How to Work with HYIP monitors and Blogs

Updated: 04/16/2015 11:51
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how to work with monitors blogs
Learn on how to use HYIP blogs and monitors. Follow the experts advices to avoid scams by using blogs and hyip monitors in a proper way.
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I am pleased to offer my new article "How to Work with HYIP monitors and Blogs". The reason for writing this article is simple: nowadays there are lots of things in the HYIP industry, which are different from what they were two years ago. Pure HYIP monitors are getting far less and less popular, for people are more up to follow the HYIP development along with hyip monitors combined with blogs. As the result, many admins of hyip monitors choose to combine their hyip monitor websites with blogs accordingly.

There are lots of things in the HYIP industry, which are different from what they were two years ago. Pure HYIP monitors are getting far less and less popular, for people are more up to follow the HYIP development along with hyip monitors combined with blogs. As the result, many admins of hyip monitors choose to combine their hyip monitor websites with blogs accordingly. People start to understand, how powerful the combination of news and thoughts can be. Listing resources have never been that useful since the monitors' admins got their salary for giving proper statuses and for hiding something. The news, containing important information can be truly useful for the people to be able to forecast any troubles with HYIPs. Today there is so much information, it is that easy to collect it all from the mass. But you should really know how to use such resources. Here are some advices of mine given in the article below.

HYIP Monitors.

Basically HYIP monitors is a good way to overview the market. Checking some popular monitor you will see what programs are available, taking into account their average popularity, you can also find out what kind of advertising strategy is used by these or those HYIPs. Another nice thing about HYIP monitors is that some of them show technical features of the programs (hosting details, security etc.). This information can be used to find out the admins' intentions to some extent. In case, for instance some unique script is used along with an expensive hosting, the program will hardly close down too early.

At first the admin needs to reach the profit zone and compensate all the spendings made. It is important to double-check all the information provided on a single monitor with other similar services to be able to identify if the information is true or false. One should still keep in mind one thing - most hyip monitors are not aimed at helping investors. You should also not trust the only "Paying" seal on one hyip monitor. Always check for payouts from real members on forums as well as check the sites like and similar to find all the rating signs of this or that HYIP on all monitors, where the HYIP is listed in one place.

Another good thing is not to fall into the deposit amount indicated in the program card of the hyip. If it's too big it means the only thing, this HYIP was able to pay much more than required to get higher position in the list. Of course for admins it is preferable cause they don't invest their own money. As for we never accept higher deposits for higher listing positions, the rating depends on many factors and is calculated automatically, as the result the program goes up or down in the list. We do have a Sticky listing option, where HYIP admins can place their program, however we do not hide that is a paid promotion service and any program, which used to order Sticky listing assumes it goes beyond the main list and the main rating.

HYIP Blogs

HYIP blogs is a powerful tool for getting actual information concerning the hyip sphere from various angles. Several ways of getting information are provided in the HYIP blogs. It would be better to name them here and explain our readers the essential things to know and ways to use them.

Testimonials: That is a good way to get information about a HYIP. They include HYIP reviews, technical features info, programs' popularity analysis and some thoughts about the program from the blogger himself, which can be useful when making up your decision. The main thing here is to check if the thoughts are logical. Always try to get for some other point of view from an alternative resource or even several ones. As the result you can build up your own mind even before depositing your personal funds.

If someone thinks thee program is good it's not a a must to be like that. we are all human beings and we can make mistakes. So if you check for another blogger point of view, you may find something negative. Every medal has two sides, just as every HYIP program has two aspects. Not a single review should be considered as a direct recommendation to deposit into the HYIP.

Interview: You may notice one thing after reading some interviews on some of blogs. They are all full of lies! Most of HYIP admins tell some pretty stories sharing some experience and professional activity results. In case you are not interested in reading that lies, just skip them! Most often the admin is telling about the reasons to launch the HYIP, the aims, future plans, technical details, which can hardly be useful for real investors.

Analysis: Some bloggers regularly review programs previously added to their hyip monitors. That kind of articles should not be treated in a very serious way. They are purely for informative purposes so you can make a up a picture in your mind concerning the situation around the HYIP. Afterwards, basing upon this picture you will be able to make your final decision. If a blogger states it is a good time to join, that is nothing but his personal opinion. Don't accept it at once, ask yourself instead if you can share your own opinion and if it's more or less similar to the blogger's one.

Information: Most bloggers publish informational and educational articles on how to behave in the HYIP industry and how actually the system works (the same way i do right now with this article). The common mistake for the majority of hyip investors is to follow one certain blog. How do you think can any single person know everything about HYIP programs? It's hard to believe there's only one single blogger who is aware of all the trends. It never works like that. None of blogs can be absolutely full, for none of bloggers can know all! The conclusion is as follows: make further due diligence and discover more information.

Hope my article was helpful. I am aware not all information was mentioned here, if you have any comments, suggestions, don't be shy to contact me in Google+ or send the e-mail. I would bee glad to share my knowledge and experience with you. Thanks for being with me!

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