fees on the BitYes.com platform during this promotion. The special deal is a great way for Payza members to get familiar with the BitYes.com platform and to learn how to use all their tools and features.

BitYes.com is an online trading platform that allows members to buy and sell both Bitcoin and Litecoin with U.S. Dollars. Using their state-of-the-art trading platform, members can buy and sell the popular cryptocurrencies quickly and easily.

HYIP QuotesAfter the rising trend on Tuesday, we observe some decline of the index trend. See more information below.

Ogden Organization. Quite possibly that is the only program in the TOP 5 section, where the rise of the quotation index is observed. Thanks to the growth, which continued after reaching the mark of 268 points on Sunday it reached 304 points and even though it fell down a bit to 280 points on Monday, that is enough for the HYIP to take the first place, which is three positions better that on Tuesday.

EU5. Right after the program reached 308 points on Saturday, the following day the quotation index of this HYIP fell 36 points down. Then eventually it stopped on 272 points, keeping it stable within last three days.

Nano Industry Investments. The HYIP is still taking the third place, however the index is 60 points less. Right after it reached the all-time maximum on Friday, the trend changed and starting from Saturday the index was going down and down. Within just two days by Monday it fell down to 248 points.

Poker Automatics. Compared to the position in the Hyip Quotes section this Tuesday, there is one place growth. At the same time, the quotation index of the HYIP decreased significantly. Only because other HYIPs lost some points as well this HYIP managed to remain on TOP and even win one position in the ranking. Getting close to the quotation index within two days on Tuesday and Wednesday it moved down from 264 to 230 points.

Grand Agro Finance. The performance of this HYIP within last week is the most disappointing of all five programs included in the Hyip Quotes section. The fall from the first to the fifth place has become possible due to superb points loss. Within three days the quotation index decreased from 316 to 216 points by Wednesday.

As we can see the changes are mostly observed in the middle part of the Hyip Quotes section. We have a leader change. Ogden Organization moved to the first place from the fourth one thanks to the growing trend. As for Grand Agro Finance, things are terrible here: -100 points within just three days. Looks like everything is not smooth with this HYIP. As for the rest three programs, they are also in declien right now, however they more or less managed to keep their positions in the Hyip Quotes section.

HYIPNews EventsEvery year the last Friday of November is the best day for the customers from all over the world. The day is called Black Friday. Customers from all over the world enjoy the biggest discounts offered by merchants both online and in offline stores. The goods, services and other products are offered with the biggest discounts ever.

HYIPNews.com is not an exception and today we are pleased to offer discounts for all the services ordered till 0:00 GMT today. We are happy to introduce the discount coupon. Spend only $5, order the discount coupon and get 50% discount for all the services offered at HYIPNews, including hyip monitor, banner services, promotional services, like interviews, reviews, Ads in Surveys and Solo Ad deliveries.

The discount is only valid till the end of Black Friday. Hurry up! Don't waste your time and take advantage of the 50% discount offered by HYIPNews today on Black Friday.

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