Alert Identity Theft and Credit Fraud

Updated: 06/22/2015 19:29
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alert identity theft card fraud
Learn about the importance to protect your personal information to prevent your personal information and own finances theft, beware of fraud
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Identity Theft and Credit Fraud is a crime, suffered by millions of people all over the world every year. Protecting personal information is one of the most important security measures, which can prevent the fraudsters from stealing your data and finances. Here below in the article we'll discuss different ways to secure oneself from stealing your personal information and identity.

Make Sure to Connect to the Internet Using Official Wi-Fi

Fraudsters can use Wi-Fi spot as a mask to imitate some free Wi-Fi business, such as cafes, trade centres and restaurants. This strategy is widely used to deceive people when they connect to the fraudsters' spots, which can have some malicious programs within, as the result of the connection they can get access to your information. To prevent the fraud make sure you only connect to the official Wi-Fi business networks.

Online Security

Make sure you are using safe passwords on any site you are using on the net. Never enable the "Remember password" feature on any of your browsers. It is also important, when you end up surfing the web, to exit the browser and clean the cookies, that is especially recommended when you are using public PCs. Changing password on a regular basis can also become an effective tool. Mind possible risk of phishing sites, when fraudsters with the help of spam e-maisl or pop-up windows imitate banks and enterprises with the only purpose to collect your personal information. Always make due diligence and double check every site, every link before you click it to make sure they are legal. NEVER click any suspicious links in e-mails, delivered to your mailboxes, which seem to be redirected to any unknown and potentially risky websites.

Social Networks

There are lots of different ways, with the help of which fraudsters may steal your personal information via the social media websites. When you are using various social media websites, make sure to enable every security feature on your account. Try your best to enable every protection methods possible. Be especially careful to Add people to your circles for them not to have too much access to your personal information, as well as the places you used to visit. If a fraudster gets access to this sort of personal information, there are lots of ways, he or she can use against you. Say, fraudsters can see you've checked somewhere in a restaurant, he can make a call to you pretending to be the admin and make some request for your credit card details to confirm some order you possible made before or to make some refund as a sort of a "discount program", which is obviously lies. That is just one of examples how one can use your personal information obtained from the social media to steal your identity and credit card details.

Never Give Out Your Credit Card Info, Being not Sure it is Legal

Fraudsters may use different approaches to try to scam you. Have you ever received any phone call, which said you won some free tour, cruise or any other journey, or a car etc. The operator said, everything you needed to do was to provide the credit card details? 99% of these phone calls is a fraud. If you speak to anybody on the phone or online, never give out any information about your credit card, until you actually verify, whether the business and the offer is real or not.

Account and Information Monitoring

Always take control of your bank and credit card statements to make sure there are no orders or refunds you actually didn't make. Try to make the inspection once per week. Be sure to keep all the important documents, which may contain your personal information safe and delete the docs you no longer need.

Remember, Credit Card Fraud is a serious crime, which can affect anyone. Protect your personal information, before it affects you.

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