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Updated: 04/23/2015 14:55
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Check the new article by Brett Sherpan concerning the latest trends in the sphere of payment systems used in HYIP investing describing pros and cons.
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So, the HYIP market is getting stronger day by day and now it's the best time to talk about the payment processors, which are widely used and are recommended to use when investing to HYIPs today. Not many changes actually happened since the start of the year after the collapse of EgoPay, however getting to know the latest trends in the payment options sphere is always useful. Here below in the article i will explain the details and latest issues with the most popular payment processors online.

Perfect Money. It is the most widely used payment system, when it comes to HYIP investing. The Perfect Money system owns the largest members community among the HYIP investors. Currently every HYIP launched lists Perfect Money as the one accepted. In case of verifying your Perfect Money account the outgoing transaction fee will be as small as 0.5% from the amount of transaction. The fee amount declared is record low compared to the alternative processors used in HYIP investing. That explains why Perfect Money is so popular among investors online. Apart from that it needs to be mentioned that Perfect Money does not take any fees for incoming transactions, which is a great advantage for small investors, like the majority of us are. The only problem with Perfect Money is the need to use third part exchangers to get this e-currency or sell it later on. The list of Exchangers is provided in the 'Exchangers' section on the Perfect Money website.

Payeer. To be sincere at the moment of launch of this payment processor my attitude to it was rather positive last year. At the start of the year 2015 i thought it might replace EgoPay, however recently the popularity of this payment processor has decreased greatly and nowadays only the limited number of HYIP investors are using it due to high fees applied. On the other hand, funding options at Payeer compared to Perfect Money are more numerous. There are different ways to fund your Payeer account even with the help of your credit card or using the bankwire option, which makes this process easy and secured.

Payza. At the start of the year there was a strong assumption, Payza is not recommended to use when investing to HYIPs. Now things changed! Far more and more HYIPs start to accept it. Just as any other payment system Payza has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's go into the pros first: funding your Payza account is "piece of cake" with the help of the credit card. Basically within a short time after funding the account the money is available on your wallet and you can start investing. There is no need to use any third-party services and exchangers, which is a great advantage from the security point of view. At the same time everything is not that bright as it may seem. Funding Payza account you need to be ready to a large fee taken, and if you are a small HYIP investor Payza is not the best choice for you. At the same time if you gamble with thousands of USD, Payza is a very good option for investing to HYIPs.

Bitcoin. Great payment tool, indeed, when it comes to payment systems used for HYIP investing. It is easy to use, there are lots of services, which can help you with buying and selling Bitcoins if you plan to invest it to HYIPs. The best about Bitcoin now is that the service applied is so miserable, it can't even be noticed when completing a transaction. Basically the amount you deposit is exactly the same you get shown on your account and when withdrawing, it is nearly the same. Everything looks so nice, but there is one problem, Bitcoin is not linked with any known currency, and that is why its rate fluctuates all the time. There is no stability around Bitcoin and that is why lots of people try not to use Bitcoin at all, not even speaking about HYIP investments. However, apart from that there's a place for a nice surprise, for one day you may get more money actually then you planned to receive, and the other day this amount can be twice smaller due to the rate decrease. In any case choosing Bitcoin or not is always the customers' choice, but one should always keep in mind the rate fluctuation can be painful for some part of investors.

SolidTrustPay. While it is claimed to be most popular, currently nearly none of HYIPs actually accept this payment option as the method of payment. More over i don't think anything will change in the future. There is nothing good about funding the SolidTrustPay account if you are a HYIP investor. More likely there is nothing left apart from taking the money out of the system further on, which only leads to losing some funds after the exchange fees taken. SolidTruystPay is claimed to be regulated by some financial institutions. Indeed, it makes it seem secured, however for HYIP investing it is useless. Moreover some people think that is some sort of pretending to be legal. Even though they say there's address and real office, i can hardly imagine there is a real place where visitors may come in to talk face to face with the CEO and the support of the payment processor. I would personally not trust my money to anyone, who just claims to be legal, and in fact it is just the same payment processor as any other, with the only difference - large service fees taken.

There are not many other payment systems, widely used in HYIPs. Some of them are Russian: QIWI, Yandex Money, but i would not recommend using them due to the fact only a small number of programs use them. Making a conclusion, i would like to finish with the following statement: the most popular payment systems used in HYIP industry are Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer and Payza. Other alternatives are not worth our attention. It would be wise to use only those four, still it's your money and you may decide whom you can entrust your money with. That is all for now, if you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me in Google+, will be glad to assist. See you!

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