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Updated: 05/26/2015 13:15
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You are welcome to take a look into the Hyip Information Survey #408 presented at your attention below. One change is observed today in the Top Choice section. Two programs exchanged their positions and one HYIP is still sticky listed in the HYIPNews hyip monitor. The HYIPNews listing has been updated with two new HYIPs added recently to the hyip monitor. See the overview of the new HYIPs launched and added in the Openings section below.

The Problems section is also updated with some new HYIPs just as the Closures list. Events section does not include too many updates from the hyips online due to the lack of updates from the hyips, currently working online. As for Emoney, there is a report on increasing Bitcoin transactions through Payza processed. The details about the changes in the list of most quoted HYIPs listed at HYIPNews are presented below in the Hyip Quotes section below.

Cryptoconomist 2.3-2.8% daily! 600-7000% after 25-100 biz days!
Top Choice HYIPsLet's check if there are nay changes in the Top Choice section today after a series of issues showing stable performance of TOP 10 HYIPs.

HYIPNews.com ChoiceThe HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Albion Union Listed: 560 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
2. Ogden Organization Listed: 420 days Profit: 0.8-2% daily! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
3. Poker Automatics Listed: 278 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
4. C-7 Listed: 473 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!
5. COMEX Brokerage Listed: 179 days Profit: 1.8-2.2% daily! Term: for 160 business days!
6. Invest Compass Listed: 158 days Profit: 1.5-5% daily! Term: up to 100 calendar days!
7. Investfond Listed: 466 days Profit: up to 19% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
8. Nano-11 Listed: 125 days Profit: 3% weekly for 500 days! Term: for 500 calendar days!
9. Zooo Listed: 116 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
10. Brand Destiny Listed: 58 days Profit: 1.2-2.1% daily! Term: up to 60 business days!

Sticky Listing There is one program in the Sticky listing of HYIPNews today. See the details below:

Cryptoconomist Listed: 22 days Profit: 2.3-2.8% daily and 600-7000% after 25-100 biz days! Term: for 100 business days!

Once again the list of TOP 10 programs included in the HYIPNews Top Choice section consists of the same HYIPs as those on Friday. There is only one slight change. Two HYIPs, Invest Compass and COMEX Brokerage exchanged places and now are taking the places five and six accordingly. Cryptoconomist remains the only Sticky listed HYIP today in the hyip monitor of HYIPNews.com.

HYIPs OpeningsBack again the Openings list is presented at your attention below:

InOnFinance 0.6-1% daily 6-10% weekly for 52 weeks
Asset Order 6-9% daily up to 30 calendar days!

Assetfingroup Btcop Championhyip Concordlimited Corporateinv Gcprofits Investment-inc Om-forex Startmoneymagic Stream-energy Treasureline

During the weekend there have been a little bit more of HYIPs launched online. At the same time, we are finally glad to meet a couple of newcomers to the HYIPNews listing. InOnFinance has been added to Free listing. The HYIP is offering daily and weekly interest plans, while Asset Order, added to Promo listing only offers daily based investment plans. See the links to programs newly listed and launched online above.

HYIP ProblemsThe good news today is that none of programs both those recently listed at HYIPNews and oldtimers have started to experience problems recently and accordingly none of those listed at HYIPNews are included to the Problems section today. At the same time, there are six new HYIPs, which are listed at alternative listing sites, which have started to experience certain troubles recently.

The special attention should be taken to Evolution Traders, which managed to gain the Paying status back last Friday and now, unfortunately to the members of this HYIP, it is back assigned with Not Paying status. The list of closed hyips today is a bit longer than the one on Friday, it also includes all those marked as Problem last time.

Evolution Traders - not paying
Winberg Sport - not paying
Aurum Bank - not paying
Exeter Tradings - not paying
BTC Investment - not paying
DeusExAstra - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

CEO Investments (34 days), Clarus Finance (126 days), NorwayFinances (50 days), Green Inv Ltd (37 days), Oceana Finance (562 days), Average Investments (9 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

Asset Order 6-9% daily! up to 30 calendar days
HYIP EventsBack again the Events section today is not numerous. There are only updates from several HYIPs, for not many news are published by the hyip admins recently. First of all, Dr-Bitcoin reports of launching the WhatsApp application to contact the support. Mobile contact systems are far more and more popular, still adding WhatsApp is the innovation to some extent. The number to add Dr-Bitcoin to your contact list is like that: 00447452269648

Infinity Finance has earlier announced the addition of the new version of the website. On Saturday the admin reported that Russian version of the website has been introduced to the customers. Still Russian version is yet BETA tested, hence any comment, correction or suggestion will be appreciated. Switch between languages (English and Russian) can be made with one click on the flag button on the main page of the website.

Poker Automatics, apart from publishing regular daily results has informed the members on adding 4 new dedicated servers for the pokerbot network. Moreover, the admin reported about hiring two more representatives, one from Russian and one from Italy. You can see the details about the Representatives network on the Representatives page of the website.

The Cryptoconomist HYIP has recently become sticky listed at HYIPNews. It's been listed at HYIPnews for 22 days, however the latest newsletter reports on completing the 300 days online anniversary. As reported by the admin, within this time the project has shown great growth and the team of the project is thankful to every member for being loyal and for staying with the team.

The following week there are plans to add the international phone support and live chat for the customers' convenience. Since the launch of the HYIP, Cryptoconomist has implemented nearly all major e-currencies for making deposits and taking withdrawals. By now the project accepts Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. In the future the admin looks forward to find more alternative ways to suit every client. The team works hard to analyse every request and suggestion made by members and tries to make constant improvements to make the company more loyal to customers than ever as well as to make the website more user-friendly.

At the end of the newsletter, the admin of Cryptoconomist has been kind enough to share some statistic information. Here it is below: More than 12 thousands investors from all around the globe, More than 10 mln. Total Deposited funds, More than 3 mln. Total Withdraw funds. The stats are impressive and we are looking forward to further improvements.

Speaking of the improvements, applying the multi level affiliate program should be mentioned. The commission rate for active affiliate performance now makes 2%-1%-0.5% for the first, second and third level of affiliates respectively. Apart from that there is another advantage: 4% Extra Bonus is added automatically to affiliate commission from every deposit of $2000 and higher made by your downlines. That would be all from Cryptoconomist for now. Once again let me remind you the project is now Sticky listed at HYIPNews and is included in the Top Choice of the regular hyip information survey published at HYIPNews.

EmoneyAccording to coindesk.com, the number of bitcoin transactions processed by global online payment processor Payza has been rising by around 20% per month, the company has revealed. Payza, which serves 100,000 online merchants, also noted payments in the digital currency represent approximately 10% of its monthly withdrawal and deposit volume.

Payza first introduced its bitcoin purchase option in August 2014, enabling users to buy bitcoin using funds in their Payza account. Two months later, the company introduced a bitcoin selling option. Payza is set to launch a bitcoin checkout option this week, enabling consumers to pay for goods on its merchant partner sites in the digital currency. To begin with, Payza will exchange the bitcoin payments into fiat immediately, so merchants will only receive payment in fiat.

However, the company is looking into the possibility of giving merchants the opportunity to receive payments in bitcoin. The payment processor is also interested in entering the wider crypto world, as Elbaz said the company could potentially adopt other digital currencies, although this would be subject to demand.

HYIP QuotesLet's see if the trend of the quotation index suffered any changes lately. See the list of TOP 5 most quoted HYIPs listed at HYIPNews below:

Brand Destiny. After the previous time, when this HYIP reached maximum points, the largest number of all listed and got back to the first place in the list of TOP 5 most quoted hyips, some index decrease happened and today it is sharing again the first and the second place with another program, which stands on the second place. Since May 19 till May 21 the index fell down from 216 to 184 points.

Ogden Organization. Just as it was mentioned above, this HYIP is now sharing the first and the second place with the one on TOP. Although the overall trend of the quotation index is declining. The quotation index is 184 points, which is nearly 30 points less than the one observed on May 18.

Cryptoconomist. After last Friday we were talking about the HYIP reaching the all-time maximum of 184 points, starting from May 20 some decline was observed. Within two days from May 18 to May 21 the index decreased by 32 points and now makes 152 points and it means this HYIP is also sharing third and fourth places with another HYIP.

Poker Automatics. The quotation index now is 152 points. As said above this HYIP is today sharing third and fourth places with Cryptoconomist. The trend and the fluctuation of the quotation index is the same as the one earlier. The dropdown makes 23 points from 184 points on May 19 to 152 points on May 21.

Albion Union. The HYIP is closing the TOP 5 list with the minimum number of hyip quotation index points among all TOP 5 programs listed. The program has also entered the declining trend after a couple of days of stable performance. Within three days (May 15-17) the index was not moving an remained stable at the mark of 160 points. Starting from May 18 it began to fall and decreased by May 19 to 128 points. That is enough though for taking the fifth place in the Hyip Quotes section today.

All five programs included in the Hyip Quotes section today have entered the declining trend lately. The quotation index is on average 30 points lower than the one observed on Friday. Interesting thing about the TOP 5 programs included to the TOP 5 list today is that two pairs have the same quotation index and share the first and the second places (Brand Destiny and Ogden Organization) and the third and the fourth places (Cryptoconomist and Poker Automatics) accordingly. As for the fifth place it is still taken by Albion Union. No newcomers though to the Hyip Quotes section today.

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