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Updated: 08/17/2015 08:54
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usdbusiness interview
Read the interview with Gary McDougall, founder and executive director of USD Business to learn about the general aspects main principles of the program
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We are pleased to publish the interview with Gary McDougall, the founder and executive director of USD Business Limited. The program has been on Top of HYIPNews for a while and hence it is for sure our readers would be interested to know about the general aspects and peculiarities of the company.

1) First of all, introduce yourself. We'd like to know who we are talking with. What is your post in the company, what's your name?

Hello to all readers of the most popular online journal First of all, thank you for the opportunity to tell about the company and our investment proposal that we have prepared for our clients. My name is Gary McDougall, I am the founder and executive director of USD Business Limited. Today I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

2) Please, tell us about the concept of your HYIP in general, about the spectrum of services you are offering.

The company is looking for promising and innovative ideas to finance them. In the future, these ideas become projects, completed startups and steady sources of profit. To date, we have implemented dozens of similar projects and have a few of them in the active phase of development. Such successful investing allows us to attract private capital in trust management and we can offer our clients a stable income in investment package with three plans for 70 business days each.

During this period, you can get from 2.2% to 3.5% on a daily basis. Accruals of profits are done 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. On the weekends, we usually relax and spend time with relatives like many other people. An investment offer of USD Business is accessible to everyone, because the minimum deposit is only 30$. For those who want to start with small amount and get a good profit at the end the company has provided the use of compounding. This means that even with the 30$ you can easily get almost 140$ after 70 business days. I think this is an excellent proposal that is worth of considering.

3) We are always interested to know who makes the team of the program. This is the most important element of its success. Who makes up your program?

When we started in 2010 our team consisted of only two people, me and my business partner Brian Baylis. At first we spent a lot of time in the search of talented and promising ideas and then looking for money to implement them. It was quite difficult until we decided it was time to grow. So there were dozens of staff, which today form the basis of the company. Because we are engaged in the development of startups related to computer technologies and energy-saving systems, it is logical that our team has several experienced engineers and programmers. The company also has financiers, market analysts and marketers. Total to date, the company consists of about 30 people.

4) Could you tell a little bit about your (and all other members of the staff) background?

As I said earlier, our team is very versatile. As for me, I am a graduate of The University of Southampton, where I studied computer science and software engineering. There I met my only true partner Brian Baylis who is close to me in spirit. Most of our staff is graduates of universities and colleges in the United Kingdom, they are talented engineers and economists, whom would be glad to see the best British companies. Fortunately, they have chosen to grow with USD Business Limited.

5) Is your company a registered one or it's the virtual enterprise, working online only?

Yes, of course the company is officially registered. We did not even consider any other options. Since 2010, we have worked as intermediaries between big business and inventors and entrepreneurs. It is hard enough to do this without funds and significant working capital. In the past we should spend a lot of time to convince investors, agree and approve the budget of project, to find project curator etc. In 2015, we have decided to control all the processes ourselves. In addition, the company's official registration is required to attracting investment. That's why USD Business was launched. Those who doubt the legality of our activity can easily check the company in the list on the CompaniesHouse website, the official registrar of UK companies. It's enough to use company name or registration number to do this.

6) Do you have any documents or official guarantees, which is the guarantee of honesty for all the transactions realized through your service?

Yes, certainly. The full package of registration documents, which includes a Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and the User Agreement, is available for download on our website, in the "About US" section.

7) Please, tell us the story of your work. When did you start, have you always been like this, in this format?

In 2010, we met with two inventors who designed a wind generator in their garage. It was so cool that we decided to help them realize the idea of ​​mass production. To do this, we have found investors among our friends from the university. When we signed our first contract of intermediary services, we have understood that this is a good business and could be promising for us. Over the next five years, we were looking for the same weirdos as we are and eventually gathered a team large enough.

8) Please, share your thoughts concerning any possible problems that may happen while working with your service from the point of view of your experience? Where should investors be more attentive?

We are absolutely confident that the slightest problem should not arise in the process of investing with USD Business. We have come a long way of experimentation, successes and failures, to understand all the intricacies of the investment process, communication with partners and investors. We only ask you to just be more careful when choosing e-currency exchanger.
Today, there is lot of scams online and we do not want you to become their victim. Use only approved exchange services. On our website we have a list of certified exchangers of each electronic currency, which we accept. I remind you that you can invest and make profits by using the most common payment processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza and Bitcoin.

9) The sphere of high-yield profit can be divided into two parts, called "real-unreal", "a scam-not a scam" by average users. Aren't you afraid that you program will be regarded by investors from this angle of vision?

Actually I do not think so. USD Business is officially registered and works legally under UK jurisdiction. If anyone has some doubts about the reality of the company, we invite him to visit our office to meet personally with me and our other managers. We are located on the 4th floor at 53 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3JP. A friendly welcome and a cup of hot English breakfast tea are guaranteed for each of you, no kidding. All you need is just to notify us about your visit in advance. You can use the phone or email to do this.

10) How do you solve problems occurred? Where should investors appeal to have an opportunity to solve their problem?

We're trying to resolve promptly all current problems and respond to any comments and suggestions of company's clients. If you ever encounter a problem you can't solve yourself, do not hesitate to contact us for help, and you will get it guaranteed. We offer a few ways to communicate, and you can choose the most convenient for you. During the standard working week, you can ask for help in a live chat. In addition, you can send us a query through the feedback form or via [email protected]. Normally, we respond quickly enough.

11) What support options do you offer?

You can contact us in any convenient way. Live chat support and phone operators are available during regular working hours from 8AM to 8PM, London time. You can also contact us in case you have technical issue by feedback form or using direct technical support email [email protected]. We are always ready to solve any of your problems around the clock.

12) Some investors criticized a referral program, which is supposedly used for creating pyramids. We do not share this opinion and we see that you have a referral program. Why did you decide to provide your members with the referral program as it is?

As experienced entrepreneurs, we understand that qualitative and efficient promotion of any business idea or company is very expensive. We have put together an advertising budget and at some point realized that the best solution to spend this money is to start paying affiliate commission our clients for advertising. Now we have more than only advertising agency, because there are thousands of our active investors who tell their friends, relatives and acquaintances about all the benefits of investing with USD Business company.

There is three-tier affiliate system, from deposits of your direct referrals you get 6%, from second and third levels commission will be 2% and 1% respectively. Once you've got a reward you can withdraw it instantly!

We believe that the best advertising is a shared experience. Now information about the company can be found everywhere: on private websites and blogs, numerous forums and of course in social media. To participate in the affiliate program you only should find a unique referral link in your account and share this by legal means.

13) Please, tell your viewing of the HYIP. What is the opinion of the management of the company about this investment sphere, what do YOU think of it?

First of all, I don't see nothing wrong with high-yield and short-term investments. Today the increasing number of online scams have given to this notion somewhat negative connotation. However, based on the classical definition, these projects are primarily designed to make quick money for needy people. Sure, you can be a client of the bank and receive your stable but minimum dividends. In this case, your bank deposit must be huge to you and your families need nothing. In contrast to this, you can become an investor of HYIP and earn substantially for a short time. In any case, the choice is just for you. However, I and my team have already decided for ourselves which path is the right one.

14) What is your opinion about virtual currencies' development? What new services may become available for you? Which is the most secure, profitable and easy to use? What exchange service is the most popular with you?

I want to start by saying that we have deliberately refused to use banking services. Of course, we have a bank account, with which we operate in daily life, but for our clients we have chosen a much easier way to start cooperation. For me, e-currencies are the best way not only to quickly transfer money anywhere in the world, but also to do it anonymously. Most of our investors often ask us how much tax they have to pay when they get profits. You should pay nothing, we're answering. And it is true, because the electronic payment systems in most cases are anonymous and never provide information about your income to tax service.

Today, you can invest with USD Business using the most popular electronic payment methods such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, Payza and Bitcoin. The most convenient and widespread payment processor is PerfectMoney. Second place goes to with its ability to use credit cards and bank wire. For United States residents we offer to use Payza. Finally, for those who follow the technological advances we offer investment through Bitcoin, the most revolutionary representative of cryptocurrencies. With regard to the exchangers, we recommend that you visit the "Online Exchangers" section on our website and find a list of certified exchange points there. Almost all of these services we use ourselves.

15) What do you think sets your program apart from all the other "opportunities" out there?

First of all, our company is engaged in real offline activity. Moreover, business directions, which we have chosen are a lucrative and promising. We have passed the necessary checking of USD Business, and proof of this is a green address bar in your web browser. In addition, we are actively developing the company and having a lot of representatives all over the world. To date, more than 100 people represent the company's interests in 40 countries! This is conclusive evidence that USD Business is a serious company with far-reaching plans!

16) How do you think, why your program is worth joining it? Please give a few reasons.

We offer the best investment terms which are available with a minimum threshold for principal deposit and stable accruals, we use a wide range of payment instruments as well. Besides our three-tier referral program is available for everyone. To take part you don't even need to have an active deposit. In addition, you can become our official regional representative and earn more affiliate commissions, 12% instead regular 6%.

17) Please, tell what plans do you have or the nearest future? What new services will be available, what should investors expect from your work?

We have big plans for the future and see our investment project not only successful and profitable, but also easy to use. In the near perspective we want to add a few operators to the client support team. Based on the analysis of the visits frequency to live chat, we decided to start with Russian operators. Within a few days we will add chat service for clients from Russian language countries. Next in line will be Hindi and Indonesian operators. We are confident that this will be a good impetus for the development of our investment project.

18) At the end of our interview, you can always add something from you.

Overall, I was very pleased to tell about the company, a brief history of its creation and our plans for the future. I hope that I could interest readers of with our investment proposal. If you still have any questions, our client support team will be glad to help you at any time. We are waiting for you!

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