HYIP Information Survey (March 475)

Updated: 03/01/2016 13:22
Hyip Monitor
Survey #475 presents you with the updated Top Choice list, which currently includes six Best Choice Hyips and 10 Top Performers. Four new programs added to the Openings section. Problems section this Tuesday is rather short. There are only three programs in the Problems part and six Hyips included to the Closures section.

There is a very massive Hyip Events section today. Android Pay update is provided at your attention in the Emoney section. We may observe a very interesting and positive dynamics of the quotation index development today. Four of five HYIPs presented in the TOP 5 of the Hyip Quotes section today crossed the line of 200 points.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #475 published this Tuesday.

Best Choice
Here is the list of highest rated and most long-term running programs in the list below:

1. Albion Union Listed: 840 days Profit: 0.6-2.4% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!
2. Investfond Listed: 746 days Profit: up to 19% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
3. COMEX Brokerage Listed: 759 days Profit: 1.8-2.2% daily! Term: for 160 business days!
4. AtlantInv Listed: 431 days Profit: 0.5% daily 3% weekly! Term: for 389 calendar days!
5. Nano-11 Listed: 405 days Profit: 3% weekly for 500 days! Term: for 500 calendar days!
6. Zooo Listed: 397 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!

1. SaliPay Listed: 126 days Profit: 0.3-0.6% daily! Term: until 150% reached!
2. XcoBit Investment Listed: 101 days Profit: 110-150% after 10-30 days! Term: up to 30 calendar days!
3. Poker Adv Listed: 131 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily 12-24% monthly! Term: up to 180 calendar days!
4. Globox Trade Listed: 98 days Profit: 2-3 daily 1922% in 100 trading days! Term: up to 100 business days
5. Forex King Listed: 50 days Profit: 2.1-2.7% daily for 15-60 days 250-900% after 40-65 days! Term: up to 105 calendar days!
6. CME Trades Listed: 88 days Profit: 2.3-5% daily! Term: up to 50 calendar days!
7. Trusty Finance Listed: 61 days Profit: 3-10% daily 102-149% after 1-5 days! Term: up to 80 calendar days!
8. Coince Listed: 49 days Profit: 2% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days!
9. BitMiner Listed: 70 days Profit: 0.2-1% daily! Term: for lifetime!
10. Dowerly Listed: 68 days Profit: 0.2-2.5% daily! Term: up to 140 calendar days!

Sticky Listing
There is one program in the Sticky listing of HYIPNews today. See the details below:

AtlantInv Listed: 431 days Profit: 0.5% daily 3% weekly! Term: for 389 calendar days!

Today there are only six programs listed in Best Choice, all located at the same positions. Poker Automatics has been blacklisted. Albion Union is still taking the lead. The Top Performers section gives us the same HYIPs as those on Friday, however there are some changes in their positioning.

Some programs like XcoBit Investments and Forex King have shown significant rating increase and as the result their positions improved, while, others like Dowerly and Globox Trade have shown some decrease in the rating points, their position changed as well.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Coince. The HYIP is taking the lead after reaching its all-time maximum of the quotation index, due to the rising trend, emerged after a slight decline on February 25-26. On February 27 the quotation index grew from 176 to 240 points and remains stable till the end of February.

Foreign Assets. That is a newcomer of the TOP 5 in the Hyip Quotes section. On February 25 the HYIP reached the bottom of the decline which emerged couple of days before. After that within just three days on February 28 the quotation index increased from 134 to 224 points, which means 90 points growth. Stunning result as the index remains stable on February 29 as well.

SaliPay. On Friday we draw your attention to the fact this HYIP was sharing the third and the fourth places with another HYIP, now totally removed from TOP 5. This time, we are happy to admit the HYIP reached its all-time maximum of 216 points after a great index growth observed on February 27 as it moved up from 149 to 216 points within just on day. Within the next two days by the end of February the index remains stable and the HYIP takes the third place today.

Albion Union. One place up, that is a progress shown by this HYIP, taking the leading positions in the HYIPNews listing for a while. The trend of the HYIP is similar to those above. After a decline, when the index fell down to 153 points on February 19 the quotation index started to grow and on February 21 it reached the upper mark of 208 points, which is only 8 points lower than its all-time maximum reached before.

Global Investment. That is currently the only HYIP with the quotation index below 200. Obviously due to that it lost some positions and moved to the fifth place from the second one. Although the trend is rising, the growth is not that substantial as the one shown by other four hyips. As the result of the growth on February 27 the quotation index grew from 148 to 186 points on February 28 and then moved 2 points down on the last day of February.

We may observe a very interesting and positive dynamics of the quotation index development today. Four of five HYIPs presented in the TOP 5 of the Hyip Quotes section today crossed the line of 200 points. Coince is still taking a lead, Albion Union goes one place up, SaliPay remains stable.

As for the second place, today it is taken by a newcomer, never included to the Hyip Quotes section before. The only program, which lost positions is Global Investment, whose growth was not that large and currently it is the only HYIP in TOP 5 of the Hyip Quotes section with the quotation index below 200.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online within during the weekend and the start of the current week.

ITC Financials 1.5-2.5% daily up to 25 business days!
D-Dollar 3% weekly up to 800 calendar days!
SummerBTC up to 0.9% hourly for lifetime!
Tyren 7-10% daily up to 25 business days!

Agroif Autobits Diamond-invest Exio Global-market Nbdinvest Nuvestia Prefex

The industry is getting more active lately. Four HYIPs have been added to HYIPNews Premium listing. Two programs ITC Financials and Tyren are offering daily profit payouts, while SummerBTC provides hourly payments. As for D-Dollar the project pays on a weekly basis. The list of other HYIPs launched recently, the list is rather short and only includes eight new programs, selected by the automatic HyipNews script.

HYIP Problems
Speaking about the Problems section this Tuesday it needs to be mentioned, the section is rather short. There are only three programs in the Problems part and six Hyips included to the Closures section. Among those six there are all those, used to be Problem on Friday. Three programs, which used to be listed at HYIPNews and were marked as Problem last Friday: Three Bitcoin, Trade7 and Poker Automatics, which has been an industry old-timer, are now blacklisted and moved to Closures accordingly.

Cash Wallet Ltd - not paying
Liberex Trade Ltd - not paying
FinanceBTC - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

(13 days), Three Bitcoin (24 days), Easy Instant Cashouts (8 days), Poker Automatics (558 days), FXTeam Ltd (7 days), Diamond D Ltd (92 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events

Order the 50% Tsunami Ads Package, get 50% discount for the Ad services from HYIPNews. Getting the Tsunami Ad package you make your program Sticky listed for 2 weeks, obtain the Static Leaderboard banner placed for 2 weeks, 1 Solo E-Mail Ad delivered to the 32K+ subscribers' database. The 50% Tsunami Ads Package is available for active monitoring clients. If you are a new client, you should proceed with adding monitoring deposit to shopping cart on this page.

ForeXner is one week online
, which is, from the point of view of the program admin, the best time to summarize things going one. ForeXner is claimed to a long running HYIP. However or now the performance was not that bright. Within the first week only 186 investors joined the program with total of $2600 in investments, moreover most of this amount was deposited by monitors.

Still the admin is sure this means nothing but this program is a steady one. No fake posters are hired and no overpriced useless monitor services are obtained though. The project claims to be working with monitors that are offering best services for right money. The thing the admin of ForeXner is looking for is a SLOW start of a steady program which offers high daily returns together with steady investment plans.

Paidspot admin notifies about lots of changes to happen on the website during next days in terms of improving functionalities and implementing some pages addons. Currently the Recover Password, Recover Username & Profile Page are released.

Profile page also makes you a public profile that can be seen by other members and what you decide to show can be changed from Profile Privacy Settings. The admin is honored with the response and general like of the website by the visitors and assures of further improvement and updating the project.

Suv-Funds announces the project is now accepting Payza. All Payza deposits work instantly and automatic. All investors are also welcome to join the Facebook group page and get daily updates from the Suv-Funds HYIP. The Facebook group page address is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1723205164576099/

The admin of the project claims there are here for long. The customer support person is constantly available 24/7 to answer any sort of queries from the customers. The project is growing massively and the team thanks every member for the support.

Albion Union, TOP listed HYIP at HYIPNews provides the trading performance report for the previous week. Last week the Albion Union experienced traders reached the average profit factor of 18.27%. The last trades can be checked here: https://albionunion.com/statements.php Also due to numerous requests from the customers, Guest Access to the company Forex trading account is provided upon contacting the support.

InvestBlock reports creating the Facebook page at the customers' requests. The Facebook page can be used to discuss and share payment proof and ideas, for this page only belongs to InvestBlock PL. Remember, advertising or posting links from other programs are illegal and the account of outlaw person will be blocked and investments will hold. One can join the page and proceed with getting to know about InvestBlock more.

Here comes another news from Forex King, listed at HYIPNews. The admin informs updating the referral system to 4%-2%-1.5%, which is a multi-Level commission. It means apart from every deposit of your direct referral you can get bonus from the referrals brought directly by your referrals: you will get 4% of the deposits of your personally introduced referrals, 2% of the deposits made by you second-line referrals (the people invited by your first-line referrals) and 1.5% of the deposits of your third-line referrals (the people invited by your second-line referrals).

The admin is also happy to announce regional representative program has been started at Forex King. Being a regional representative one gets opportunity to become a partner in the ready trusted Company, improve it and let it grow in your geographic region and also be part of a worldwide network of Forex King regional representative program.

It is a high revenue share that is discussed individually. Also some additional bonuses are offered for the representatives, such as: referral commission, partner bonus, special bonuses for responsible cooperation clients for referral commission, etc. A knowledge in online investing is desirable, but not essential.

Your responsibilities are: consulting clients on the services of the company; attracting new customers to the company; holding regional advertising campaigns; organizing training seminars (optional).

If you are interested in becoming the Forex King regional representative, you should provide the following information to the special e-mail to Mr. Richard Pollak, the Forex King representative program manager: Your Username in the Program: Your E-mail: Your Language Spoken: Your Skype: Your Facebook or any other Social Network: Your Telephone if it is available. Within a few days Mr. Pollak will contact you and discuss the opportunity of further cooperation.

The Prefex HYIP posts the notice to current and potential members of the program, who might have possibly faced the challenge of making a deposit. The thing is that recently there were certain technical issues that prevented from proper generation of Bitcoin address and sending the deposit. As the admin of Prefex reports this problem has been resolved now.

As it's been reported most of Prefex investors prefer Bitcoin as a payment tool, which is why the special attention is paid to the correct performance of application program interface (API) to accept deposits and process instant withdrawals in automatic mode. In any case there is any trouble with the investing process, you are recommended to contact the support team ASAP.

According to numerous requests the administration of Milleniumbuilding decided to make minor changes in the company's marketing and presented the updated tariff plans:
1) Start 10.7% Daily For 10 Days (Principal included)
2) Optimal 5.9% Daily For 20 Days (Principal included)
3) Stable Profit. Without changes.

These rates are more interesting thanks to the inclusion in the daily income of the deposit, while leaving the old rates net profit for the period unchanged. For investors who have made a deposit before the adjustment of marketing, a transition to new tariffs on request to support (for Stable Profit). Another good news is applying the instant payouts.

The admin of Gold Option notifies that on Friday the team of the project didn't work due to a little break-down. Monday is the first working day after extended weekend and on this day as the admin claims, the team of Gold Option made more that $500K. There is also a notice saying the special offer expires in 3 days.

Bitcoin163 completes 7 days online, the company is still growing. The customers are enjoying instant deposit possibility from Perfectmoney and Payeer which means it takes up 10 Minute/3 Confirmation Network Withdraw Perfectmoney Min 0.01$ Withdraw Payeer Min 0.03$ Withdraw Bitcoin Min 0.1$.

E-money News
One of the global rivals of ApplePay is entering the European market at the end of March. The first country where Android Pay is going to be launched will be the UK.

Android Pay is the second attempt by Google to unlock the potential in the sphere of mobile payments. The service was initially launched on the US market in September 2015 instead of the virtual wallet, named Google Wallet, which did not enjoy global popularity.

The Android Pay service is working with smartphones with NFC chips integrated. Payment cards can be uploaded to the mobile wallet and then one can use them to pay for the purchases in the trading spots.

The contact-free payment system is more developed in the UK than in the US. Every day around 35K train trips are paid with the help of mobile phones. Apart from the transport, paying with the help of your smartphone is possible in various trading spots.

On the UK market Android Pay will have to compete not just with Apple Pay. There is also another provider, Samsung Pay, which is also planning to introduce the payment system of its own on the UK market.

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