HYIP Information Survey (November 531)

Updated: 11/18/2016 18:40
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the Hyip Information Survey #531 observing stable performance of hyips in the Best Choice and Top Performers sections. One newcomer is introduced in the Openings section, as for the Problems section there are lots of problem programs there and a list of those blacklisted in the Closures section, which unfortunately includes a number of those listed at HyipNews. Some latest hyip news from the programs online are presented in the Events section. The update from concerning the new In-Account Direct Messaging service by Payza is presented in the Emoney section today. The Hyip Quotes update is also provided below.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #531 published this Friday.

Best Choice
Here is the list of highest rated and most long-term running programs in the list below:

1. Zooo Listed: 658 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
2. CME Trades Listed: 349 days Profit: 2.3-5% daily! Term: up to 50 calendar days!
3. Dowerly Listed: 330 days Profit: 0.2-2.5% daily! Term: up to 140 calendar days!
4. PokerAdv Listed: 393 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily 12-24% monthly! Term: up to 180 calendar days
5. BreamFX Listed: 335 days Profit: 0.7-8% daily for 15-150 days 110% after 7 business days! Term: up to 150 business days!
6. D-Dollar Listed: 262 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: up to 800 calendar days!
7. In-Delhi Listed: 260 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!

1. 24pays Listed: 209 days Profit: 2.14-12.4% hourly 24-48 hours! Term: up to 2 calendar days!
2. HourDeposit Listed: 220 days Profit: 1.2-21% hourly for 24-96 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!
3. Deposit Portal Listed: 204 days Profit: 1.1-5.6% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!
4. Instant Coin Listed: 167 days Profit: 0.9-10% hourly! Term: up to 100 hours!
5. GoDeposit Listed: 205 days Profit: 110-200% after 3-7 days! Term: up to 7 calendar days!
6. BitWallet Listed: 129 days Profit: 1-4% hourly for 72-120 hours 15-20% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 120 hours!
7. HourPay Listed: 142 days Profit: 1.44-1.5% hourly for 72 hours, 3-5% hourly for 48 hours, 15-20% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
8. Fastbitpay Listed: 137 days Profit: up to 1.28-30% hourly! Term: up to 100 hours!
9. Derive Money Listed: 147 days Profit: up to 15% hourly! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
10. GetMyAds Listed: 114 days Profit: 1% daily for 600 days! Term: up to 600 calendar days!

The situation in the Top Choice is very interesting. Within a week period since last Friday there are literally no changes in programs positioning both in the Best Choice and Top Performers section. All hyips are the same and Zooo is taking the first place, while 24pays starts the Top Performers list. The week has been rather stable, which is a good sign closer to December.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Dowerly. After November 10 the quotation index of this hyip lost some points and then on till November 13 it was rising again until t reached its all-time maximum 240 points. Unfortunately it couldn't stay long on top and the following day the quotation index began to s go down. Within just three days it fell down to 166 points. Fortunately to the members of the program next day the trend changed and the quotation index moved up reaching 192 points.

PokerAdv and Capitaller. As it used to be several times before these two programs are sharing second place with the same number of quotation index points. Moreover, the graph showing the development of the hyip quotation index lately looks very much similar for both programs. Both Capitaller and PokerAdv reached all-time maximum during the rising trend observed from November 11 till November 14. And both programs were facing serious decline on November 16 and then rise again on November 17, when the index reached 168 points.

DeriveMoney. The Hyip has been included to the Hyip Quotes TOP 5 for the first time. The performance of this program has obviously been most stable among all six programs included. Reaching 128 points on November 13 the index was not changing for three days. On November 16 some decline was observed and the following day it got back to 128 points.

BitWallet and Earning Hike. Earning Hike is the only program in the Hyip Quotes section today, the quotation index trend of which is currently declining. It was rising till November 12, when it reached 144 points and remained stable for the next 3 days. After that the trend changed and within next two days it fell down to 120 points.

As for BitWallet, it is back to Hyip Quotes Top 5 and the thing worth being mentioned is the substantial growth of the quotation index the program faced on November 10-12, when the index moved from 72 to 120 points within just two days. After that no change was detected and the index remains stable till now.

We can see again the situation in the Hyip Quotes TOP 5 section, when several programs are sharing places. So Capitaller and PokerAdv are sharing the second place, showing very much similar performance day by day. Dowerly remains on TOP and the thing that looks common for the first three programs is reaching the all-time maximum quotation index on November 13-14.

The third place is taken by the newcomer, DeriveMoney, which is showing some decent and stable performance lately. As for the last two hyips, both have been here before. BitWallet moved up from 72 to 120 points and remains stable, while Earning Hike is the only program in TOP 5 with the quotation index being in decline today.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online within the last week.

ForexGaint 0.3-0.4% hourly 220% after 22 days!

170funds 3dayinvest 6percenter A-classfx Alicialing Appmobile Bitctradingltd Brightoninvestmentsltd Btcmoney-inv Btcturbo Coinisland Coinmark Coinsmachine Cryptopay-ltd Dionicity Dna-coin Doubler-funder Emox-fund Forex-venture Fundbond Future-bitcoin Goldencrypto Goldmannfg It-denit Jewellery-invest Levelkingdom Majestyinv Millionearn Moregold4u Myinvest-onlytrade Oberoninvest Odax-money Parenthyip Pentagona-invst Perfect-bitcoin Polariscapitallimited Profitsenabled Reliablecoin Sharedinv Shelby Swiss-goldltd Symbio T10traders Topbithourly Union-btc Wealth-money Xbtdeposit Zorge

It's been a week since the last update on the new programs launched has been published. No wonder the number of the new projects that appeared online is twice larger than the number of new hyips shown last Friday. At the same time, let us pay your attention, some of those hyips, included to the list above may now be offline after being not able to work well enough and get blacklisted soon after the launch.

Similar thing happened to Lives Trade. After the program was added four days ago, two days after it was blacklisted and naturally it can't be among the newcomers, among which there is only one hyip, ForexGaint, offering both hourly payouts and also paying upon the expiry of 22 days.

HYIP Problems
There are lots of updates today in the Problems and Closures lists. We are sorry to admit both parts include programs listed at HyipNews. Three programs: Crypto Plaza, Alt Trader an Protsveta being listed for 20 days only are now Problem. As for the closed programs four hyips in the list have been listed at HyipNews till recently.

Moreover two of them couldn't make it for at least 10 days. FxLeader was added 8 days ago and Lives Trade - 4 days ago. As for the rest of programs, there are different hyips there: both those launched recently enough such as Avatas and PEARpie, and old-timers, which used to be industry leaders before, such as Forex Paradise, which was working online for more than 1000 days. Its closure is like the end of the era for some people.

Crypto Plaza- not paying
Alt Trader - not paying
Protsveta - not paying
Ocean Innovations - not paying
VortexVentures Ltd 2016 - not paying
Real Banco Finance Ltd - not paying
ForexBrothers - not paying
MacroBanking - not paying
MarsCapital - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

FxLeader (8 days), Lives Trade (4 days), Intensa Forex (17 days), WalMart Profit (85 days), Forex Paradise (1013 days), Ray Coin Ltd (103 days), Two Percent Daily Club (71 days), Coin Payments (68 days), JokerPays Ltd (31 days), Avatas (3 days), BitVision (15 days), PEARpie (11 days), Lendo Forex Ltd (70 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
The Razzleton hyip has been launched online at the end of the year 2015. HyipNews is not monitoring this hyip and hence there haven't been lots of updates from this hyip lately. However, the latest news delivered to the members of the project were informative enough to let our readers know about the progress made at Razzleton hyip recently.

First of all, we are pleased to inform the project is expanding the list of accepted payment options available for making deposits and withdrawals. Two new payment options such as QIWI and YandexMoney sound more interesting for Russian investors and as the admin reports the team of the project is grateful to the CIS partners for the increased interest.

QIWI provides instant transfers around the world, as well as quick access to the wallet using your mobile number. YandexMoney users can make payments and other transactions with the lowest commission. Minimum deposit amount when using QIWI and Yandex Money – $ 30. Minimum withdrawal amount – $ 3.

Another payment processor is more used worldwide. Neteller payment processor is an independent provider of high-quality financial services in a variety of businesses in more than 200 countries and a guarantee of data privacy for all users.

Another piece of news is a pleasant update for the active partners of Razzleton hyip. The new Representatives section has been added to the project. You can get any information about the company and the platform from the Razzleton representative who will be your senior partner and personal adviser.

Anyone can be fit for the position of Razzleton Representative under the circumstances one is sociable, polite, eager to be a part of the big team and knows how the system works. A full list of terms can be located on the website of the program.

EchoMines has been rich in updates lately. Earlier on November 12 there were some news telling about he priority of joining to the official Facebook group where the EchoMines CEO Jamie Hamilton, answers all the queries.

One day later the news was delivered saying EchoMines reached 1000 investors mark within just 39 days of being online. With a view to this stunning result the team of the project thanks all investors for their trust and promises to deliver the best result instantly.

Some days ago there was a server issue with Payza, which has successfully been resolved. Now Payza investors can deposit and withdraw normally and instantly with the minimum amount to withdraw $1 as per Payza policy.

Another website Bandeira has been offline for the technical reasons. Now it's back to normal conditions as the server issue has been fixed. The team of Bandeira hyip is grateful for the members' trust and loyalty and the customer support kindly asks everyone not to overload the support departments for the pincode and password, which are obviously working fine.

Ethtrade adds Polish language, which is now available on the website. The admin thanks all the people who were helpful in making the translation. The process of adapting the website to make it more user-friendly and efficient is still in process. In case one has any requests for translations, suggestions or offers of assistance it is recommended to contact the support.

CryptoForever announces reaching 4000 customers and thanks every member for the trust by continuous improving of the services qualities. For almost 110 days the investment plans of CryptoForever have been available for the customers. The program is being monitored on multiple websites, still HyipNews is not monitoring this hyip yet at least.

Capitaller, which has been listed at HyipNews for 101 days launches the new plan 7 Vip paying 1070% in 10 trading days. Deposit minimum $500. Hope adding the new plan is not a trivial attempt to attract new investors due to the lack of cash. If it actually is, then Capitaller becomes a risky opportunity to join, especially with large amounts.

There have been two updates from RightRise. On November 13 the admin reported adding LiteCoin as the new payment system due to numerous members' requests. Also the day before yesterday another news was published saying about adding the Japanese localization of the RightRise website.

Zinc7 also listed at HyipNews is having the Payza Merchant Business Account on hold due to some security check by Payza. The admin is sure holding procedure is temporal and once cleared it will allow the project to continue payments to members. Only Payza Users will be affected in this meantime.

So far all pending requests have been canceled so users can withdraw other available balance from remaining processors, which are by the way working fine with no delays. Further updates on the situation with Payza payments will follow.

The admin of Earn Tech hyip listed at HyipNews for a bit more than 2 months has reported the successful completion of the launch phase the project, now moving to the next phase and next priorities, which are continued growth and sustainability. Despite being listed at HyipNews for 65 days the admin of the project claims it's been online since June 15, 2016, assuring that's just a start and looking forward to long-term successful cooperation.

The program has been performing in a very effective way within the entire period it's been listed, which as the admin reports, wouldn't have been possible without the support and trust of the valued members and clients. The website of Earn Tech since its launch has been upgraded with new features, such as the EV SSL encryption, which implies address bar that confirms that the presented content is the genuine and legitimate.

Earn Tech has been working with the most popular payment options – Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, NixMoney and AdvCash and more information and details concerning the deposit procedure can be accessed in the OUR DEPOSITS METHODS page on the official Earn Tech website.

The team of the project works hard to make the services closer and more convenient for the customers and hence it is a pleasure to get comments or any ideas on further improvements, the feedback which is certainly be used to improve the platform and the entire website.

Among the future plans announced at Earn Tech there are adding the multi language live chat for convenience of the clients. Right now one may contact the support Live in English and by the phone via +441138680935 (9:00 AM - 9:00 PM GMT). The project is also running pages in Facebook, VK, Google+ and Instagram.

Speaking about the results achieved by Earn Tech for now there are more than 12500 investors from all over the world, more than USD 14 million of total investments, more than USD 5 million withdrawn by the members. The project is running a profitable and earning potential referral program. There is a standard and representative affiliate programs.

The referral rewards program offers earning at three levels and pays 4% of the deposits made by your first-line referrals, 2% of the deposits made by you second-line referrals (the people invited by your first-line referrals) and 1% of the deposits of your third-line referrals. 3% Extra Bonus is also paid to uplines who refer directly new member with the deposit amount more than USD 3,001.00. The bonus is paid to your account balance together with the common referral bonus.

E-money News
Payza members can now send secure direct messages to Payza's Customer Support Team within their account. Yesterday Payza announced the launch of a new direct messaging customer support feature with In-Account Support.

The service will offer members improved customer assistance by being accessible directly within their accounts wherever they require additional guidance. The new support system will also provide an enhanced mobile support experience to complement the latest version of the Payza mobile app (including iOS).

The service will be offered to Payza Business Account holders as well as all members in the US, UK, Canada, India and Bangladesh. Now members can submit a support inquiry in seconds without interrupting their session. This new highly secure method of communication will facilitate a prompt two-way conversation between Payza and its members.

The feature will also be used to inform members of updates to their account by providing announcements and reminders. Payza will send periodic chat messages and pop-up "Notes" with information about new features, promotions, account updates, and other helpful tips. On rare occasions, Payza will use full-screen pop-up messages for important updates and announcements.

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