HYIP Information Survey (July 424)

Updated: 07/28/2015 14:52
Hyip Monitor
Stable performance of the HYIPs included to the Top Choice programs goes along with lack of development of new programs, due to which the HyipNews Meet the Newcomers section is out of addings as well as the Openings section. The Problems section today consists of a larger number of HYIPs, compared to last Friday, while the list of closed hyips is still short enough.

There are lots of updates from the hyips online in the Events section today, besides the fresh updated has been delivered by SolidTrustPay concerning its partnership with iSignThis in the Emoney section. Hyip Quotes section today is showing great changes compared to the one on Friday. We are observing the change of the leader. The HyipNews Events gladly announces the FREE Interview promo offered at HYIPNews along with the traditional Summer promo packages overview presented on the HyipNews website.

Top Choice HYIPs

Let's check the HYIPs, located in the TOP 10 section of the HYIPNews listing, included to the HYIPNews Top Choice section today:

HYIPNews.com Choice

The HYIPNews Choice section today consists of 10 programs, for the reasons given above.

1. Albion Union Listed: 623 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
2. Poker Automatics Listed: 341 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
3. Investfond Listed: 529 days Profit: up to 19% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
4. Invest Compass Listed: 221 days Profit: 1.5-5% daily! Term: up to 100 calendar days!
5. COMEX Brokerage Listed: 242 days Profit: 1.8-2.2% daily! Term: for 160 business days!
6. AmerEx Trade Listed: 132 days Profit: 2.3-2.7% daily! Term: up to 50 calendar days!
7. Nano-11 Listed: 188 days Profit: 3% weekly for 500 days! Term: for 500 calendar days!
8. Zooo Listed: 179 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
9. AtlantInv Listed: 214 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for 365 calendar days!
10. Cryptoconomist Listed: 85 days Profit: 2.3-2.8% daily 600-7000% after 25-100 biz days! Term: up to 100 business days!

Sticky Listing

There is one program in the Sticky listing of HYIPNews today. See the details below:

C-7 Listed: 536 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: 800 calendar days!

Other four days passed and the situation around the TOP 10 programs remains as stable as it was more than a week ago. There are no repositionings, no programs changes, the leaders are still the same, as well as the same is the sticky listed HYIP. We'll watch for the development of the situation further on.

HYIPs Openings
See the list of new programs launched recently in the list below:

Bargains-alliance C2paisa Cryptocoinprofit Mvpinvestmentfund Takeprofit24h Tractivity Uco1

A little bit more programs compared to the list published on Friday are now today in the Openings section of the Hyip Information Survey #424. At the same time, there are still no newcomers in the list of newly added HYIPs lately.

HYIP Problems
Both HYIPs included into the Problems section last Friday are now moved to the Closures list along with another one, making it not very long actually. As for the Problems list, it includes larger number of programs compared to the one last Friday. There are five new Hyips include to the Problems list below:

CoralFund - not paying
AXTrades 2015 - not paying
Ten Hourly - not paying
HotProfit Limited - not paying
Investments Perfect Mo - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

BWD-Investment (18 days), GEIT (15 days), ForexShare (856 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
First of all let us notify you on the forthcoming scheduled maintenance update due to implementing the interface updates for Western Europe clients of GSR Global HYIP, which is starting on July 28th, at 4 PM EDT and will last till 6 PM EDT. Due to the update announced, it is recommended to finalize all financial activities in Private Zone by 3:50 PM EDT on July 28th.

All payment requests initiated after 3:50 PM EDT will be put on hold until the completion of the maintenance.

Worldtradefinance reported about the update of the investment plans and user account pages. Later on there also was a notification about the new fake site 'novenbux.com', which cloned the original website of Worldtradefinance and is using the original company registration number with the purpose of deceiving investors pretending to be Worldtradefinance.

The performance summary of CryptoCarat first week performance has been released by the admin of the HYIP. Here are the milestones achieved. First of all getting to deposits, $11K were deposited, while $1200 were paid as per withdrawal requests. The most popular investment plan chosen by investors so far is 300% After 25 Days.

The project has also made some updates and added two more payment options accepted at CryptoCarat: Payza and Neteller.

Here is some piece of information concerning how to make a deposit and complete a withdrawal: Login With Your ID and, Go to "Make Deposit" Page And Click Payza or Neteller. After completing a deposit it is added instantly. To Withdraw Neteller or Skype, Go to "Withdraw" Page and Enter Amount that you want to withdraw, wait for the request to be processed instantly as well.

Also CryptoCarat added Live Chat to make the communication of investors with the support staff more effective. Anyone is welcome to take advantage of Live Chat communication, which is online 24/7.

The Vbotrade hyip listed at HYIPNews though being listed for 23 days only celebrates 310 days online. There is not much of useful information in the newsletter posted by the admin of the project. There are common words describing the brilliant performance of the project online with the basic knowledge on how to make profits with Vbotrade within just ten days, and enjoy instant payments.

The new promotion has been launched for the investors of Cryptofan HYIP. According to the terms of the promotion all new members will be rewarded with an active contract worth 0.001 BTC just for completing registration. From the point of view of the admin of the project, this will give more chances for the partners to attract new investors to the project.

The bonus will be activated within 24 hours after completing the sign-up. Apart from that we are glad to inform of the new banners added in the Partners section of the website.

The extended list of holidays in August has been published on the website of AtrexTrade. As it's been reported, the traders of the project will be on an annual leave from August 1 through August 14. During this period no profits will be paid.

Apart from that during the holiday period, the works on updating software and optimising databases will be held, as the result of which some temporal troubles with the website accessibility may be noticed. Starting from August 15 all operations will be back to normal.

Poker Automatics, also listed at HYIPNews, has reached the mark of less than 10000 on Alexa, meaning it has become one of the most popular 10000 websites in the world. Congratulations! Apart from that two representatives were hired from Austria and Argentina.

There is also an update saying the new payment system for making deposits and withdrawals has been added: PayCo, where adding funds via Credit Cards, ElotPay, UnionPay etc. is possible. For making withdrawal requests it is possible to get your ATM card, with the help of which you can take the money out of your account worldwide. The minimum amount to add funds is $30 and the minimum to withdraw is $10.

Finally, 120Profit has been online for 180 days. Within this period the company achieved great results. The total capital pool has hit over 18.5 million dollars, which is twice amount as the total potential withdrawal further on. To mark the completion of 310 days online and reaching so glorious milestones, we are glad to report Payza was added as one of the payment processors. Finally the business account with Payza has been setup.

Payza now allows direct deposits via credit cards. The deposits are processed automatically, while withdrawal are instant. Also to somehow control the number of investors, minimum deposit amount limit was increased to $20. Any previous deposits with the deposits less than $20 will remain functioning though.

Apart from that as a celebration 10% deposit bonus is offered to every investment made from July 26 to July 28. In order to cliam for the bonus, one should send a ticket to the support of the project.

At the end of the previous week, the C-7 HYIP listed at HYIPNews.com issued the newsletter reporting weekly results and giving some program performance outlines. AS it's been reported, all trades on all three markets, where C-7 is involved have been completed with positive balance, all payments have been added to the account balance, all requests have been processed.

There were some delays with Bitcoin in the beginning of the week, though by Wednesday they turned out to be non-significant and all complaints were gone.

Within last days of the previous week 36 new representatives were added to C-7. The entire number of regional representatives exceeds 150 people by now. There are more than 45 countries where C-7 representatives are available. At the same time it needs to be mentioned in the countries like Russian or Nigeria there are about 10 representatives.

Many people might be interested in further improvements of the investment offers, which are actually hard to make even better. Moreover, it would even be better to decrease the minimum, that's being discussed now. The confirmed fact is that according to the 10-year plan of C-7 Limited development the company's priority is to expand opportunities to accept payments, which is why very soon new payment methods will be applied and new payment options will appear.

Speaking more about the future plans, there are certain ideas in the future to open international branch offices on the base of existing regional representatives. Before that some seminars will be held, where the details of further cooperation with investors will be discussed. Both representatives and active members are welcome to join the discussion groups with further instructions published later.

Starting the new week, the management of C-7, the HYIPs, which is growing in a stable manner, which can be seen from the quotation index graph, there is a notice about the problems occurred at the end of the last week. First of all, within last three days some attempts to blacken the reputation of the company have been taken by the business rivals of C-7.

Despite that, thanks to evident results and success of the project online, these attempts did not harm the project much. As reported, the support service and the staff of the project work hard to remove any difficulties and assist in any possible issue that may arise in Live Chat, phone support and social networks.

Some good news cam from Blcokchain.info authorities. They reported about speeding up the working process in the middle of the previous week and by weekend they ran into moving and upgrading their servers.

All the payouts to C-7 investors are still processed with no delays using the resources yet available with no delays, still some deposit transactions are received with small delays. Fortunately these issues are temporal, by no means it somehow affects the work of the company and Bitcoin can be used free.

Lots of questions are sent by the members and potential investors asking about the possibility to pay large amounts to wide investors' community. The C-7 admin assures, the strategy of the company is built the way to control the funds turnover with the help of daily limiting.

Knowing the amount allowed for withdrawal for a single taken investor per every deposit expired, it is possible to calculate how much funds is needed and what day exactly to fulfil the payment obligations taken. If the amount invested is bigger, than it means the amount earned gets bigger accordingly.

One thing is left - to keep the balance and thanks to daily limiting of every investor it is an easy task to complete, even though all transactions are processed instantly.

SolidTrust Pay has partnered with iSignThis to bring members an exciting new feature for Credit and Debit Card Deposits!

iSignThis Ltd provides a combined and fully automated remote evidence of identity and transaction authentication solution, thus assisting clients in adhering to AML/CTF/KYC and Payment Regulations worldwide. The iSignThis reach extends to over 200 countries and more than 3 billion persons.

SolidTrust Pay is happy to announce that you will soon able to verify your Credit or Debit Card quickly in just a few easy steps. After your card is verified, enjoy INSTANT card deposits into your STPay account. You will no longer have to wait the usual 24 hour processing time. This new feature uses your card provider and cell phone to secure and verify your transactions.

The initial set up will be a simple 3 step process to confirm your information and instantly verify your card. All subsequent deposits will be 2 steps. You will then have access to your funds instantly!

HYIP Quotes
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

C-7. The program managed to get on TOP of the list today from the fourth place. The rising trend of the quotation index observed earlier led to the massive quotation index growth from July 17 to July 20 as the index grew from 181 to 234 points. Although on July 21 some decline happened and the index moved down a bit to 231 points, the result is pretty much amazing for the hyip to become the leader of the Hyip Quotes section today.

Poker Automatics. Unlike the first program, this one couldn't manage to show some growth lately. On the contrary after some slight rise and stable quotation index, which stopped on the mark of 232 points, on July 23 some decline commenced as the index fell 10 points down to 223 points, which is only enough for being on the second place.

USD Business. Since July 18 the HYIP was showing rather stable performance and the quotation index, which was not changing greatly. The maximum index change was three points, just like on July 24 when the quotation index grew from 213 to 216 points. It remained stable for two days and then on July 27 it moved 10 points down to 207 points, which is lower than ever during the last ten days.

Maxizzy Limited. After the massive growth of C-7, all other programs moved one place down accordingly except for the last one taking the fifth place. This one is not an exception. So many changes happened to the quotation index of this HYIP since July 24 till July. There were great fluctuations of the index. It used to go down to 174 points, then the following day it recovered going up to 192 points, where it remained till July 26 and then on July 287 it moved down again to 183 points.

Auto Profit. Last time the HYIP used to share the fifth place with another program. Today it stands here alone with two points advantage over the one taking the sixth place. The HYIP has been showing very stable performance since the launch. The index keeps on moving in a wave-like manner, changing smoothly from157 to 160 points and back for 10 days already. Currently on July 27 the index makes 157 points.

Today we can observe the change of the leader in the HYIP Quotes section of the Hyip Information Survey #424. C-7 has been showing enormous growth lately, due to which the current quotation index is ten points more than the one of Poker Automatics, which is taking the second place today.

Apart from C-7, three more HYIPs: Poker Automatics, USD Business and Maxizzy Limited have shown some decline lately with the quotation indexes lower than those shown by last Friday. Speaking about Auto Profit, the HYPUI taking the fifth place in the Hyip Quotes, the situation is still stable here with not much of a change at all.

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