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Updated: 04/15/2015 11:48
Hyip Monitor
Read the article published by Walter Anderson, revealing the idea of running a HYIP monitor, main features it shows. Learn about the rating system applied at HYIP monitors as well as other aspects aimed to help investors in choosing any HYIP for the funds deposit. Learn about the importance of running HYIP monitors to avoid mess and chaos in the hyip industry. All this and much more is given below.

Many newbies, when getting interested about HYIPs wonder, why would anyone need the site like HYIPNews.com? How one should use it and what is the benefit for investors. Here is the article, useful for the newbies one wil find he information in a detailed way telling what HYIP monitor is and what the principles of its work is.

So what is HYIP Monitor?

Basically HYIP monitor is a sort of analytical survey website, watching for the current condition of HYIP programs showing their actual paying status. As a rule there are four main statuses: Paying, Awaiting, Problem and Not Paid.

Hyip Monitor also shows the main features and characteristics of a HYIP program listed:

• Investment plans and daily profit in %,
• Minimum and maximum deposit amount,
• Affiliate (referral) bonus rate for referring new members,
• Type of payouts (manual, automatic, instant),
• Payment systems the HYIP is working with,
• Launch date of the HYIP,
• Short descrition of the HYIP.

More often any HYIP program has its own rating on a HYIP monitor (HYIPNews.com is not an exception). The rating is based on payouts received from the prorgam. It can be shown id different way, either stars or other marks. Customers of the project may share the payout experience and write a short comment on this or that HYIP, listed on the hyip monitor.

The working principle of every HYIP is simple: HYIP admin purchases hyip listing. Normally the listing includes placement of a HYIP ion the list and other services, which are optional. HYIPNews offers banner advertising, Solo email delivery, Ads in Survey and other services. Some of funds paid for the listing is deposited back to the project and the hyip monitor admin starts to monitor the program's activity.

Whenever possible, any customer is free to enter the hyip monitor and find out what is going on with the project at the moment. One can watch the status, read the comments and learn about the partnership offer from the monitor concerning the project you like.

Why do we need HYIP Monitors?

Someone may say HYIP monitors are not necessary. That is wrong! HYIP monitors is a part of HYIP industry. There will be chaos and scam all around the industry. There won't by any control at the projects. The fake customer and the admins of HYIP funds will start to praise their projects and real investors will try hard to prove they are not paid. The HYIP industry will turn into a mess. Everything will be close to absurd!

Apart from that HYIP monitors are simply easy to work with, for the list of HYIPs monitored is presented in a nice and easy way. All information needed is given in the program card. The contact information is also there and anyone may use it to contact the admin of the project ASAP.

The main is that every good HYIP monitor, like HYIPNews.com values its reputation. It is more unbiased than a typical investor for the reason no personal funds is deposited to the project. Due to that in case of troubles the Hyip monitor will not hide any information about missing payouts looking forward that HYIP will recover and start paying again as it sometimes happen with ordinary investors, who deposited their own money to the HYIP. Any good and professional Hyip monitor assigns a HYIP with negative status nearly immediately after the problems occur. In addition to that in some cases HYIP monitors admins assist in refunding funds from the HYIPs closed (not that often).

One of the basic points in evaluating a HYIP for investing funds is the budget analysis of a HYIP, including the monitor advertising budget. The more funds is spent on monitor advertising and other ads the more chance for the project to work longer to compensate losses paid for the ads and make some profit. For investors that means more guaranteed working period of the project.

To finish let me state the case, Hyip monitors is not a kind of heal-all for investors. You need to stay calm, wise and make due diligence sticking to the main rules of hyip investing, such as "don't put all your eggs in one basket" or "never spend more than you can afford to lose" and others. If you act wisely you will succeed. If not, no hyip monitor will help you against losing funds.

About the author

Walter Anderson used to work as a creative freelance writer with three years experience in the industry working in print and online media. I used to search for exciting new projects and hence launched the monthly online newsletter, which has been supposed to increase any website traffic by 40%. Since 2010, Walter Anderson has been officially hired by HYIPNews.com media portal first for the position of the article and news writer writer and then starting from 2012, the vacant position for the chief writer at HYIPNews has been taken by Walter Anderson and is still taken by now.
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