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Updated: 02/05/2015 11:46
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One of the hardest tasks investors face with when dealing with HYIPs is to decide upon the future cooperation with a HYIP after completing the first investment plan. Actually there are mostly several options offered. One can go for another round or leave the principal and reinvest the profits. One can even withdraw all, the principal and the profits. The common mistake of the newbies is to leave all the money for another round without taking care the risks taken.

The main factor that affects their decision is greed. After all, when dealing with HYIPs it is essential to control yourself. If you somehow realize that reinvesting can be possible just because of greed, withdraw all the funds immediately. Even though the second round may be looking rather interesting and perspective it is better not to go for it to save your money.

What if there is no greed factor that affects your decision? The wise thing before taking the final decision is to look into the plans of a HYIP and see how long the project has been running till no. Try to compare the number of completed circles and calculate the potential lifetime and the possibility for another round to get completed. The worst is to invest to the second cycle of a program right after the end of the first one. That is the stage when the risk of being scammed is maximum. In this case you should wait for the second cycle to be completed and then try to make another decision, based upon the results of the second cycle.

If you see that two investment cycles are completed look into the Alexa rank of a HYIP. You see the rank is below 10000 wait with the new deposit, unless the program is very popular and still growing fast. What if the Alexa Daily Reach Chart not growing anymore. That would be another reason to stay out from investing as well. A;lso before making a final decision to invest or leave the project one should check forums and advertising activity of a HIP to check the cashflow and popularity index. here you should consider that Sticky listing or TOP positions on TOP listing sites is not always a 100% indicator.

One more thing, worth taking into account is that the rules given above can only be applied to short and medium term programs. If you are lucky to end the investment cycle in a long-term HYIP it is hardly possible the second cycle would be the same successful. The best way here is to take back your principal and all the earnings and leave the project in search for the new one. Another option is to reinvest just 50% of your profit, perhaps there is a compounding option available, leave it to earn some more if possible. Once again, if there are negative signs or bad votes or any other factors that may bethe proof of coming troubles it is not the best option to leave a single penny with the project.

All in all, in order to to remain on the safe side, be always up-to-date. Always check the news and other stuff about the HYIP market and programs online. If you do you will have a good impression of the current trends and programs' performance. It will be much easier for you to make such decisions if you are aware of the industry performance day-by-day. One more thing to look for when taking a decision to stay or leave the project is to check if there's an option for an early principal withdrawal. The golden rule can be applied here: "Better out too early than too late!"

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