What Affects the HYIP Lifetime?

Updated: 02/25/2015 17:57
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Lately there is a minimum of really nicely made HYIPs, worth attention. In now way it means, earning money is impossible when joining them! I personally consider this industry is going to last for long, changing to some extent periodically. However, nevertheless, i have some decent experience in working with HYIPs and so i want to share some ideas in this article.

The high yield investment online projects industry (in other words HYIP) has been suffering lots of changes during the previous two years. The scam of many projects and payment processors has damaged confidence of investors to this type of business. The thing is the losses in the projects that scammed down were millions of dollars. Such an unpleasant fact made the majority of investors act cautiously about HYIPs, giving advantage instead to other investment sources rather than HYIPs. Here below i will tell you about the factors, which affect the lifetime of the investment fund (let's call it HYIP), either limiting or extending it.

• The plans of the HYIP owners (greed). An experienced person primarily sees what purpose is pursued by HYIP owners: to earn some easy money, to work with investors for a long time (naturally, before launching any project the owners set certain goals, right?). For instance some projects are easily guessed to be online for long enough and some are typical "fasts". That is why try to consider and estimate wisely, what are the goals pursued by the owners of this or that project. This feature, unfortunately, can not be said for sure, since it is hardly you will hear from the admin of any project something like that: "tomorrow the site goes offline and we are going to deceive you". Greed is an unpredictable thing, better to say the human greed. However, if you ask some specific questions, you can more or less define the approximate lifetime of the project.

• Investment plans. Certainly, life of this or that investment project depends also on the investment plans offered to investors. Some investors, including me, prefer long-term plans, others like depositing funds to "fasts" just for kicks. That is why i am not going to recommend you fast hyips, for the simple reason: the more interest is offered by a HYIP, the less is its lifetime. And if you are targeted on more or less long-term work, i would better recommend you the low-interest HYIPs, since they have more prospects that their colleagues, offering high interest rates. Besides, even from the technical point of view paying 15% monthly is easier than to pay 100% weekly.

• Advertising of a project. It is not a secret, 99.9% of all HYIPs work like a pyramid, a Ponzi-based scheme. All early members of a project get profit from onward investors. The more members a project has, the more deposits there are made, the more is the chance for a HYIP to work longer (the greed factor is still an essential part). The new assets inflow is more often guaranteed by active projects' promotion and advertising online. The project can be promoted on niche forums, blogs, listing sites, the context ad can be obtained etc. The HYIPs can be advertised everywhere on the net. If you see the context ad of a project in the search engines, if the re are banners all around the social networks, if there are sticky threads on the niche forums it means the project is well advertised. That is another factor, which increases the HYIP lifetime.

• Income sources (verity of a "legend"). Nearly every project has the so-called "legend": the explanation given by the admin where the money for payouts is earned. Legends can vary: bitcoin mining, forex trading, yacht repair and others. If the verity of a legend is somehow confirmed, it should more often affect the lifetime of a HYPI in a good manner. For instance, FOREX trading is said to be the main income source. If the legend is somehow verified there should be licences, managers and other docs, which also improve the lifetime.

• Technical features. Due to the fact investors more likely interact with a website i would recommend to pay attention to some technical features: registrar of a domain, hosting, where the HYIP is located etc. In case in the work process you discover any bugs or glitches, which are not fixed properly that is a bad thing. Think for yourself: if an "investment" fund is not able to make good, professional and fully functional website, will it be able to work for long then?

• Openness to investors. Depending on how a HYIP is open to its customers, its lifetime changes as well. In case there is a good phone support (not just a contact form on free hosting), in case there are branches and regional representatives in various countries and cities, if there is personal information about the owners, the lifetime of a HYIP project increases accordingly. At least one is able to somehow predict the lifetime.

The decisive factor in the lifetime of every HYIP is the "human factor" after all. No matter what the investment plans are, how the project is advertised, what the technical features are - if the hyip owners want to close it they will do it! But in no way it means you cannot make profit with HYIPs. You can, though you should act wisely and carefully! Don't spend your last money, withdraw profit on a regular basis, try to cross the breakeven point and you will succeed. Good luck and profitable investments to all of you, dear readers!

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