Importance of Effective Funds Management

Updated: 04/07/2015 09:49
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funds management
The importance to manage your money. Ways to control your funds. Follow the steps given in the article to control your funds
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Loosing funds has been the main risk of investing to HYIPs. Lots of newbiew investors have no idea how to secure themselves from being scammed, which eventually leads to money loss. Of course multiple investors don't care much about the funds management and think of HYIP investing as a gambling experience. However if you plan to make some money from HYIP investing, the effective funds management is a must for you, otherwise you will eventually lose everything, just like in any casino. Funds management, once done wisely, may become the key factor against the money loss. See the examples of how to get your funds managed effectively in the article by Eric Marriam below.

Here in this article i would like to draw the attention of readers to the importance of funds management and why every HYIP investor should think about it and apply, when dealing with HYIP investments. Obviously many investors who don't care about the funds management have noticed some key points. At first you find some program, deposit some funds and get your earnings, then you invest the earnings. Further on two options are possible. One may earn again or end up with the funds loss. More often the second option happens. What is the reason to that? Everything is simple - the number of HYIPs, which collapse early compared to those, which run for a long time is much more. Eventually you find yourself with a total loss. If you do the funds management you can avoid the loss or at least minimize it to the utmost. Here a is an example of how one can control the funds.

For instance, you have $1000 on your e-currency account. The key point about it is not to deposit the entire amount to one project at once. The greed factor may prompt you to do that, for it looks so simple and so attractive to earn fast and easily. Don't buy for it! The important thing is to take a risk with some small part of your funds. For instance, take 25%, which is $250. Watch the market closely and find some promising programs, better to find some unique ones of course, with a good design, good attitude and other factors that may speak of the potentially long lifetime of a HYIP. Never try to join a program too early. You should wait for some days and make your due diligence. Contact the support of a program and analyze the feedback and the admin's behaviour. If you remain satisfied with a program and the feedback, if the due diligence shown some good results, then it's time to make your deposit. And ocne again, don't invest $250 at once. Try to spread the amount into several plans. You need to make a mix of long-term, short-term and med-term investment plans.

After your mix is ready, prepare some sort of a spread sheet to calculate your future earnings. The spread sheet is aimed to help you calculate your total earnings and losses, both from that $250 and the entire $1000. When looking at your spreadsheet it will be easier for you to take some wiser decisions when investing to HYIPs. Another step is to create at least three virtual accounts, of of these 25% of your total capital. These accounts can be used for short-term HYIPs, medium-terms and long-term ones. Spread your $250 between those three accounts if possible. Once done you can proceed with managing each kind of program separately to have your investment portfolio balanced. If you do that, you will to some extent secure yourself from loosing in one portfolio. If you lose in one, there are two options: either you can deposit back from your main balance to the account, which is at a loss or you can move some funds from the account, which in profit to the one which is not. Once again the choice us yours.

That is the way your funds can be managed and that is only one example to have the funds spread and risks minimized. The idea about writing this material was to let the readers know there is actually a chance to minimize losses by using funds management wisely. Eventually every HYIP investor, who discovers losses comes to the idea of making the funds management. At the same time, making wise funds management requires pretty much of knowledge, experience and skills to apply all the aspects, when proceeding with choosing HYIPs and spreading your funds. Anyway, funds management makes it all easier and less risky when dealing with HYIPs. And which is why, effective funds management is a key point about HYIP investing.

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