HYIP Information Survey (February 541)

Updated: 02/16/2017 17:18
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the Hyip Information Survey #541 observing very stable performance of Top programs, no changes in the Best Choice section and just one position exchange in the Top Performers section. Six newcomers are introduced in the Openings section, as for the Problems section there is a long list of Problem hyips as well as a long list of Closed ones with several listed at HyipNews. Some latest hyip news from the programs online are presented in the Events section. The latest update from SolidTrustPay and warning against phishing attacks, as well as the latest report on Payza's winning the Best Online Payment Method at the MPE 2017 Award are presented in the Emoney section today. The Hyip Quotes update with some changes and new faces is also provided below.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #541 published this Thursday.

Best Choice
Here is the list of highest rated and most long-term running programs in the list below:

1. Zooo Listed: 748 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!
2. CME Trades Listed: 439 days Profit: 2.3-5% daily! Term: up to 50 calendar days!
3. Dowerly Listed: 420 days Profit: 0.2-2.5% daily! Term: up to 140 calendar days!
4. PokerAdv Listed: 483 days Profit: 0.4-1.3% daily 12-24% monthly! Term: up to 180 calendar days
5. D-Dollar Listed: 352 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: up to 800 calendar days!
6. In-Delhi Listed: 350 days Profit: 3% weekly! Term: for lifetime!

1. Instant Coin Listed: 257 days Profit: 0.9-10% hourly! Term: up to 100 hours!
2. PerfectBtc Listed: 204 days Profit: 1.08-2% hourly for 96 hours 125-500% after 1-5 days! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
3. GoDeposit Listed: 295 days Profit: 110-200% after 3-7 days! Term: up to 7 calendar days!
4. Derive Money Listed: 237 days Profit: up to 15% hourly! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
5. HourBitcoin Listed: 206 days Profit: 0.8-1.5% hourly up to 120 hours 2-6% hourly up to 60 hours! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
6. Zinc7 Listed: 146 days Profit: 7% on weekdays 110% weekly! Term: up to 30 calendar days!
7. HourPower Listed: 98 days Profit: 1.48-10% hourly for 72-24 hours! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
8. 5Bit Listed: 77 days Profit: 0.9-1.0% hourly for 120 hours 3-20% hourly for 24-72 hours! Term: up to 72 hours!
9. HourCoins Listed: 63 days Profit: 1.45-11% hourly for 72-20 hours! Term: up to calendar days!
10. Bit Legend Listed: 63 days Profit: 0.55%-0.65% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!

Sticky Listing
There are two programs in the Sticky listing today. See more details below:

Richmond Berks Listed: 14 days Profit: 1.4% daily! Term: for lifetime!
Agrarian Benefit Listed: 36 days Profit: 5% daily 109-130% after 5-15 days! Term: up to 30 calendar days!

Seven days passed and we are pleased to welcome our readers to the Top Choice section, showing very stable performance of all the programs included. Both six hyips in the Best Choice section and ten programs included to the Top Performers list remain stable with just a single slight change observed.

PerfectBtc hyip, a member of the Top Performers list, has got some rating boost recently, due to which the program moved two positions up in the rating. Obviously it exchange positions with Dowerly, which moved from the second to the fourth place instead. As for the rest - no more changes here! Same thing about the Sticky Listing - still the same two programs are listed there: Richmond Berks and Agrarian Benefit.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Dowerly. After the rising trend of the hyip started on February 6 it continued till February 11, reaching the all-time peak of 240 points. After that the trend changed and during the next three days the quotation index was falling down to 188 points. On February 15 though, the trend changed again and the the quotation index moved up to 192 points, which is enough for taking the first place.

PokerAdv. Still taking the second place, though the trend seems to be declining for this hyip. Things looked positive till February 11, when the program reached its all time maximum and remain there for two days. After that, unfortunately things changed and the quotation index began to decrease. Within two days the index moved down to 168 points and eventually by February 15 it reached 162 points. Still it is enough to keep its second place.

Zinc7 and InComeex. Two programs are sharing the third place today. All of them moved some places up. Speaking of InComeex there were signs of collapse, when on February 8 declining trend occurred and the program lost 50 points within just a couple of days. Fortunately since February 11 the trend changed and quotation index points were regained. By February 15 the quotation index reached 128 points, which is an absolute maximum for the hyip.

Zinc7 has also shown some changing performance. Till February 9 the quotation index was rising, then it stabilized and starting from January 11 it began to go down. Within two days the index fell down to 104 points and then fortunately within next two days it increased to 128 points.

5Bit and DeriveMoney. DeriveMoney has moved one place down and today it is sharing the fourth place with another program, which has been listed at Hyip Quotes just once. Since February 8 the quotation index of DeriveMoney was going down and when reached 120 points on February 11 it began to fluctuate down to 117 points and then day after back to 120 points.

The trend remains similar for 5 days by now. The quotation index of 5Bit is also not stable, and it is changing in a more significant and unpredictable way. The trend was negative by February 11, then there was some period of stability, which lasted for three days and then another decline occurred followed with the rise up to 120 points on February 15.

HourPower and HourCoins. None of these hyips have been included to the Hyip Quotes section last Thursday. Their performance is very much similar to each other as the quotation index of HourPower has been more stable anyway. It moved down to 104 points and remained stable within three days, then there was some slight fluctuation and then the quotation index moved back to 104 points on February 15.

The quotation index of HourCoins fell down to 104 points as well on February 9. It was stable within two days and then it started to fluctuate changing to 101 and going up to 104 day to day. Eventually on February 15 it moved up to 104 points, which means these two programs are sharing the fifth place in the Hyip Quotes section.

We are pleased to meet a number of new programs and old-timers as well in the Hyip Quotes section today. Traditionally first two places are taken by the oldtimers: Dowerly and PokerAdv. Starting from the third place there are some changes. InComeex and Zinc7 are sharing the third place after showing more or less stable performance with the rising signs.

The fourth place is shared by two hyips, which returned here to the Hyip Quotes section after some break. Their performance was stable enough to gain the fourth place. As for the last two programs, it's the first time we meet HourPower and HourCoins in the Hyip Quotes section of the survey. Thanks to their stable performance they deserved place in the TOP 5 of the Hyip Quotes in the Hyip Information Survey #541.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online during last week.

Solar Invest 0.7-4.7% daily up to 30 calendar days!
Raptor Forex 125-420% after 1-7 days!
Wine5 0.85-5% daily 125% after 15 days 35% weekly for 5 weeks!
Instamining 10-20% daily for lifetime
Yesss 2% weekly up to 777 calendar days!
Rexainvest 4-8% daily 12-56% after 10-60 days!

Alfalius Aspire8 Astrobitcoin Bbc-investment Beep-fund Bitbear Bitco4x Bitcoinfuturetech Bitcoinstability Bithasher Bitoffice Bitprime Bitrium Bitssurfer Coincebox Coinsbest Cryptowings Crystalhouse Dropbtc E-corp E-corp Easymax Fund-lucky Gate-fund Getmorecoins Gftrprofit Goldencoins Grandcoins Harmax Harvesthyip Hashkingdom Hashpower In-mine Invest-btc Investmentcoal Investrefpro Magnet Muscle-tech Network-paying Powerful-nano Radiant-gold Simple-lucky Trustedfinancial Xautraders

Six programs are introduced today in the Openings section, which means six new income opportunities are available for the readers of HyipNews and possibly for adding new projects to investment portfolios. I don't feel like speaking of any single taken hyip, still let me share some thoughts of mine concerning Solar Invest, which is run on a beautiful website, professional script, nice looking design and good legend to follow, which is the resumable energy.

Also the special note should be taken on Yesss hyip, which is not a traditional hyip to be exact. Offering 2% weekly is a very decent interest rate, which may eventually make the program one of the most long-term hyips working. And finally among those six newly added there is one, Wine5, which is offering income opportunities of any type: daily, weekly, paid-upon-expiry. As for the list of programs launched and selected, it is a bit longer today than the one last Thursday.

HYIP Problems
Five programs are presented today in the list of Problem programs. Last Thursday there were more of them, however the good news is that out of seven problem programs, two hyips managed to recover the paying status and get back online and paying. I am talking about 1 Hash Mining and Finax Assets Ltd.

Others, to tell the truth, have been moved to the Closures list, which includes three programs listed at HyipNews: Forex Worker, Gate Dream and Crypto Power. Apart from that there is a list of other hyips, which stopped paying and turned to scams. One more program listed at HyipNews less than a week ago could have been listed in the Openings section.

Gana Bitcoin has failed to stand the fight on the market and after being listed for 5 days it stopped paying and was moved to Closures list today.

Gana Bitcoin - not paying
ForexTeam - not paying
Forexcite Ltd - not paying
High Yield Profits - not paying
Bitrevenue - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Forex Worker (8 days), Gate Dream (19 days), Crypto Power (28 days), True Blue (14 days), Bio Hourly Ltd (59 days), Legal Bitcoin Invest (14 days), Bitcoin World (88 days), MajestyInv (155 days), ProfitLevel (3 days), Direct Earning (21 days), Longterm Investment Club (40 days), Ocean Bit (33 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Today we are pleased to start the news from the hyips in the Events section with the latest update from Razzleton, who was officially recognized as the most rapidly developing investment company. In confirmation of this fact the video showing the history of the company's success has been added to the Youtube channel and informs of the most interesting facts and statistics about the company.

There are also some good news one can learn about watching this video. The team of Razzleton really looks forward this is just a first step of its success though. As for other updates, Razzleton added Indonesian language bar and offered the 5% deposit bonus on Valentine's day.

Agrarian Benefit Sticky listed at HyipNews has introduced the Valentine's Day promotion congratulating all people celebrating. The competition is more aimed at attracting new members and special deposit terms were only valid for one day on February 14. The bonus was applied to the following amounts:

Deposit 111.11$ – 5.55% – Bonus 5.55$
Deposit 222.22$ – 7.77% – Bonus 17.26$
Deposit 555.55$ – 9.99% – Bonus 55.49$
Deposit 999.99$ – 11.11% – Bonus 111.09$
Deposit 1777.77$ – 12.22% – Bonus 217.24$
Deposit 4333.33$ – 13.33% – Bonus 577.63$
Deposit 8888.88$ – 15.55% – Bonus 1382.22$
Deposit 11111.11$ – 21.11% – Bonus 2345.55$
Deposit 15555.55$ – 27.77% – Bonus 4319.77$

For the amounts exceeding those listed above, the unique flexible % with a certain deposit period could discussed. If the deposit was different from the amount not listed above, the bonus was not credited.
Bonus funds hit the balance are available for withdrawal or reinvestment.

The Elizion company continues to overcome promptly and confidently the steps of development. Today one more step has been finished, which connected with receipt of registration documents in Hong Kong with which you can get acquainted on the website in the "Elizion LTD" section. It is not just a completion of a certain set of legal procedures. It is a new round of development of relationship with the Elizion partners worldwide from more than 50 countries.

There is a short piece of news from SoftMining program. The new payment gateway has been added. From now on AdvCash becomes available at SoftMining.

CoinTransfer at the same time also expands the list of accepted payment systems, integrating NixMoney, a powerful service with a transaction server capable of handling funds transfer within 0.4 seconds.

WhyNot announced the closure of the Weekly Marathon today on February 15. Lots of people could participate and earn some cash bonus. As reported all the winners have received 10% of the deposit amount of the invited participants! Also the manager of WhyNot congratulates the user Millioninvestor who fulfilled all the conditions that were necessary for getting a premium representative status and awarded him with the improved affiliate reward to the tune of 15% of attracted investments amount.

Richmond Berks Sticky listed at HyipNews added Euro currency to the website. You can use this currency using the payment systems: Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer. Another piece of news from the project is increased level of capitalization offered to the members. Now the daily income makes 1.5%. And income accrued on the weekends remains 0.7% still. If you have already made investments, then to make a profit of 1.5% daily, you need to invest any amount on your account later.

The admin of Richmond Berks company also announced the new conference to be held Vilnus, Lithuania, at the Radisson Blu hotel. Bring your friends and like-minded people, meet with other investors and have a lot of new and interesting information.

The conference will take place one February 16 at 5pm local time at RADISSON BLU HOTEL LIETUVA, VILNIUS, Konstitucijos pr. 20, LT - 09308 Vilnius. The entrance is free. Limited number of seats. Beforehand write down to conference by the phone: +37126834248.

Let us remind you on on February 4 one conference took place in Riga, Latvia on the theme "Richmond Berks Company: innovations in the real estate market". Participants were customers of the company and those who were only planning investments. Leaders of the conference were talking about the main perspectives and expectations of 2017 for the market of the auction real estate and company's plans.

The participants shared their experiences, made new friends and associates. Leader of the conference answered all questions. The detailed report about the first conference held by Richmond Berks is available in the News page on the Richmond Berks website.

The CEO of InstaMining project, newly added to HyipNews reported of the problems with the payment partner Block.io just like other programs. The team of the project is working on integrating the alternative payment option, however so far they are not able to send payments with Bitcoins without a fee, calculated automatically by coinpayments.net. The tech department is in touch with the script developer to integrate block.io again to disable ANY fee!

Bitzilla is another program, which chose the way of expanding its popularity by means of offering the representative program, similar to the normal affiliate terms with the only difference - earning potential is larger - 10%, compared to the 5% of the normal affiliate program. The Bitzilla Representative program though is not for everyone.

One should be able to promote and support the project both online and offline, one should be ready to talk to the clients live, setup personal blog etc., and to be sure not to use SPAM nor any form of illegal promotion of the project. Anyone can apply sending personal details to rr@bitzilla.io waiting for the response.

E-money News
SolidTrustPay issues another warning against using phishing scam sites published by IRS (Internal Revenue Service). The attack comes in the form of an email requesting W-2 forms or other tax information, seemingly from a valid employer or employee email address.

The spoofed emails will contain, for example, the actual name of the company chief executive officer. In this variation, the “CEO” sends an email to a company payroll office or human resource employee and requests a list of employees and information including Social Security numbers.

In the latest addition to the W-2 scam, the cyber-criminal follows up with an “executive” email to the payroll or HR staff and asks that a wire transfer also be made to a certain account. Although not tax related, the wire transfer scam is being coupled with the W-2 scam email, and some companies have lost both employees' W-2s and thousands of dollars due to wire transfers.

The single most important thing you can do if you are an employer is ensure that all your employees have adequate online security training. In addition, if you work with any databases or online interactions whatsoever within your company, you need to ensure that your building and network are both physically and digitally secure.

Wednesday night at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference in Berlin, Payza was announced as the winner of the MPE 2017 Online Payment Method Award. In addition to winning the Online Payment Method Award, Payza was also shortlisted for the Data Information Award, which recognizes achievements in using big data to improve the customer experience, decrease fraud, and increase profitability.

Payza's staff has been growing rapidly to keep up with the increasing demand for the company's services. That demand is a testament to the company's focus on providing specialized local payment solutions for unique markets while offering an online platform where consumers and businesses in both developed and developing economies can participate.

With new offerings targeted at some of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world, including India, Brazil, and Bangladesh, Payza is poised for yet another breakout year. The details and more news from Payza please read the official Payza Blog.

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