HYIP Rules to Follow

Updated: 04/17/2015 21:14
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hyip rules to follow
See the set of rules, following which you will prevent yourself from losing funds, dealing with HYIP programs. Tips to follows when making a deposit.
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That is a short article, where i setup my mind on the list of the basic rules without following which the HYIP investor may not survive in the hyip investments industry. If you don't follow these simple steps in HYIP investing process, more likely you will lose all eventually. In order to reach the profit zone you need to stick to these rules and never forget to follow them in your investment activity. Of course you will not get the profit, simply following these rules, but you will learn faster on your mistakes. So here we go with the list:

Invest what you can afford to lose!
That is the main rule for every investment. You should never deposit all funds you have in one project for the reason if something bad happens and the program collapses you will lose all.

Try to diversify your investment portfolio to the utmost all the time. Never leave your money in one program. As the rule says: "Don't keep your eggs in one basket!" If you let's say have $100, split them into ten parts and invest $10 into each of those chosen HYIPs.

Invest Small!
You should only invest small amounts of money. As the statistics show small investors don't normally have the same troubles as the large ones. I would recommend you to gamble with the amounts of $10-$100 with every single HYIP taken.

Legal Analysis!
Try to make due diligence for every HYIP you plan to add into your investment portfolio. It's worth that, though it takes time You can proceed with the following: find some evident lies, contact the admin or the support by the phone, make some test of the customer care service, try to find out if they are professionals, check the company registration documents, find for the address of the office on forums, blogs, monitors and Google. Try to find some unique features, which make the program more or less reliable.

Stop emotions!
Lots of HYIP admins are trying to create some sort of emotional link between a program and members. If you start to notice your emotions are turned on, get out of there ASAP and stay away of it. The reasons is simple: if you somehow get closer to the admin and the program emotionally you will more likely not notice the signs of the close scam and more likely you will simply ignore them. As the result... we are back with the money loss!

Time Management!
The perfect formula suits here: right place + good time = profit. Never deposit to any HYIPs on its peak, when it's too late. Most of HYIP programs, which are working for long have a serious membership database of early investors, who need to be paid, which means it may happen there won't be enough money for you, since you joined too late. Here are the most recommended schemes for carious types of investing:

Short-term HYIPs: Invest since the first day when the payment proofs appear!
Med-term HYIPs: Invest one month after its successful performance in terms there are no bad news or any proven complaints about the program!
Long-term HYIPs: Invest two or three months after its successful performance in terms there are no bad news or any proven complaints about the program!

Marketing, Types of Activities + Alexa Chart!
Check the way hyip admins promote the program. Look for sticky listings, signs of banner advertising etc. If the marketing campaign looks too much aggressive at its start, stay away of this HYIP. If the members' database grows too fast, the HYIP will collapse too soon. The Alexa Traffic scheme may be come a good tool to check that. The HYIP should grow slowly and stably. In case the admin has no intention to scam members in several weeks the chart will be smooth with no interruptions or sudden rise-and-falls and the HYIP may live long enough.

Learn from everything, from every thing that happen to you. That is HYIP industry and only several admins prevail here. Some admins always choose fast way and close soon, others launch HYIPs for long. If you are able to identify the admin, you will more likely guess how long the program will last. That knowledge can become a powerful tool inside your mind, which eventually can prevent your from losses, trusting your funds to the wrong person.

That would be all, dear friends! Of course those are not all the rules, if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me anytime!

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