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Updated: 05/08/2015 09:03
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We are pleased to offer the Hyip Information Survey #403 at your attention below. This Friday and within the last three days there was not much of activity in the HYIP industry and hence not many news are included in the Events section. There are only updates from two Hyips listed at HYIPNews. At the same time, Problems section only includes two new hyips, which are currently having troubles with payouts. One of those is Primency Financial, which is listed at HYIPNews. The Closures is more numerous and includes apart from those listed as Problems on Tuesday one HYIP, which used to be listed for 150+ days on HYIPNews: Creative Investments is now officially closed, no payments are processed, the program is a scam.

Getting closer to the TOP Choice section, the only change compared to the survey published on Tuesday is the position change between BTC Plaza and C-7. As for the Hyip Quotes section, all TOP 5 most quoted HYIPs remain the same as the entire trend changed from declining to rising. The Emoney section includes several important updates from PayPal, Changer and SolidTrustPay.

Top Choice HYIPsYou are welcome to read through the Top Choice section in the Hyip information survey #403 published today.

HYIPNews.com Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Albion Union Listed: 542 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
2. Ogden Organization Listed: 402 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
3. Poker Automatics Listed: 260 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
4. BTC Plaza Listed: 151 days Profit: 125-1700% after 1-32 days! Term: for 80 calendar days!
5. C-7 Listed: 455 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!
6. COMEX Brokerage Listed: 161 days Profit: 1.8-2.2% daily! Term: for 160 business days!
7. Invest Compass Listed: 140 days Profit: 1.5-5% daily! Term: up to 100 calendar days!
8. Investfond Listed: 448 days Profit: up to 19% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
9. Nano-11 Listed: 107 days Profit: 3% weekly for 500 days! Term: for 500 calendar days!
10. Zooo Listed: 98 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!

The only change that occurred in the HYIPNews Top Choice section this Friday is the rating raise and accordingly improving the position of BTC Plaza, which moved from the sixth to the fourth place. Accordingly C-7 and COMEX Brokerage moved one place down each. No other changes happened. There is no sticky listing today and hence no paid promoted HYIPs are included in the hyip information survey this Friday.

HYIPs OpeningsSee the list of new HYIPs launched within last three days and a couple of those added to HYIPNews Premium listing:

Web Earning 2.5-12% daily 199-850% after 12-35 days!
EnvoBTC 4% daily up to 45 calendar days!

Bit-roi Btcpro Capitaltrustrevenues E-bitfunds Ibit Receipthourly Usa60days Fantasticprofit

The list of new programs launched recently is not large. Within three days there was no much of activity on the HYIP market. At the same time we are pleased to welcome two newcomers on HYIPNews Premium listing. Web Earning, the HYIP offering all types of investment: daily profits and paid-upon-expiry investment plans with maximum investment period of 35 days. EnvoBTC is only offering daily payouts with the profit rate 4% for 45 calendar days.

HYIP ProblemsThe Problems section today only includes two new HYIP. Among them one, Primency Financial is listed at HYIPNews. As for those marked as Problem on Tuesday, they are all moved to Closures section. None of HYIPs managed to recover from troubles. There is also a special notice about Creative Investments, the HYIP, which recently started to experience troubles is eventually moved to Closures, unfortunately. It's been working online for quite a long time (150+ days), obviously some managed to win some profit and naturally late investors have suffered certain losses. Sorry for that.

Forex Paradise - not paying
Primency Financial - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Creative Investments (157 days), MillionPAL (16 days), Financiarity Ltd (59 days), Trader Bitcoin (18 days), Investor Coin (11 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

Cryptoconomist 2.3-2.8% daily! 600-7000% after 25-100 biz days!
HYIP EventsThere are not many updates from the HYIPs running. Looks like the industry is slowing days at the start of May. Today there is only one piece of news available in the Events section. Actually two pieces of news from the Infinity Finance, listed at HYIPNews for nearly a month. The payments to customers are processed smoothly and we are glad about that fact. First on May 7 there was a piece of news saying about the new 'Agents Directory', which is going to be integrated soon to the website.

Basically that is the same as the regional representative program, simply named differently. The admin of the project announced that works on creating a directory are in process now and very soon Infinity Finance will be ready to accept applications from all willing to become an agent from all over the world. The position of an approved agent is not some sort of the official employment, however it is a chance to earn extra profit. The main task of the agent to become is to learn how the site actually works and how the opportunity actually pays. There will be more information on the 'Agents Directory' later on along with more surprises to follow.

Today, on March 8 another piece of news from Infinity Finance was published saying about important milestones and new features added to the project's website. First of all, investors might be interested to know about the online profit calculator available on the site from now one.

The admin also claims from now on bigger deposits have started to be made to the project and hence it is important to remind the HYIP is approved and verified by top processors like Solidtrustpay, Payza and OKPay. Naturally the admin claims he is running a legitimate company and regal business, though we all knwo what HYIPs are. So far so good, what will be next - time will show!

Apart from those Infinity Finance is approved with there are also other payment alternatives, which can be used for making a deposit. The project in addition to those mentioned above accepts PerfectMoney, Neteller, Bitcoin, Payeer, Bank wire, Money Gram and Western Union. For certain payment options there are certain restrictions. Don't hesitate to contact the support for getting your assistance.

EmoneyThe most important aspect of HYIP investing is to have a good choice of reliable exchange services online for the simple purpose to be able to exchange your e-money into real cash or even exchange one e-currency to another one. There are lots of online exchangers available online: some of them are pretty good, some look more like scams. MOst often, the most reliable ones are verified by the most important payment systems and can be located in the Merchants directory or something similar.

Today, i am going to tell you about the recent news update delivered to the customers by the authorities of Changer.com, one of the most widely used online exchangers used by those involved in HYIP investing or any other e-commerce based business. The main news from Changer is implementing the new features such as instant exchanges on all the exchange directions. Within last weeks the new feature was tested and now it is fully enabled for the customers online.

Instant exchanges are now available between Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, OKPAY and BTC-e. There are still more plans to add other payment alternatives in the nearest future. Two mirror sites of the Changer.com are also in the process of being developed. They are exchanger.com and obmen.com ('exchange' in russian). As for the main site, the design will be updated soon and more security features will be integrated with the purpose to improve its stability. Right now, in case any question appears one can contact the support in the Live Chat and share any ideas or give any suggestions.

Last autumn PayPal announced the launch of the new service, One Touch, which has become the first one-touch payment method even ahead of Apple Touch ID. Due to the fact the solution provided by PayPal for mobile platforms Android and iOS, has become popular among the merchants and the customers, the program launched One Touch version working on PCs. This option will allow customers paying for goods and services online without using any logins or passwords right after completing the sign-up procedure.

As PayPal informs in the blog of their own since the time One Touch service was launched in September 2014, such online merchants as Aitbnb, Boxed, Jane.com, Lyft, Munchery, YPlan allowed their clients to log into their accounts with one touch. This possibility gave chance to the merchants to increase sales and customers' loyalty.

From now on, thanks to the innovative One Touch service for web browsers, merchants are able to offer their customers same benefits as those offered for mobile users. In the nearest time all customers will be given an opportunity to log into their in a secured manner accounts on millions of websites, which support PayPal and make payments with one touch instead of typing in the login and password every time

Another reminder to fill out the customer service survey was published on the SolidTrustNews blog in the effort to better serve the customers and improve the services provided by SolidTrustPay.

Maxizzy Limited 0.4-5% daily! up to 365 calendar days
HYIP QuotesLet's pay attention to the change of the quotation index trend of TOP 5 most quoted HYIPs listed:

Ogden Organization. On April 29 the decline continued and then, the following day, fortunately, the trend changed and the quotation index began to grow. By May 1 it rose up a bit to 216 points. The rise is not significant, what is more important is the change of the trend from negative to positive. The HYIP is still on the first place, above all.

Brand Destiny. This HYIP is now sharing the first place with the same number of points as the HYIP taking the first place has. Initially, we mentioned on April 30 some rise was detected. Fortunately, the rising trend continued further on and by May 3 it reached 216 points, showing positive dynamics.

Poker Automatics. On May 1 the decline continued reaching the bottom of 167 points. After that, fortunately to the investors of the project the trend changed and on May 2 it recovered to 181 points and then on May 3 the quotation index rose up to 184 points. Still taking the third place in the Hyip Quotes section today.

Albion Union. After the quotation index of this HYIP fell two points down on April 28, the following day things recovered and the index got back to the mark of 160 points. Stable performance continues. By May 1 no changes occurred here and the program is still taking the fourth place in the TOP 5 of the Hyip Quotes section.

C-7. More decline was observed with the quotation index on April 29, when it decreased from 118 to 103 points. After that things changed and the quotation index began going up. As the trend changed within two days by May 1 the quotation index increased and reached 120 points.

All programs, included in the TOP 5 section of the Hyip Quotes section in the Hyip Information Survey #403 are showing positive movements. They all remained the same, one the same positions and the quotation indexes of all five HYIPs are rising. Albion Union is the only one, which is showing no change, which is a sign of a stable performance. As for the rest, some gained more, some less. Ogden Organization and Brand Destiny are sharing the first and the second places with the same quotation index points number.

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