HYIP Informational Survey (December 368)

Updated: 12/12/2014 13:59
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After a long break the HYIP Informational Survey is back released. The HYIP Informational Survey #368 includes the news about the updated Top Choice section as well as new programs added to the Openings section. The Problems and Closures section also include some new hyip opportunities, which are now experiencing troubles or, which is worse, closed forever. As for Events section, there are some latest updates from the HYIPs working online, though there are not many of them.

Obviously the industry is slowing down before the Christmas. The Emoney section is on the contrary including several fresh updates from the leading payment processors used by HYIP investors, including the announcement on the working schedule of SolidTrustPay during Christmas period and the new features and payment options added by OKPAY.

As for Hyip Quotes section, it is also very different from the one in the HYIP Informational Survey #367. The HYIPNews Events today offers the discounts for the services offered by HYIPNews.More information can be seen in the HYIP Informational Survey #368 below:


Top Choice HYIPsHave a look at the new updated TOP Choice section after the closure of some programs, which used to be on Top before.

HYIPNews.com Choice  The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Ogden Organization Listed: 255 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
2. Grand Agro Finance Listed: 122 days Profit: 135-2000% after 1-35 days! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
3. Albion Union Listed: 395 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
4. Assured Assets Listed: 261 days Profit: 0.8-1.4% daily! Term: up to 190 business days!
5. 3-Business Listed: 309 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
6. Nano Industry Investments Listed: 115 days Profit: up to 40% weekly! Term: up to 240 calendar days!
7. Poker Automatics Listed: 113 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
8. C-7 Listed: 308 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!
9. Blue Sky Asset Listed: 177 days Profit: up to 15% daily! Term: up to 365 calendar days!
10. Popular Finance House Listed: 308 days Profit: 1-300% after 1-3 days! Term: up to 365 calendar days!

Ten days ago the last HYIP Informational Survey was released and now there are certain changes within. Two leading HYIPs, Laxo Trade and EU5 have been moved out from TOP choice, for were moved to Closures and Problems section accordingly. Two new HYIPs have appeared in the Top Choice section instead: Blue Sky Asset, listed for 177 days and paying up to 15% daily and Popular Finance House, listed for 87 days and paying up to 300% after 300 days. All other HYIPs are still the same and TOP 1 place is today taken by Ogden Organization.

HYIPs OpeningsWithin last ten days some new HYIPs have been added to HYIPNews listing. Let us share the info about them below.

OilPalas 130-1500% after 1-30 days!
Solidinvest 1-4% daily 115-175% after 3-10 days!
Top Forex 121-1300% after 1-20 days!
Ron Fund 130-1080% after 1-15 days!
BTC Plaza 125-1700% after 1-32 days!
Mind Investments Pro 13.5-14.5% daily for 10 calendar days!

Airsell Aktion-trade Atrextrade Bin-invest Blockwell Bloombexchallenge Bor3dinv Btperfex Business-enterprise Buy-to-sell Coinassets Davinci-club Ecorp-inv Effin Exnell Fund4 Fxactivefund Geniusearning Globalprofitfund Grand-realestate Green-union Hashcoin Index-traders Invaltltd Lawsonmetals Leovel Losanagroup Mybestearning Newetrading Nhmfund Nowell Oilbricks Oilgalaxy Oilglobal Ourbeks Payingforever Professional-finance-ldt Pros-fund Qualitycie Real125 Rich-people Seedmoney Speedforex Stablehours Stream-investment Tandlinvestment Tisincome Tophourly Tradersdeluxe Voltaicinvest Wood-investment Worldwidegrants Wticrudeoilinv Yasamart

So, as you know it's been 10 days and expectedly quite an amount of new HYIPs have appeared online within this time. The long list of links to new HYIP may also include some, which have opened and closed soon. As for the new programs there are six of them today among those added to HYIPNews listing within last ten days. Most of HYIPs added to HYIPNews listing, both Premium and Free one are short-term income opportunities, offering paid-upon-expiry investment plans.

HYIP ProblemsThe Problems section today includes several HYIPs, which were listed at HYIPnews for quite a long time. Apart from that there are some new ones there. The Closures section also includes several income opportunities, which were listed at HYIPnews, as well as those closed for good and listed on other listing sites. See more details below.

EU5 - not paying
Top Financial Strategy - not paying
OilRig Builders - not paying
Bitship - not paying
Solid Trade Bank - not paying
Gulf Oil Inv - not paying
Global HYIP 2014 - not paying
Investo - not paying
Oil Global - not paying
Crypto Arbitrage - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Laxo Trade (237 days), 5 Way Passive (18 days), FXAutoprofit (144 days), Trade Invest Hourly (10 days), Alex Trading (15 days), Primearn (16 days), PipsGalaxy (18 days), ProfitRound TheClock (23 days), Maestro Capital Group (41 days), THEINV (5 days), Zaiva Forex (16 days), Vbotrade Inc (40 days), Grandiose Invest Ltd (15 days), TOTAL FX (4 days), ONE NATIONAL TRADING (4 days), Hot Profit Online (43 days), LuckyInvest (10 days).

HYIP EventsThe Bitship project has been given with the AWAITING status on HYIPNews listing after being listed for 27 days with us. Nevertheless it needs to be mentioned, the project has delivered the newsletter to the members recently informing on completing 30 days online. The newsletter tells about recent achievements and financial results. Apart from that there is a word on customer care improvement and dom ain extension. See more information below.

So getting close to the milestones achieved by Bitship as the admin claimed there are currently more than 8800 members registered. The overall amount is claimed to be over $2mln. That is pretty much for a HYIP especially taking into account so short lifetime. At the same time there is a short notice about launching the live chat option and phone support. Starting from now on, one can reach the support department using one of these alternative means of communication. The phone number to reach Bitship support is: +44 (121) 368-08-12 any time from 8 AM to 6 PM GMT.

Speaking about the domain extension, the domain bitship.biz domain name has been prolonged for another 5 years. Basically that doesn't prove any long-term intentions of the project, for the price for the extension is not that much to be taken into consideration. The admin of Bitship reminds also about the referral system terms, giving a note of the advantages and passive income one may earn from referral bonuses for active partnership activity.

In this aspect it needs to be mentioned that referral system of Bitship has been extended to three levels. First level referral are awarded with 3% bonus, 1.5% - at second level and 0.5% - at the third level.

The industry has been slowing down with the news recently, however some interesting news updates are delivered today in the news digest. For a start there is a warning newsletter sent to the members of Nano Industry Investments.

The warning is raised against fake e-mails sent on behalf of the project with the request to send funds directly to some unknown Bitcoin wallets. With a view to that the admin reminds not to make any deposits outside the official website of Nano Industry Investments. Any suspicious e-mail should be ignored immediately and sending money to any unknown e-wallets is highly not recommended.

The admin of Venture Wealth is happy to report the project is 20 days online. The first investment cycle is now completed for the investors who made deposits on the very first day of the project's lifetime. As claimed all members, who are currently in, are satisfied with earning potential. The admin in his turn reminds again to enter the account details in members' profiles, for without them included proceeding withdrawal requests is hardly possible.

LetsHaveCash reports the milestones reached close to the end of 2014. The recent stats reported show more than 70K of registered members with the deposit amount of more than $36mln. and Alexa rank of 8851. There also go some promotion inside the latest newsletter, however we shall simply pay your attention to the most informative aspects. Referral program is three-level. the withdrawals are paid instantly.

As for the future plans, the new plan is about to be launched. The good news about the project is that it's now incorporated under the Registrar of Companies of England and Wales on the name of LETSHAVECASH LTD. The company incorporation information can be accessed following the link above. Another good news is EV SSL certificate now available. The web site of LetsHaveCash is now accessed with the Green Bar in the Address bar.

EmoneyThe leading online payment processor has updated the customers with the schedule of working hours and holidays for the forthcoming holidays. As usually closer to the Christmas and New Year holidays the SolidTrustPay customer care department. So due to the holidays and official days-off in banks SolidTrustPay updates the customers with the dates, when SolidTrust Pay's Customer Support will be closed. here are the dates:

Wednesday, December 24th
Thursday, December 25th*
Friday, December 26th *
Wednesday, December 31st
Thursday, January 1st *
*Indicates Bank Holiday

Due to the information given above it's important to be aware in case any banking transaction, no matter if it's a withdrawal or a deposit, will be initiated as late as on December 21 one should be ready to get it finalized not sooner than during the first week of January 2015. Another reminder is about the security of funds and accounts safety.

For many people travel on Christmas holidays, it's been requested to notify SolidTrustPay in case of leaving he country in order to prevent the account being locked due to IP change. TrustCard holders also need to notify SolidTrustPay for roaming is covered by their card benefits.

OKPAY has issued several updates lately. First of all it reports on adding the most popular payment methods: Visa And MasterCard cars with instant processing. The OKPAY merchants can now send the request to activate the payment methods supported in the settings of the e-wallet.

Taking into account the peculiarities of making payments via banking cards, this payment method is refundable. Chargeback is possible in other words. The payments received move to reserve. After the reserve time expires, the funds become available for use immediately.

The Pre-approved Billing Service has been introduced by OKPAY. That is some sort of making direct debiting based upon the terms agreed primarily between the merchant and the client. This feature can be used to make payments faster in a more convenient way.

The benefits of pre-approved payments are obvious. When using the OKPAY payment method for making regular payments this feature gives opportunity to provide the service with no interruption. The merchants so are recommended to integrate the pre-approved billing to the system.

The customer may get access to the pre-approved payments by signing an agreement between a customer and the merchant to allow the last one debiting funds automatically, which simplifies the account management and the process of paying services to the merchant.

Another news from OKPAY is the integration of dogecoin crypto-currency. This one is a popular open-code currency, which is fully integrated in OKPAY services. More information on how to make deposits and withdraw funds is there one the Add Money and Withdrawal pages.

The customers from China can be happy with another goods news from OKPAY. The list of acceptable currencies in the OKPAY wallet properties has been added with Chinese Yuan (CNY). Additionally, Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) can be used for deposit as well as withdrawal via bank transfer with OKPAY.

HYIP QuotesIt's been ten days since the last HYIP Informational Survey was published. Within this time the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs listed at HYIPNews changed greatly. See more information below:

Ogden Organization. The program is still taking the first place. The movement of the quotation index within last ten days gives an opinion of some sort of repeated action. First the index goes up to 298 points, then goes down and then up again. Currently we are on the declining stage and the current index is 292 points.

Poker Automatics. The program moved from the fourth to the second place in the TOP 5 of the most quoted HYIPs. Starting from December 5 till December 9 the trend was rising and the quotation index rose from 233 to 264 points. Although on Wednesday, December 10 it moved three points down, that is enough for the HYIP to take the second place.

Nano Industry Investments. The HYIP lost one position and now takes the third place. From Friday, November 28 the index kept falling down to 245 points and then starting from the beginning of December the trend changed to rising. Within just two days the quotation index rose up to 305 points. Unfortunately the following day it started to go down rapidly and eventually by December 8 it moved down to 260 points.

Mark Apter. The program is include in TOP 5 for the first time. It has been listed at HYIPNews for 55 days and currently it takes the 13 place in the listing. As for the quotation index, it remains stable since November 22 till now. Currently it makes 216 points with no movement up or down. Very stable performance is shown by this HYIP.

BITC1. Another new HYIP added to HYIPNews 13 days ago has managed to get included to the TOP 5 of the most quoted programs thanks to the rapid growth of the quotation index, which took place since December 7 and last till now. Within four days the quotation index rose from 80 to 176 points. Even though on Wednesday, December 10 it moved 10 points down that's been enough for the HYIP to get include to the fifth place of the HYIP Quotes section this Friday.

As we can see there are certain changes in the Hyip Quotes section compared to the one on Tuesday. The first place remains stable taken by Ogden Organization. Further on changes occur. Poker Automatics moved two positions up and Nano Industry Investments moves on position down. Two new HYIPs are the newcomers to the Hyip Quotes section taking the fourth and the fifth places accordingly.

HYIPNews EventsIt's close to Christmas and we are pleased to start promoting Effective Launch Package aimed to improve the presence of the HYIPs listed and newly added to HYIPNews at lower prices. In addition to regular Premium listing or even without it, we are pleased to offer the banners, interview and reviews services at the attention of HYIP admins.

As the steps, needed to be taken for improving your site popularity the following actions are recommended:

- Proceed to the HYIPNews Shop and order the banners A, J and B. These are the biggest ones and hence more visible on the site. Regular prices are $39.99, $19.99 and $99.99 per week respectively.

- Another step that is meant to increase your site popularity and give a spur to the growth of your website ranks among our subscribers is to purchase Ads in Survey. Twice a week we are sending our the mailing to the double opt-in database of our subscribers with the latest informational survey of the industry. The audience is 100% targeted and placing a banner ads within the survey will be extremely helpful for your promotion needs. Regular price is $10 per one Ad

- Solo E-mail Ads delivered to the membership on the days, when the informational survey is not delivered. Regular price is $29.99 per Ad.

- The paid promotional interview with the representative of your program can be organized. The questions are delivered upon completing the order. When you answer them, the interview is published as the article with the link on the newsline. Regular price is $49.99.

- And finally you can order the Professional review of your investment opportunity on the site of HYIPNews.com on the newsline with the detailed analysis of your site and your project as a whole. Regular price is $99.99

If you buy all the ads, banners and promotional services mentioned above, the entire price will make $349.94. We are offering to make the wholesale order, which can save you $50. The Effective Launch Package includes all services, promotional ones and banners mentioned above. Clicking the link to obtain the Effective Launch Package you will get the same services and pay as little as $295.

That is a unique offer, which is going to be valid till Christmas. Don't waste the chance to increase the online presence of your website and take advantage of the unique Ad services provided by HYIPNews.com.

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