HYIPs As the Way to Make Money Online

Updated: 04/15/2015 15:36
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hyip way to make money online
Learn the answer to the question if it possible to earn money with HYIPs online. Get to know ten rules before joining a HYIP.
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Find out how it is better to treat HYIPs to minimize your risks. Learn the ten rules before joining a HYIP. The difference between gambling and investment. How one should define if it's better to try HYIPs or find a better and more reliable passive income source. Learn about the main aspects of HYIP business reading the article below:

Every investor, dealing with HYIPs for a while is more likely aware of what HYIPs are and how risky these income opportunities are. Today i am not going to talk about the definitions, the types of HYIPs and the origin of this notion. Here in this article i would like to draw the attention of the readers to the question, if it's actually possible to earn with HYIPs.

At first, when we look into the forums, blogs, and other educations materials the answer may seem like 'no!' Indeed HYIPs are too risky and look more like gambling. They can naturally cause addiction and as the result lead to losing all of your funds, which is why it is highly recommended to treat HYIPs like gambling, not like the way to earn money online. It is true and here below i will make all possible to answer the actually question: "Is it possible to make money online with HYIPs?" in a more detailed way.

Every day thousands of offers to make money online with a high yield opportunity are sent throughout the web. And getting closer to the answer to the main question we need to define first of all, what HYIP exactly is: a game or an investment. The answer to that is obvious. All in all, HYIPs have all the signs of gambling. No guarantee to win the money, the need to stop in time, so there are no signs of investment at all. Depositing funds to HYIPs is more like joining a lottery or placing a bet in a casino.

So is it actually possible to earn with HYIPs? Theoretically you can get some money even though the chance is not that high. Although i would not call that earning. In fact it is nothing more than just a winning in a gambling game, which has nothing in common with investment profits. That is why if you like gambling and like to risk the money, you can join HYIPs, perhaps you will be lucky. But when playing HYIPs, everyone should treat them like gambling. The rules for gambling are absolutely different from those applied in the investment business. If you know these rules and stick to them, your chances not to lose all the money will increase greatly. Let's try to analyse 10 basic rules of joining HYIP program knowing which will minimize your risks and help you to stay in profit.

Rule #1. You can only join the HYIPs, which don't pretend to be serious companies, otherwise you won't succeed.
Rule #2. Deposit the amount you can afford to lose. In fact when you place a deposit to HYIP, just think of it as if if you've already lost it. Don't think of joining a HYIP for the sake of earning money.
Rule #3. It's generally prohibited to join a HYIP if you are out of money and your financial state is below the poverty line. The opportunity to deposit money and lose them is the prerogative right of wealthy men.
Rule #4. If you are searching for different sources of passive income, consider depositing not more than 1% all the assets deposited to HYIPs. This number will show you exactly the amount of funds you can risk with.
Rule #5. Joining a HYIP is better on its early stage. Though this rule is only applied to HYIPs, which show signs of further development: good marketing policy, decent budget, due diligence is required.
Rule #6. Don't ever join a HYIP if it's on the peak of development. If you see lot's of people are already in profit with the HYIP it is more likely too late to join this project.
Rule #7. Try to withdraw your funds from a HYIP as soon as possible. First of all try to withdraw your principal, once it is allowed. remember the main thing here is not to earn but to save yoru initial capital.
Rule #8. Don't be greedy! It's better to earn less than to lose all.
Rule #9. It's better to spread your deposit among several HYIPs, using the risk diversification method. If you think of earning with HYIPs this option is the most acceptable.
Rule #10. Don't trust the owners and admins of HYIPs. They will never tell you the truth when a HYIP is about to close. Instead they will cheat you saying everything is ok, for it's for their benefits. Even the slightest notice saying about any problems meay lead to sooner collapse and as the result the closure of the project.

I guess these ten rules can be the real answer to the question if it's possible to earn money with HYIPs. That is a final reminder to treat HYIPs like a gambling game, not like an investment opportunity for passive income. Joining HYIPs will hardly lead you to financial independence as lots of owners claim of. Try to concentrate on more reliable sources of passive income after all, using which you will have more chances to get closer to the financial stability and independence.

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