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Updated: 05/22/2015 10:59
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Please have a look at the Hyip Information Survey 407, which is not that large today for nothing serious and global is happening in the HYIP industry at the moment. Seems the entire sphere is entering summer fast. There is not much of development and minimum new programs launched, as we can see in the Openings section today. Lack of movement also affects the Top Choice section.

Within more than a week there are no changes in the list of TOP 10 HYIPs listed at HYIPNews. The only update today is the addition of Cryptoconomist to the Sticky listing. The lack of Events is also another evidence of the industry stagnation. Fortunately there is still some update from Square mobile payment system presented at your attention in the Emoney section. The Problems section includes both good and bad news traditionally. The biggest surprise has been made by programs included in the Hyip Quotes section today. Want to know more? Go further...

Cryptoconomist 2.3-2.8% daily! 600-7000% after 25-100 biz days!

Top Choice HYIPsBack again the Top Choice section showing the list of TOP 10 HYIPs listed at HYIPNews is presented below.

HYIPNews.com Choice The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Albion Union Listed: 556 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
2. Ogden Organization Listed: 416 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
3. Poker Automatics Listed: 274 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
4. C-7 Listed: 469 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!
5. Invest Compass Listed: 154 days Profit: 1.5-5% daily! Term: up to 100 calendar days!
6. COMEX Brokerage Listed: 175 days Profit: 1.8-2.2% daily! Term: for 160 business days!
7. Investfond Listed: 462 days Profit: up to 19% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
8. Nano-11 Listed: 121 days Profit: 3% weekly for 500 days! Term: for 500 calendar days!
9. Zooo Listed: 112 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
10. Brand Destiny Listed: 54 days Profit: 1.2-2.1% daily! Term: up to 60 business days!

Sticky Listing There is one program in the Sticky listing of HYIPNews today. See the details below:

Cryptoconomist Listed: 18 days Profit: 2.3-2.8% daily and 600-7000% after 25-100 biz days! Term: for 100 business days!

Just like on Tuesday and week ago there are no changes in the list of TOP 10 programs listed at HYIPNews Top Choice section. All 10 most rated HYIP programs remain on the same positions. Still there is an update as well. One program has ordered Sticky listing. Cryptoconomist is now included to Sticky listing and stays above the rest of HYIPs listed.

HYIPs OpeningsHave a look at the list of newly launched HYIPs online in the Openings section below.

Eternalget Imco-trading Inonfinance Qrizon Resortsinv Rovenfunds Tapblock V4moptions Zesbank

There are less than 10 programs launched within last three days. Such a short number of new HYIPs gives another evidence of the slow-down of the entire industry. Summer is coming and very much possible this trend will remain like that for quite a long time.

HYIP ProblemsThe Problems section today starts with some good news. Satindra and Evolution Traders resumed their paying status on listing sites and removed from the Problems section this Friday. At the same time another piece of good news is that none of HYIPs listed at HYIPNews has been blacklisted or assigned with AWAITING or PROBLEM status within last three days. The actual Problems list includes three HYIPs and the Closures list today is much longer than the one on Tuesday though.

CEO Investments - not paying
Clarus Finance - not paying
NorwayFinances - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

DollarsPtr (15 days), EU ForexTrade (60 days), USA60DYAS (13 days), Sontis Investment (12 days), SAAR BANK (117 days), Bitc0in (11 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP EventsThe Events section today is very short. The reason is simple, there has been nothing to report, for the industry has nearly stopped. No new programs get added, no serious admins intend to launch new HYIPs. So today the Events section will only include some short news from two HYIPs online. For a start, Green INV Ltd has reported about completing one month online. The project is working hard to become the best on the market. Within a month online the specialists of the project have integrated the system of invested funds delivery. In the future, there are certain plans to strengthen the positions of the company both on the investment market and the primary business the company is involved into.

Infinity Finance has become a leader on publishing the news updates lately among all those HYIPs listed at HYIPNews. And the latest news update confirms that. This time the admin of the project reports about adding links in social networks, which can be used as the additional way to contact the support of the program. The project owns the official page on Facebook, Twitter. There are also threads active on major HYIP niche forums, such as TG, MMG and DTM. For Russian speaking members the special thread has been opened on MMGP.RU. The Russian localization of the corporate website is in process now along with other language versions, planned to be added in the nearest future.

EmoneyThe leading provider of mobile payments, Square, launches the fourth global centre in Melbourne, Australia. From the point of view of the company's authorities, it will stimulate selling the devices to accept payments in the region. The Australian department will ruled by the former employee of the National Bank of Australia and VISA Head of Innovation & Emerging Products, Ben Pfisterer. He noted that Square is going deeper into the market of small and medium-sized businesses in Australia.

The main goal, pursued by Square on the continent is to increase the sales of the terminals which allow accepting payment from mobile phones and tablets. The company has already initiated the deliveries of the Register tablet POS to Australia in November 2014 in terms of the global market entry. At the moment Square is not publishing sales results, however experts suppose the product turned out to become extremely popular among the local entrepreneurs. Which is why the company is interested in promoting other types terminals on the market, for instance touch-free card readers.

HYIP QuotesThe updates list of TOP 5 HYIPs most quoted among those listed at HYIPNews is given below. There are some changes compared to the last time. See the details below.

Brand Destiny. The historical moment has come. This HYIP has finally reached the first place. After last time it used to share the first place with another one, today. After the decline was observed, starting from May 15 the quotation index began to rise again and by May 17 it reached 216 points, which is the maximum among all for today.

Ogden Organization. As said earlier, the program has been replaced on the first place by Brand Destiny. The decline actually stopped on May 14, when the quotation index reached the bottom of 198 points, the following day some rise was observed, however it was not enough and now the difference from the HYIP taking the first place is only four points. Current quotation index is 212 points.

Poker Automatics. This HYIP remains on the third place. The trend is rising. Right after the quotation index reached the bottom of 165 points on May 14, the following day, quotation index trend changed and it began to rise. First on May 15 it got increased by three points, then the following day it went up to 170 points and eventually on May 17 it reached 184 points.

Cryptoconomist. After this HYIP got included to the TOP 5 of the most quoted HYIPs last Friday it achieved great results and certain improvement. After the decline observed till May 15 the global index rise changed the trend. Within just two days the quotation index of this HYIP reached its all-time maximum of 184 points, which is 48 points higher than the lowest point on May 15. As the result this HYIP moves one position up in the Hyip Quotes section today.

Albion Union. Very similar trend is observed here compared to other four HYIPs included to the Hyip Quotes section today. The decline was changed with the rise, not a large one though. There is just a 14-points rise within one day, which is obviously not enough to keep the program on the fourth place of the Hyip Quotes section taking into consideration the perfect performance of Cryptoconomist.

Within last days there was mostly rising trend observed at all five programs included in the Hyip Quotes section today. The programs are all still the same, however some important repositionings have occurred recently. The first one and, possibly, the most important is the change of the leader. Brand Destiny, after showing great increase of the quotation index has finally replaced Ogden Organization on the first place.

Poker Automatics remains on the third position. Cryptoconomist has been showing fantastic performance and within two days it managed to get the index increased by nearly 50 points, thus reaching the all-time maximum. As the result it replaced Albion Union on the fourth place of the Hyip Quotes section this Friday.

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