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Updated: 06/24/2015 14:39
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c 7 review
Professional HYIP review of C-7 by HYIPNews.com, leading hyip monitor online, written and published by Steve Sweeny
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After a long pause of publishing the professionals HYIP Reviews we are back with reviewing one of the leading HYIPs online, C-7. The project is working smoothly for more than 500 days and offers long-term investment plans with interest payouts on business days and those with the interest paid upon expiry. For a start it needs to be mentioned the project is good for those enjoying smooth long-term investment process.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

The HYIP C-7 started it activity in February 2014. Initially the investment terms were rather unattractive - 3% daily for 800 days. The website was presented with a template design from Goldcoders. At the same time the program had rather good technical features. The first impression was the admin tried to remain in the shadow for a while, not even thinking to promote the project.

In April 2015 the project initiated massive promotional campaign after a year of successful work, not being rather popular among online investors though. The website design has been updated and now it looks unique with no extra elements, it has been made in a business-like manner. When entering the main page for the first time, visitors don't feel any discomfort, searching for the information needed.

The script is properly setup, there are no bugs and the website is shown in all browsers correctly. The investment calculator located at the bottom of the page simplifies accounting of spends and profits made. All in all, on the C-7 website one may find everything needed for successful investing to HYIP and earning money with the referral activity.

Apart from the design update the project has also expanded the range of investment plans, making it more attractive for the online investors and proving grounds about the serious and long-term performance on the investment market. More details about the investment plans is provided below.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

Before talking in details about the investment plans, i would like to remind you, initially there was only one plan with rather unattractive terms. Currently, after the update on April 2015 three groups of investment plans are offered to investors' attention. The specific feature of all the plans is their long lifetime, which potentially gives opportunity to work without any significant problems for quite a long-time.

C-7 is offering the investment program with changing payments. All in all there are 15 investment plans in three groups totally. The tables and images from the C-7 website will give you more information about the plans available.

The first group of plans includes Regular investment plans offering investment plans with daily, weekly and monthly profit payouts and initial deposit paid back at the end of the plan. The compounding option is also available. Daily profit varies from 1% to 3%, weekly profit is 6% in Regular 4 plan and monthly profit for Regular 5 investment plan is 30%.

The second group called "After Plans" implies income payout at the expiry of investment plans. The minimum amount for a start here is $50 with the 2000% profit paid after 120 calendar days. If you want to take it sooner there is an After Plan 5, which expires after only 15 calendar days, however the amount to start is enormous and looks unreal - $50000. The compounding option is NOT available for any out of five plans in this group of plans. And the initial deposit is paid back along with the deposit.

And finally the group of "Maximum" plans is similar to "Regular" plans, the profit is paid on a daily basis, compounding is available, initial deposit is paid back at the end of the plan. The main difference is higher interest rates from 7%to 11% daily, and the higher amount to start from $149 to $50000. Here below you may see the image of the plans taken from the C-7 website.

See the investment plans offered by C-7

Speaking of the referral program, it is rather strong, aimed at active performance of the project's partners. It is one-level offering fixed 7% bonus rate taken from the downline's deposit amount paid to the upline's account.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

The choice of payment systems C-7 works with is traditional for the hyip industry: Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. The Exchangers section provides a list of exchangers provides services to exchange your real money to e-currency. With the help of Payeer, there is also an opportunity to invest using credit cards Visa or MasterCard. Unfortunately there is no direct credit card payment option at C-7, which is though traditional for HYIPs.
Minimum amount to make a deposit is $25.

As for withdrawals all payments in all active investment plans are performed immediately and automatically. Having the human factor able to impact the speed or the order of payments is out of question.

4. Legend and Content!

The C-7 HYIP positions itself as the officially registered in the United Kingdom and is working in accordance with the legislation of this country, working with the funds of investors doing operations permitted not only by the English, but also by the international law. The official address of the company is 21 Walm Lane, NW2 5SH London, United Kingdom.

According to the legend the C-7 Limited works on three directions, based on margin trading: forex trading, stock trading and cryptocurrency trading.

The content is unique and multilanguage. Apart from the texts provided on the website there are lots of video testimonials about the project in English. The navigation is rich in sections with lots of information.

Here is a short sample from the legend on the About Company page of C-7 website: "...The staff of the company has been productively working under one roof since 2010. The trading team has been put together mostly of citizens of countries of South-East Asia where the first registration of the company has been successfully completed in Singapore offshore zone. Successful trading activity allowed the company to grow main assets to enter many earlier inaccessible markets. However, in order to attract significant investment capital and start stock trading, the management of C-7 Limited made a decision to create a trading department in Great Britain, a country with the softest investment climate. Here, the legislation is suitable for financial trading activity, and the taxation system is simplified which allows to avoid non-trading risks. Registration of the company in London is the first and the most important step of the company in the area of trust management of investment assets..."

5. Customer Care and Support!

The Support of the project is nicely represented. There is a chance to use traditional support form on the website along with a pack of e-mails: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] depending on the issue you might be interested in. The company information including the registration address and the company information are also presented on the Support page:

21 Walm Lane,
NW2 5SH London,
United Kingdom,
Company registration number: 9478492.

Phone support is also a part of Support Service. The phones to reach the live support are there on the Support page as well: Company Phone: +442035193027 (ENG, RUS), +442035197621 (ENG). Special attention is take to the Live Chat, preferred by the majority of customers. The pop-up window offering to join the chat with the operator appears on the site soon after you enter it.

Speaking about the C-7 promotion, admin is dealing with more than 100 advertising platforms (more than 30 of which are hyip monitors, popular hyip blogs and some active affiliates). Apart from that since recently the project has started massive banner advertising on top resources. The hyip is also widely presented in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+. The company owns the channel on Youtube, where mostly the video testimonials from the satisfied customers are located.

6. Technical Aspect!

The technical background of the project are really impressive. The domain is registered on January 17 2014 and valid till 2024. Website domain IP is registered with ENOM.INC, which is tolerant for fake abuses. The DDoS protection is secured by DDoD-Guard.

The SSL Certificate for c-7.cc is signed by COMODO RSA Extended Validation Secure Server CA wich is signed by AddTrust External CA Root which is signed by COMODO RSA Certification Authority . The SSL Certificate will expire on Thursday 10 March 2016 this means it is still valid for 259 days.

The EV SSL Certificate from Comodo will display a green address bar in the visitors browser, and the identity of the website owner and the Certificate Authority. EV SSL Certificates have the highest level of trust and security. The website is also verified for security by a number of resources such as: GeoTrust, McAfeeSecure, TrustWave, Symantec and more.

Security seals by C-7

7. Special Features!

One of the special features is the online calculator, we've talked about at the beginning of the review. APart from that special attention should be taken to the Worldwide representative system, with the help of which C-7 expands its popularity online and offine by means of hiring representatives from lots of countries of the world. Currently there are representatives from 25 countries. For the majority of countries there are much mroe than one active representative hired.

8. Conclusion!

Taking into account everything said above we can say the C-7 HYIP has all the chances to become the most long-term HYIP online. Judging from video presentation and Facebook presentation talk about about serious plans for the projec't admin. Some sources say the admin of the program is an experienced one and he used to make some long-term HYIPs before. Indeed, conservative plans, solid technical background and active promotion to popularize the program on the web can make a program one of resources really worth investing even despite such a long lifetime of 500+ days.

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