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Updated: 03/19/2015 16:16
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Today we are reviewing the BTPerfex HYIP. A little bit more than 20 days ago, quite an interesting HYIP was added to HYIPNews listing. Within such a short period of time the HYIP has managed to earn popularity of customers online and rich extremely high rating, due to which it turned to move up to the seventh place in the HYIPNews listing. BTPerfex is the long-term HYIP opportunity reviewed today at The thing is that lately there have been lots of scamming experience, when programs closed down with no hope left for decent income opportunity. BTPerfex has all chances to become a bit of blue sky for HYIP investors searching for a place to invest their funds. Let's try to investigate the potential of the website and analyze the main aspects of BTPerfex activity.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

Despite the fact BTPerfex has been only listed at HYIPNews for 21 days, it was opened on December 8. The website was initially made in a very professional way with moving elements and some developer tricks. Anyway, the website is still a template, with a fresh design and attractive elements. The mainpage of the website is perfectly displayed on mobile devices. The interface of the main page is friendly, the color scheme is dark-blue-dark-green and it doesn't hurt your eyes in any way. The BTPerfex logo shown on the main page looks attractive and creative.

The navigation bar is easy to use as well. The main page also includes the main description of the company and payment methods. The office representation available next to the description looks rather professional as well. The stats of the company, which looks real by the way and company registration information is available at the bottom of the site. All in all, to finish with the introduction part, it needs to be mentioned, the template was nicely rebuilt and customized for to look like a unique design. The admin obviously took much attention to the image of the website.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

The BTPerfex HYIP is more like a long-term HYIP and it offers six investment plans, all paying daily to the members for the maximum period of 180 business days. The minimum amount to enter the investment plan is $10. The maximum daily profit possible to be earned is 6% with the principal not included into the profit. Her eare some short details about the investment plans and the screenshot from the BTPerfex website, showing the entire pack of the investment plans available.

Easy Cash Earner paying 1.25% daily for 180 days
Medium Cash Earner paying 1.50% daily for 180 days
Hard Cash Earner paying 2.00% daily for 180 days

Initially the Unlimited Earner plans were not available, the appeared later on due to multiple customers' requests. Here is the details information about the investment plans offered at BTPerfex HYIP.

The affiliate program offered at BTPerfex gives a chanced for everyone to earn 10% commission bonus for every downline referred to the project. As usually there are no special requirements to join the affiliate program. Simpe registration and further usage of the affiliate link is enough. There are banners with the referral link inserted available for the customers' needs. So one can easily promote the program online on social networks Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest as we;ll as on various niche blogs, forums etc.

Special attention should be taken to the representative program offered by BTPerfex. The team of the company forms a network of active representatives all around the world. The main task of the official representatives will be helping to expand the investors' base, educating newbie investors on the plans and payment methods accepted as well as providing additional support to the potential and current members. The official representative commission rates vary between 8% and 15%.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Currently BTPerfex accept PerfectMoney, Payeer and BitCoin. If you don't have any of such accounts you should register one of them: To register PerfectMoney go to and feel the form. To register Payeer account go to and press SIGN UP. To make Bitcoin wallet use any supported services like, or any other.

To make a a deposit one should register first. The OPEN NEW ACCOUNT button is located on the main page on the left. Type in all the fields required to complete registration. Agree with the terms of service and click the button to confirm your registration. Once registration is complete you can login and proceed with funds deposit further on. After login is done, proceed to Wallet and fill in he payment systems information (account numbers, and addresses). Important! After saving your payment information wallets cannot be changed further on. Be highly attentive, don't make any mistakes. Here in the same section one can charge the account balance clicking the Make Deposit button and then clicking Invest button you will choose the investment plan you are interested in.

Speaking about withdrawal option, you can withdraw any available amount from your account. Minimum withdrawal amount is $1. There is no maximum restriction to withdraw. Withdrawals are processed during next 24 hours after your request in manual mode. Your principal amount is included in daily accruals in any "CASH EARNER" plan within 180 days. In case of investment in any "UNLIMITED EARNER" plan, you can withdraw your principal back at any moment but not early 10 days since the beginning of the investment with a 10% fees.

4. Legend and Content!

As described above the content of the website is nicely organized with the short presentation of the services provided available. The FAQ page gives enough information on every aspect of the website work. As for the legend BTPerfex claims to be involved into exchange services since 2014 year. However there are no exchanges in real life. And there is also no such an exchanger on the web. So it's just the same as with other HYIPs, which in its turn means one should not treat it too seriously. It's still gambling, no matter others say.

The company is officially registered in 2014 in the UK and operates in accordance with the laws of this country. However it gives no guarantees against loosing money. The HYIOP can got closed anytime the admin wants to. One should always consider this opportunity before making a decision to make a deposit to BTPerfex or any other HYIP after all.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The support of the program gives a chance for the Live Chat conversation with the representative of BTPerfex. The Live Chat icon is located on the Contact Us page of the website along with the contact form to send your question. The response of the support service is pretty good. Every time i contacted them i got the reply within 12 hours since the request was placed, so that's a plus. There on the Contact Us page on can also find the address of the company with the company number included:

Company Number 9351329

The direct e-mail address of the admin is [email protected] and it can be used alternatively instead of the Contact form. The links to the pages of the project in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are there as well.

The project is currently listed on nearly 90 monitors, the reviews of the project are also published on multiple websites. Naturally the threads of the project are opened on major forums. All in all, BTPerfex is well presented online and seems to be growing on, expanding its online presence with the purpose of attracting more and more new investors.

6. Technical Aspect!

The BTPerfex HYIP is using licensed SurfscriptPro commercial HYIP script, which is rather unique for HYIP programs and is currently one of the best for HYIP websites. BTperfex is using dedicated server, which has built-in anti-DDoS attack mechanism against malicious attacks and is capable to handle thousands of visitors per minute, domain purchased till 2020-11-12. As for antiDDoS protection, the script SurfscriptPro provides DDoS protection independently.

The SSL Certificate for is signed by COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA which is signed by COMODO RSA Certification Authority which is signed by AddTrust External CA Root which is signed by AddTrust External CA Root. The SSL Certificate will expire on Friday 18 December 2015 this means it is still valid for 273 days.

This SSL Certificate will display a green address bar in the visitors browser, and the identity of the website owner and the Certificate Authority. EV SSL Certificates have the highest level of trust and security.

7. Conclusion!

The admin of BTPerfex is now working to popularize the HYIP online to the utmost. During the prelaunch, there has been lots of efforts made to create a nice and attractive website, with no bugs or evident drawbacks detected. The template was customized exclusively for the needs of BTPerfex owners and that approach is obviously worth considering investing to this HYIP. To sum it, under the assumption the admin will do the best to stay for as long as possible the BTPerfex HYIP has all chances to stay till the end of the year at least. It seems a professional High Yield Investment Program in the industry for now and it has all chances to become one of the best in class and bring some nice profits to its members and investors.

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